28 Bridal Shower Games Guests Actually Want to Play

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As the maid of honor, one of the trickiest parts of hosting a bridal shower is getting the guests to introduce themselves to and interact with one another. Often you have two sets of families who have never met, mixed in with friends of the bride and groom who may not know anyone outside of their own group.

This is where the bridal shower games come to the rescue, which is why it’s so important to choose a select few that will both break the ice and have guests bonding in no time.

Below is a list of our 28 favorite bridal shower game ideas guaranteed to give your bride-to-be and her guests a great time. As an added bonus, we’ve also answered the most frequently asked questions when it comes to playing wedding shower games.

Ready to make your bridal shower unforgettable? The right games can spark joy and laughter, creating memories that last a lifetime. But how many should you play? It all depends on your guest list, the length of your shower, and your prize budget. 

Sometimes, having multiple games at once adds to the fun! Typically, aiming for three to five games/activities hits the sweet spot. This ensures everyone has a blast without feeling overwhelmed. Not sure about having any games? That’s fine too, maybe aim for games that are played throughout the party instead of being done at a set time.

Need help coming up with some games? Here are our top picks to make your celebration a hit!

Our Best-Selling Bridal Shower Games

To kick off our list, we’re highlighting our four top-selling bridal shower games. These crowd-pleasers aren’t just our favorite picks but are key ingredients to bringing laughter and memories to your bridal shower.

1. Would She Rather

This is a super fun game that tests guests’ knowledge of the bride. Begin by giving the bride one of the Modern MOH game cards to choose her preferences among 16 scenarios. This card becomes your answer key. Guests receive their cards and pencils, and they have five minutes to guess the bride’s choices.

When the time is up, guests swap cards for grading. The bride’s preferences are revealed, and guests score points for correct guesses. The highest scorer wins! It’s fun to see who knows her best, and is sure to elicit some shrieks and groans.

Would She Rather Winter
Would She Rather Rose Gold
Would She Rather Fiesta
Would She Rather Sunflower

2. How Well Do You Know the Bride

This next game offers a fun twist on the Would She Rather game, challenging guests to guess the bride’s answers to various questions. After the bride fills out her game card, use it as the answer key. Guests have ten minutes to complete their cards, then swap for grading. 

As answers are revealed, laughter is inevitable, with guesses shouted out. Points are scored for accuracy, with half-points for close answers. The highest scorers win, making it a lively way to see who knows the bride best!

How Well Do You Know the Bride Card  Fiesta
How Well Do You Know the Bride Card Lemon
How Well Do You Know the Bride Card Tropical
How Well Do You Know the Bride Card Classic

3. He Said She Said

If you have extra time to prepare in advance, this game is sure to be a winner. Before the shower, review the statements from the Modern MOH He Said She Said game cards with the bride and groom to determine who will say each, creating an answer key. During the game, guests have three minutes to guess who made each statement.

Swapping cards for grading adds a fun twist. To elevate the experience, record the couple’s answers and play them back as you reveal the correct responses (check out Celebrate.buzz to help with this!). This game is not just about guessing; it’s about how well you know the couple’s dynamics.

He Said She Said Cards Tropical
He Said She Said Cards Greenery
He Said She Said Cards Classic
He Said She Said Cards Rose Gold

4. Bridal Emoji Pictionary Cards

We all love emojis these days. The bridal emoji pictionary game is a fun bridal shower game that adds a playful twist while the bride opens her gifts. The host distributes game cards and pens, setting a five-minute timer for guests to decode emoji sequences into wedding-related phrases. 

When the time is up, cards are swapped for grading. Correct guesses earn points, aiming for the highest score to win. Given the game’s nature, be ready with two or three prizes, as ties are common. This game combines entertainment with friendly competition, making it a memorable part of the celebration.

Bridal Emoji Pictionary Cards Sunflower
Bridal Emoji Pictionary Cards Fiesta
Bridal Emoji Pictionary Winter
Bridal Emoji Pictionary Cards Lemon

Interactive Shower Games

Interactive shower games bring guests together in a fun way, requiring more engagement than traditional games. They often include activities where guests interact with each other or the environment, making for a lively and memorable event. The instructions for these games ensure everyone can participate, making them super inclusive.

5. The Ring Game

This is one of the most classic bridal shower games to play because it encourages conversations among all guests while also getting their competitive streak going.

The rules are simple – if you get caught saying the word “wedding” or “bride”, your ring will be taken from you. Vice versa, if you catch another guest saying “wedding” or “bride”, you get to steal their ring.

