The key to a successful bridal shower is to sprinkle in enough icebreakers that guests are getting to know one another without all the dreaded awkwardness. These icebreakers come in the form of bridal shower games and trust us when we say there are too many to choose from. Luckily for you, we’ve done our research and have hand-crafted 12 free printable bridal shower games guaranteed to get guests chatting like life-long friends. Simply click through to the printable bridal shower games that interest you most for the details of each and their free downloadable PDF! 

1. How Well Do You Know the Bride? 

This is our top choice for printable bridal shower games because it’s a great chance for guests to learn more about the bride (or show off how much they already know). Simply have the bride answer all 15 questions and record her responses as your answer key. The guest with the most correct wins a prize!

2. Bridal Shower Bingo

This next choice is definitely the most popular of all printable bridal shower games. Not only is it super easy, but a great way to make the gift-opening portion of the bridal shower not so boring for guests. Pass out playing cards to everyone and have them write in which gifts they think the bride will be receiving, marking the correct guesses as they go. The guest with the first to get 5 in a row wins!

3. He Said, She Said 

We love this option because it gets the groom involved as well. Before the bridal shower, have the couple decide who each of the 15 statements applies to most and if they can’t agree, the answer is both. Keep their responses as your answer key. The guest who guesses the most correctly wins.

4. What’s In Your Purse? 

This is another classic among printable bridal shower games because it’s simple to play and always results in some laughs. Hand out game cards to each guest and have them go through their purses to check items off the list. The guest with the most total points is the winner. 

5. Bridal Shower Mad Libs

While this game has no clear winner, it’s hands down the most hilarious of all bridal shower games on this list. To play, guests will have to team up with one another to fill in the blanks in the couple’s love story. Once they’ve filled out their respective cards, take turns reading the love stories aloud. 

6. Would She Rather

This is another getting to know the bride game, expect instead of answering open-ended questions about her, guests must guess which of two choices she’d rather. Before the bridal shower, have the bride answer each of the 16 this or that scenarios and record her responses as your answer key. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

7. Bridal Shower Word Scramble

This is one of the bridal shower game printables that is good for passing the time while the bride opens her gifts. Simply hand out game cards to each guest and start the clock. The guest who unscrambles each of the 28 wedding-themed words the fastest is the winner.

8. Bridal Emoji Pictionary

We love this option because it’s a classic game with a modern twist, making it a perfect mix for both young and old guests. Like the previous game, the guests to correctly answer all 15 phrases the fastest wins.

9. Find the Guest

This is by far the most interactive of all printable bridal shower games because guests are forced to converse with one another in order to play. Once you hand out game cards, guests will have to mingle amongst themselves to find a fellow guest who matches each of the 15 descriptions. The first to find all 15 wins!

10. Disney Love Songs Game

This is a popular choice when it comes to printable bridal shower games because everyone is guaranteed to know at least some of the answers, no matter what age they are. Once each guest gets a game card, they must match the movie to it’s love song counterpart. There may be a few ties along the way, so plan for multiple winners.

11. Bridal Shower Scattergories

This is certainly the most tricky of all games on the list because it requires guests to put a little thought into their responses. Once each guest has filled in all of the 48 blanks, it’s time to see who has the most unique answers. Whoever ends up with the most total points wins.

12. Bridal Shower Word Search

Our final game on the list is similar to the word scramble in that it’s another great way to entertain guests during gift-opening. Start the clock once each guest has their game card and the first to find all 20 hidden words wins!

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