Who Am I Bridal Shower Game: How to Play + Printable Cards

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Having thrown our fair share of wedding showers, we know firsthand how hard it is to decide on which bridal games to play. Through much trial and error, we’ve come to realize that the Who Am I bridal shower game is a total winner among groups of all ages!

What makes it such a must-play? For starters, this fun game allows guests to recreate personal memories they have with the bride, who in turn gets to take a fun trip down memory lane. Secondly, it makes for the perfect filler game to play while the bride is opening her gifts.

Last but certainly not least, the Who Am I bridal shower game is super simple to set up and execute, making it perfect for busy bridal shower hosts!

What do you need to play the Who Am I bridal shower game?

  • Your favorite version of our printable Who Am I cards (see options below)
  • Enough pens/pencils as there are bridal shower guests
  • A memory box (or even an empty kleenex box!) to hold responses

How do you play?

  • Set up your game cards and pens on the game table alongside your box to hold the responses.
  • Once everyone has gotten settled in with food and drinks, pass out a game card and pen to each guest and ask them to record a specific memory they have with the bride.
  • Before the gift opening begins, go around and collect any responses that did not make their way into the memory box.
  • While the bride is opening her gifts, begin to read each memory aloud one by one and have her guess who the memory belongs to (3 guesses max!)
  • The goal of the game is to stump the bride, so whoever’s memory does not get guessed is a winner!

Extra tips for playing

  • This game does not have to be competitive (i.e. there do not have to be any clearcut winners). However, feel free to purchase a few game prizes to hand out if you do want to make it more like a traditional bridal shower game.
  • Be cognizant of your crowd. In other words, remind the bride’s closest friends that their memory should not be one to make grandma blush.
  • If there is a particularly funny memory, have that guest stand up and tell the full story. This is a great way for other guests to get to know one another and the bride even better!

Who Am I bridal shower game memory ideas

If any guests are struggling to think of one specific memory, here are a few good suggestions on where to pull ideas from:

For Family:

  • Significant childhood events
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Family reunions

For Friends:

  • Grade school and/or college
  • Group vacations or girls’ trips
  • Birthday celebrations

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Who Am I Bridal Shower Game: How to Play + Printable CardsWho Am I Bridal Shower Game: How to Play + Printable Cards