To set up, display one of our ‘Made by Modern MOH’ Ring Game signs and a pile of plastic rings on a table by the front entrance so that each guest can grab one on their way into the party. Whichever guest has the most bling at the end of the shower wins a prize!

Ring Game Sign Rose Gold
Ring Game Sign Greenery
Ring Game Sign Fiesta
Ring Game Sign Lemon

6. Find the Guest

Find the Guest” is another awesome bridal shower game that serves as an excellent icebreaker or a competitive challenge. By placing game cards and pens in a central area, guests can casually play throughout the course of the party. 

For a more competitive twist, guests search for others matching specific descriptions after eating, with the fastest to complete their card winning. Alternatively, combining both methods allows for paced competition, rewarding players who find the most unique guest matches. 

A helpful hint: ensure names are on the cards to avoid mix-ups by the end of the party!

Find the Guest Cards Rose Gold
Find the Guest Cards Classic
Find the Guest Cards Greenery
Find the Guest Cards Sunflower

7. Who Am I – Celebrity Edition

Who Am I – Celebrity Edition is a fun, engaging game perfect for groups of any size and age mix. The goal is to guess the identity of a celebrity assigned to each player through yes or no questions. To make this more on-theme, you could limit this to celebrity brides.

Players receive a sticky note or paper with a celebrity’s name, which they attach to their forehead. By asking questions based on traits and characteristics, they deduce who they are.

The game, often hilarious and sometimes confusing with more participants, is ideal for gatherings. All you need is a list of celebrities and some paper, making this super easy to put together. Check out our full guide and FREE printable here.

8. Romantic Comedy Charades

Romantic comedy charades bring the fun of acting out with a love-filled twist. In this game, guests team up to mime famous scenes or titles from beloved romantic comedies, without speaking, while others guess what they’re portraying.

It’s a hilarious way to test movie knowledge and acting skills, creating an atmosphere of laughter and camaraderie. Perfect for bridal showers, it ensures guests of all ages can engage in the joy and nostalgia of classic love stories.

Physical Wedding Shower Games

Physical wedding shower games can inject energy and excitement into the celebration. From lighthearted competitions to team challenges, they’ll encourage guests to move and interact beyond the usual conversations.

However, these games often involve activities that require space, so they might not work for all showers. But if you can fit them in, they’re guaranteed to make for memorable moments and lots of laughter!

9. Ring Hunt

The ring hunt game turns the bridal shower into a delightful treasure hunt. Guests search for hidden plastic rings around the event space. It’s a super engaging activity that adds fun, surprise, and excitement.

For an added touch, ring hunt game cards can be downloaded from the Modern MOH website, allowing you to tailor them to match the shower’s theme and decorations, ensuring a cohesive and personalized experience for everyone involved.

Ring Hunt Winter
Ring Hunt Sign Sunflower
Ring Hunt Sign Fall
Ring Hunt Sign Classic

10. Toilet Paper Dress

The toilet paper dress game is a classic and humorous bridal shower activity where guests split into teams and use rolls of toilet paper to design and create a “wedding dress” for one of their team members.

It sparks creativity and teamwork as each group races against time to craft the most stylish or unique gown. This game can generate laughter and memorable photos, making it a beloved choice for adding fun to the celebration.

We realize that this game generally seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it game, though, so you’ll have to make the final call for your bride-to-be and guests

White Toilet Paper Roll on Pink Textile for a toilet paper dress game

11. Scavenger Hunt

The bridal shower scavenger hunt is an interactive and physical game that encourages guests to explore and engage with each other in a playful search. Participants look for a list of items or complete tasks related to the bride-to-be or wedding theme, with the goal of being the first to finish or find the most items.

This game can be tailored to any setting, from indoor venues to outdoor spaces, making it a customizable and exciting addition to the shower’s entertainment lineup.

12. Musical Bouquet

Similar to musical chairs, but with a fun wedding twist! Musical bouquet is the only one of our bridal shower game ideas guaranteed to get guests up off their chairs and is especially funny after a few trips to the mimosa bar.

To play, fashion a bouquet out of real flowers or use the ribbons and bows from the gifts, then have the guests create a large circle. Once everyone is in place, turn your back to the circle and start the party music.

Guests will quickly pass the bouquet around the circle until the music stops, and whoever is left holding it will be eliminated. Continue on until there is one person left standing and they will be crowned the winner.

Musical bouquet bridal shower game

Best Bridal Shower Games for Big Groups

These games cater to larger gatherings, ensuring everyone gets to participate and have fun. Big group bridal shower games promote interaction, laughter, and shared memories among all guests.

