One of the trickiest parts of hosting a bridal shower is getting the guests to introduce themselves to and interact with one another. Often you have two sets of families who have never met, mixed in with friends of the bride who may not know anyone outside of their own group. This is where the bridal shower games come to the rescue, which is why it’s so important to choose a select few that will both break the ice and have guests bonding in no time. Below is a list of our top 10 favorite games guaranteed to give your bride and her guests a great time. As an added bonus, we’ve featured a few games that can be personalized by you to make this bridal shower one to remember.


1. Put a Ring on It

This a classic bridal shower game that encourages conversations among the guests while getting their competitive streak going. The setup is simple: arrange a pile of plastic rings on a table by the front entrance so that each guest can grab one on their way in. You can either frame a sign with the rules of the game or simply tell the guests as they arrive-  If you get caught saying the word “wedding” or “bride”, your ring will be taken from you. Vice versa, if you catch another guest saying “wedding” or “bride”, you get to steal their ring. Whichever guest has the most bling at the end of the shower wins a prize.

2. Find the Guest

The next game on our list is another great ice breaker among guests who may not know each other. Like the ring game, it’s a perfect way to kick off the shower and get guests conversing. As maid of honor, you will pass out the clue cards to each guest and encourage them to start their search. The winner is the first guest to find a person matching each description. Pro tip- if you really want to go above and beyond, email the guest list asking for a personal fact about themselves and create a customized answer card specific to the bride’s friends and family.

3. The Memory Game

This is one of our favorite bridal shower games to play because it allows the guests to recreate personal memories they have with the bride, who in turn gets to take a fun trip down memory lane. For this game all you need are a stack of index cards, a box of pens and a some kind of memory box (or even an empty kleenex box!) Once everyone has gotten settled in with food and drinks, pass out an index card and pen to each guest and ask them to record a specific memory they have with the bride. While the bride is opening gifts, read each memory aloud one by one and have her guess who it belongs to (3 guesses max!) There are no winners in this game, just lots of laughs.

4. He Said, She Said

Another classic bridal shower game that can be played while the bride opens her gifts features a trivia-based questionnaire. We love this game because it allows the guests to learn more about the bride and groom as a couple and is guaranteed to generate some laughs. All you’ll need to do is download the template of your choice and print out enough copies for each guest to have one. Before the shower, ask the bride and groom separately for their answers and keep that as your key. Once everyone has finished filling out their card, read the questions one by one and tell the guests whether it was said by the bride, groom or both. Remember, the bride doesn’t know what her groom answered so be ready for some surprises! Want to put your own personal touch on the game? Instead of using generic game cards, take the time to ask the bride and groom specific questions (i.e. What did you first notice about your partner? What is your favorite vacation you’ve taken?) and make a list of their answers, leaving out pronoun clues. The guests to guess the most correctly wins!

5. Purse Scavenger Hunt

We love this game because it’s just as easy as it is fun. Have everyone take a seat with their purses nearby, then distribute the game cards to each guest. One by one go through the list of items and make sure everyone who has that certain item holds it up (no cheating allowed!) If there are any disagreements on whether the item qualifies, it is up to you as maid of honor to use your judgement. When you are done going through the list, have each guest count up their total to determine the winner. In the case of a tie, have the guests call out random items until one of the remaining players finds it in their purse.

6. Musical Bouquet

Similar to musical chairs, but with a bridal shower twist! This game gets the guests up off their chairs and is especially funny after a few trips to the mimosa bar. To play, fashion a bouquet out of real flowers or use the ribbons and bows from the gifts, then have the guests create a large circle. Once everyone is in place, turn your back to the circle and start the music. Guest will quickly pass the bouquet around the circle until the music stops, and whoever is left holding it will be eliminated. Continue on until there is one woman left standing and she will be crowned the winner.

7. Couples Jeopardy

Of all the bridal shower games on our list, this is the most creative and crafty (aka DIY). Although it takes some effort on your part to put together, it’s a great way to show your bride that you care enough to go the extra step. In order to make the game board you will need a large poster board, colored markers and post-it notes. The category choices are up to you, but the most common include the bride, the groom, the couple, and fun facts. Feel free to add in wedding related categories like movies, traditions or celebrity couples. For each category, come up with 5 questions that rate from easiest to hardest and score them from 100-500. To play the game, split the guests into two teams however you see fit and get ready to do your best Alex Trebek impersonation. The team with the most points at the end wins!

8. Mad Libs

Give your bride something to laugh about for years to come by having each guest fill out a love story inspired mad libs. Download our free template here or create a personalized mad libs of your own. It’s up to the bride if she wants to read each completed card out loud or save them for later. To kick it up a notch, buy an inexpensive photo album to store each guest’s response as a mini gift for the couple!

9. Gift Bingo

We all know gift opening can be tedious for both the bride and her guests, so one way to keep it interesting is to make a game out of it. Before the bride sits down to do the honors, hand out a bingo card to each guest. Have them fill out their squares based on the answer key provided by you (choose gifts that have been purchased off the bride’s registry), making sure they label the middle square as a freebie if not already done so. As the bride opens her gifts, have guests mark their squares accordingly. First one to call bingo wins!

10. Bridal Scattegories

We saved this game for last because it is the least common but most competitive of all the bridal shower games, guaranteeing it to be major hit. Like many of the previous games, you can choose to download a premade template or DIY to add a personal touch. There will be four rounds to the game, one for each letter (L-O-V-E), lasting one minute each. After each round, guests will go around reading their answers, and you as maid of honor decide if they count. Any duplicate answers receive a score of zero and any double worded answers get an extra point. The guest with the most total points wins.


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