Where Were We Bridal Shower Game: How to Play + Printable Cards

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Our favorite part about playing wedding shower games is that they can be a great way to learn more about the couple before their big day. The Where Were We bridal shower game does exactly that by having guests guess where the couple was in a variety of different photos- from vacations to date nights and everything in between.

Also referred to as Where Were They, this game is perfect for those couples who love to travel and have lots of memories from many different places. It’s also an ideal game option for those hosting a honeymoon or travel-themed bridal shower.

What’s even better is that you’ll be featuring photos of the happy couple anyway, so why not make a fun game out of it!?

What do you need to play the Where Were We bridal shower game?

  • Your favorite version of our printable Where Were We cards (see options below)
  • Ten photos of the couple in various locations (vacations, restaurants/bars, etc.)
  • An answer key from the bride with the corresponding locations
  • A way to display these photos (scroll for our best methods)
  • Enough pens/pencils as there are bridal shower guests
  • A prize for the winner (optional)

How do you display these photos?

Depending on the overall aesthetic of the bridal shower, there are a variety of ways to go about displaying these photos. If you want the Where Were We game to blend in with the decorations, simply frame the photos and display them throughout the shower, making sure to label the frames 1-10.

If you’re looking for the game to be its own section of the shower, here are two ways to go about setting it up:

  1. Prior to the bridal shower, glue/tape the photos onto a tri-fold display board, using a permanent marker to label them 1-10. This board can then be displayed on a table next to the game cards and pens.
  2. Once you arrive at the bridal shower venue, tape a piece of twine or ribbon to the wall, then secure the photos using mini clothespins. Feel free to number the photos by creating your own labels, or simply announce to guests that they’re hung in numerical order.

How do you play?

  • Once all the guests have arrived, make a quick announcement about where the game is set up, or if you are using framed photographs, hand out the game cards and pens one by one. Be sure to instruct everyone to hold on to their cards until it’s time to reveal the answers.
  • As the bride gets ready to sit down and open her gifts, grab your answer key and begin reading off the corresponding locations of each photo 1-10, with guests receiving one point for each correct answer.
  • When you’re done reading the answers, have guests tally up their total points. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Extra tips for playing the Where Were They bridal shower game

  • It’s up to you the decide what constitutes a correct answer. For example, if the bride and groom were in Miami, Florida, and one guest answers “Florida” and the other guesses “Miami”, you can choose to give the first a half point and the second a full point. Or you can give both guests a full point, then use these specific answers as a means to break any tying scores.
  • While reading the answers, encourage participants to share a specific memory they may have of the couple at that location. This is a great way for other guests to learn more about the couple’s relationship throughout the years!
  • Even with a tie-breaker system in place, this game may result in multiple winners. So if you are planning to give out prizes, you may want to consider getting a few as you can always give the extras to 2nd and 3rd place players.

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Where Were We Bridal Shower Game: How to Play + Printable CardsWhere Were We Bridal Shower Game: How to Play + Printable Cards

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