They range from team-based challenges to games that can be played simultaneously by everyone, making them perfect for keeping an upbeat, celebratory atmosphere and ensuring no one feels left out.

13. Love Songs

While this is one of those bridal shower games that require a bit of planning on your part, it’s super easy and fun to play once put together.

Start by making a playlist featuring both classic and current love songs (remember that you’ll have guests of all ages attending, so it must be fair to everyone). We recommend choosing anywhere from 10-20 songs to avoid making it too hard or too tedious of a game.

At the wedding shower, pass out a pen and a piece of paper to each guest, then one by one play a snippet of each song. It’s up to you to decide if guests should guess the name of the song or the artist who sings it for a point(or allow them to guess both for double points!). Whichever you choose, the guest with the most points wins.

14. Bridal Shower Bingo

Bridal bingo is a twist on the classic bingo game, tailored for bridal showers. Players fill in their bingo cards with gifts they think the bride will receive. As she opens her presents, guests mark off corresponding items on their cards. The first to get a complete line shouts “Bingo!”

It’s a fun way to add excitement to the gift-opening process, keeping guests engaged and making the experience interactive. This game is adaptable and easy to personalize, fitting any shower size or style.

Bridal Bingo Cards Rose Gold
Bridal Bingo Cards Classic
Bridal Bingo Cards  Fiesta
Bridal Bingo Cards  Succulent

15. Bridal Shower Newlywed Game

This newlywed-to-be game puts the groom in the “hot-seat” before the shower, where he answers a series of fun trivia questions about the bride, such as her bra size, favorite memories, and first crush. 

At the shower, ask the guests to write down how many questions they think the bride will get a matching answer for (the game can also be done as just an activity without this step). Then, ask the bride what she thinks the groom-to-be’s responses were, creating laughter and fond memories. 

The guest(s) that have the correct matching answers wins. It’s a fun way to test how well the groom knows his future spouse and entertain guests with their shared stories.

MODERN MOH TIP: Use a Q&A video maker like Celebrate.buzz to add a nice visual element and an extra level of fun.

16. Bridal Party Survival Kit Memory Game

Have you ever played the memory game at a baby shower? The shower host brings out a tray of items that have to do with a baby (diaper, pacifier, bib, safety pin, etc.) and the guests have one minute to look at the tray and remember what was on the tray. The host then takes the tray away, and guests wait 30 seconds, then start writing down everything they can remember from the tray.

This game is perfect for bridal showers, too. Instead of a tray of baby items, the host prepares a tray of “day of” survival items. Think of safety pins, needle and thread, clear nail polish, stain remover wipes, toothbrushes, breath mints, etc. At the end of the game, the bride gets to keep all the items for her wedding day emergency kit.

MODERN MOH TIP: Consider using a screen to project an image of the tray if the crowd or room are too big to see the tray in person.

Memory-Sharing Bridal Shower Games

Memory-sharing bridal shower games are designed to celebrate and reminisce about the bride’s journey to this special day. These games encourage guests to share stories, anecdotes, and memorable moments about their relationship with the bride, creating a heartfelt and intimate atmosphere.

17. Who Am I?

This is one of our favorite bridal shower game ideas because it allows the guests to recreate personal memories they have with the bride, who in turn gets to take a trip down memory lane.

For this game, all you need are our ‘Made by Modern MOH’ Who Am I? game cards, a box of pens, and some kind of memory box (or even an empty kleenex box!) Once everyone has gotten settled in with food and drinks, pass out a game card and pen to each guest and ask them to record a specific memory they have with the bride.

While the bride is opening her wedding gifts, read each memory aloud one by one and have her guess who it belongs to (3 guesses max!) If the bride can’t guess the correct guest, that guest wins!

Who am I card Rose Gold
Who am I card Greenery
Who am I card Fiesta
Who am I card Lemon

18. How Old Were The Bride and Groom?

To pull off this wedding shower game, you’ll need to enlist the help of both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.

First, ask each to provide you with pictures of their respective child from infancy through teenage years (anywhere from 8-10 photos is ideal), making sure they include the age that the bride or groom was when the photo was taken.

Once you’ve collected all of the pictures, secure them onto some poster board, in random order, with a corresponding number (i.e. 1-10) placed next to each (don’t forget to make an answer key for yourself).

At the bridal shower, display your picture poster board for everyone to see then pass out our ‘Made by Modern MOH’ game cards. The guest who guesses the most correct ages wins!

19. Where Were We?

If the couple you’re celebrating are big travelers, we highly suggest this as one of the bridal shower games you play. Similar to “How Old Were the Bride and Groom?”, except instead of individual childhood pictures of the bride and groom, you’ll need to gather 8-10 photos of the couple throughout their relationship.

The goal of this game is to have guests guess where the couple was when each of the photos was taken, so make sure these pictures aren’t selfies from their couch! While pictures taken during traveling vacations are ideal, feel free to feature everyday pictures like the couple at their favorite bar, restaurant, brewery, etc.

To play, pass out our Where Were We? game cards and a pen to each guest. As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, the guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

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20. How Old Was the Bride?

How Old Was the Bride?” is another fun game where guests guess the bride’s age based on photos collected by the host before the shower. After a quick announcement to engage participants, guests guess the ages from photos numbered 1-10.

With an answer key, reveal the correct ages as the bride opens her gifts, allowing guests to score points for each correct guess. The player with the highest score wins, making it a fun and engaging way to reminisce about the bride’s past and celebrate her journey.

How Old Was the Bride Card Classic
How Old Was the Bride Card Lemon
How Old Was the Bride Card Fiesta
How Old Was the Bride Card Tropical

Fun Bridal Shower Games

Like all the others, these fun bridal shower games are designed to spark laughter, creativity, and unforgettable moments among guests. After all, it’s about ensuring the bride’s special day is filled with joy and memorable experiences.

21. Bridal Shower Mad Libs

Bridal shower mad libs turns storytelling into a hilarious group activity. After mingling, guests pair up and receive Mad Libs game cards and pens. They fill in blanks on these cards with words, guided only by parts of speech—without seeing the actual story. Then, they swap cards to integrate these words into the story’s framework. 

The final step is reading these customized, often whimsical tales aloud – we can guarantee that the resulting stories will have everyone giggling in their seats.

22. What’s in Your Purse

Have you ever thought about all the things you have in your purse? “What’s in Your Purse?” is a fun and easy game for bridal showers. Guests receive game cards listing items typically found in purses, each with assigned point values. 

The game can be played individually at guests’ own pace or led by the host calling out items for everyone to search simultaneously. The person who has the most items, thus earning the highest points, wins. 

It’s another way to add excitement and encourage guests to interact, often leading to surprising discoveries and lots of laughter!

whats in your purse bridal shower game printable
What's in your purse Card Lemon
What's in your purse Card Succulent
What's in your purse Card Rose Gold

23. Bridal Party Pictionary

Bridal Party Pictionary is a bit different from the emoji guessing game we discussed earlier. In this hilarious game, participants draw a wedding-related word or phrase from a bowl and then attempt to illustrate it while their teammates guess what it is. If the drawing team’s members can’t guess the word, the opportunity passes to the opposing team.

Victory goes to the team with the most correct guesses. This game is all about creativity and teamwork and inevitably ends up with everyone in stitches.

24. The Lingerie Game

The lingerie game adds a personal (and potentially racy!) touch to a bridal shower and is the perfect addition for a lingerie shower. Use the shower invitation to ask guests to bring lingerie that reflects their personality so the bride can guess who gifted each piece. 

The items are displayed on a clothesline at the shower, and the bride, sometimes blindfolded, guesses the donor of each lingerie piece. It’s a fun way to stock up the bride’s wardrobe for her honeymoon, making for an entertaining and memorable activity.

Lingerie bridal shower game

Creative and Unique Bridal Shower Games

Perfect for hosts looking to offer something different, these creative wedding shower games add a personalized touch to the festivities, encouraging participation and engagement in new and exciting ways.

25. Save the Date

To set up this bridal shower game, you must get together with your bride and have her provide you with some dates that are important to both her and the groom (i.e. their anniversary, first kiss, the date he proposed, future wedding date).

Next, create your own game cards by listing the name of the occasion by number in the left column and the date of the occasion (only month and day, no year) by letter in the right column (think of those matching tests you had to do in school where you draw a line to connect the two that correspond).

Make sure to have enough copies for all guests to participate and see who can guess the most correctly!

26. Couples Jeopardy

Of all the bridal shower game ideas on our list, this is the most creative and crafty (aka DIY). Although it takes some effort on your part to put together, it’s a great way to show your bride that you care enough to go the extra step.

In order to make the game board, you will need a large poster board, colored markers, and post-it notes. The category choices are up to you, but the most common include the bride, the groom, the couple, and fun facts. Feel free to add in wedding-related categories like movies, traditions, or celebrity couples.

For each category, come up with 5 questions that range from easiest to hardest and score them from 100 to 500. To play the game, split the guests into two teams however you see fit and get ready to do your best Alex Trebek impersonation. The team with the most points at the end wins a prize!

27. Cold Feet

This hilariously chilly bridal shower game is sure to result in plenty of shrieks and giggles. In this game, several toy rings or wedding-themed items are placed at the bottom of buckets or bowls filled with ice water. Depending on the size of the party, you may want to have multiple buckets available to play.

Participants take turns plunging their feet into the icy water, attempting to fish out as many rings as they can using only their toes. The game is usually timed, adding an extra layer of excitement as guests race against the clock. The person who retrieves the most rings before time runs out is declared the winner!

28. Why do We do That? Trivia Game

Get set to uncover some of the wacky, wonderful, and downright weird origins of wedding traditions. Ever wondered why brides go bonkers for something blue, or why tossing rice at newlyweds is a thing? Well, this game has the answers! 

The host whips up a quirky quiz featuring all those traditions, from the white dress saga to the bouquet toss, with multiple-choice answers provided. Guests then put on their thinking caps (or guessing hats!) and try to crack the code behind each custom. This can be done at a set time, or set up a station with the quizzes and a box to collect the guests’ submissions in their own time.

As answers are revealed, prepare for loads of “Aha!” moments and maybe even a few “No way!” reactions. It’s a deep dive into the sometimes-bizarre world of weddings that’s sure to get everyone talking, laughing, and maybe even learning a thing or two.

Top Tips for Bridal Shower Games

For bridal shower games, plan ahead and manage time well to keep the party fun. Choose games that everyone can play, ensuring they’re accessible and inclusive. Mix different types of games to keep things interesting. Pick games that reflect the couple’s personality for a personal touch.

Encourage everyone to join in and remind them it’s all about having fun, not just winning. This way, everyone leaves with great memories.

To summarize: 

  • Plan games early to manage time well.
  • Make sure games are easy for everyone to join.
  • Mix up game types for variety.
  • Choose games that fit the couple’s style.
  • Find ways to get all guests involved.
  • Focus on fun, not just winning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridal Shower Games

Chances are you probably have a few questions when it comes to deciding on which, if any, wedding shower games you’ll be playing (we know we did!) The fact of the matter is that no two bridal showers are the same, and the rules that apply to one may not necessarily apply to the other.

That being said, there are definitely some best practices in place and to help you make sense of it all, we’ve answered the four most frequently asked questions about bridal shower games. 

What kind of games do you play at a bridal shower?

Typically there are two kinds of games played at a bridal shower- interactive and noninteractive. In other words, multiplayer and single-player. 

Interactive games, also commonly referred to as icebreakers, require guests to mingle with each other in order to play. Examples of classic ‘multiplayer’ games include:

  • Find the Guest
  • The Ring Game
  • Bridal Mad Libs

Noninteractive games, which are typically found in printable form, tend to require more actual thought than socializing. Examples of classic “single-player” games include:

We suggest featuring an even mix of both styles of game: interactive to get guests socializing and single-player to make things competitive. 

How many games should be played at a bridal shower?

There is no right or wrong answer to this particular question as it all depends on two factors: the length of the bridal shower and the bride-to-be’s preference. 

Our basic rule of thumb is one game played for every hour spent. As most showers tend to be three hours long, the average number of games played at a bridal shower is three. 

If you’re truly worried that you’ll make the wrong choice, discuss it with the bride-to-be and make your decision based on that. It’s her wedding shower after all, so what she says goes!

Do you have to play bridal shower games?

In our honest opinion, the answer to this question is no, you do not have to play bridal shower games. There is no hidden handbook that says they are a must. In fact, it’s not even taboo if you don’t. We’ve attended many modern bridal showers that have skipped the game-playing portion and were still super fun.

The real question is should you play them? And for that, we don’t have a definitive answer. Again, it’s all about your bride-to-be’s preference. If she’s looking for a traditional wedding shower- play some games! If she’s a nontraditional bride- screw traditions! It’s really that simple.

What do you do at a bridal shower without games?

The truth is that a bridal shower without games is still just a bridal shower. In other words, guests are still required to socialize with one another while the bride-to-be takes turns visiting with everyone. 

If you are comfortable knowing that playing games is not a necessary step to achieving this goal, then you need not plan anything to take their place. If you are unsure, or even the slightest bit worried, we recommend supplementing bridal shower games with some alternative activities.

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