When it comes to modern day bachelorette parties, matching attire is a must. No longer do the bride and her maids simply follow the traditional white and black dress code, they wear custom coordinating tops too. Besides looking adorable in group photos, these tees and tanks are a magnet for good times. Seriously, what better way to score your BFF some free drinks than to announce she’s a bride-to-be? Not to mention, they totally save you the hassle of planning yet another outfit (hallelujah!). To help you along your search for the perfect pick, we’ve narrowed it down to our thirty favorite finds, broken down into five fun categories, guaranteed to transform your girl gang from basic baches to boss babes.


The Classics

Tried and true for every crew

bride and bride squad tank tops
Bride x Bride Squad, BTSapparel
bride and tribe shirts
Bride x Tribe, bdactivewear
i do and i do crew tank tops
I Do x I Do Crew, HelloBridalClothing
wife of the party and the party shirts
Wife Of The Party x The Party, RoseGoldRebel
bride, bride's babes, and babe of honor shirts
Bride x Babe Of Honor x Bride’s Babes, RoseGoldRebel
yasss and that's what she said shirts
Yasss x That’s What She Said, CowsxCacti 


The Party Starters

Keepin’ you styled while s**t gets wild

I got the hubby and we got the bubbly tank tops
I Got The Hubby x We Got The Bubbly, LVRandCo
love drunk and just drunk tank tops
Love Drunk x Just Drunk, RoseGoldRebel
buy me a shot and bride's drinking team tank tops
Buy Me A Shot x Bride’s Drinking Team, BridalBellsCo
bride and boujee and bad and boozy tank tops
Bride And Boujee x Bad And Boozy, keeplifesimpledesign
I'm gettting married and we're getting drunk tank tops
I’m Getting Married x We’re Getting Drunk, BTSapparel
future mrs and cheers bitches tank tops
Future Mrs. x Cheers Bitches, HappyHeartApparel


The Aquaholics

For a splish n’ splash themed bash

the bride to be and bride's mate tank tops
Bride To Be x Mate Of Honor x Bride’s Mate, GirlsLoveGlitter
nauti bride and feeling nauti tank tops
Nauti Bride x Feeling Nauti, TheBridesLastBash
aloha bride and aloha beaches tank tops
Aloha Bride x Aloha Beaches, HappyHeartApparel
sun, sand and a ring on my hand and sun,sand and a drink in my hand tank tops
Ring On My Hand x Drink In My Hand, HelloBridalClothing
trading my tail for a veil and time to party our tails off tank tops
Trading My Tail x Party Our Tails Off, Bachette
bride and I washed up like this tank tops
Bride x I Washed Up Like This, Bachette


The Destination Location

When the wear is all about the where

vegas before vows tank tops
Vegas Before Vows, WanderaDesigns
my last bash and smashed in nash tank tops
My Last Bash x Smashed In Nash, BTSapparel
beignets, booze, and besties shirts
Beignets Booze & Besties, RoseGoldRebel
I said yes and we said Charleston tank tops
I Said Yes x We Said Charleston, FlamingoFiesta
fiesta siesta tequila repeat tank tops
No Time To Siesta x Fiesta Siesta, BrilliantBridalShop
look like a beauty and party like a beast tank tops
Look Like A Beauty x Party Like A Beast, Bachette


The Sicker Than Your Average

‘Cause ordinary is oh so boredinary

te amo and te quila tank tops
Te Amo x Te Quila, RoseGoldRebel
bride chill and girl gang tank tops
Bride Chilla x Girl Gang, Bachette
llama get married and llama get drunk shirts
Llama Get Married x Llama Get Drunk, ShirtasticStudio
can't touch this and mc hammered tank tops
Can’t Touch This x MC Hammered, Bachette
ringleader and welcome to the shit show tank tops
Ringleader x Welcome To The Shit Show, PunchDrunkDesignCo
bridin' dirty and they see us rollin' shirts
Bridin’ Dirty x They $ee Us Rollin’, Quteez


P.S. Once you’ve decided on your matching attire, check out our five fundamental decorations for the bachelorette and her party pad!

Hi, I’m Megan-the voice behind Modern MOH! I was blessed enough to be the maid of honor for both of my besties, who just so happened to get married six months apart. It was my first time as a bridesmaid (let alone a MOH!) and I had no idea what I was doing, so I turned to BFF #3- the internet. It didn’t take me long to realize how little content had been written about being a maid of honor. This struck me as odd, not to mention unfair, considering there are a gazillion and one sites specifically for brides (WeddingWire, The Knot, Brides... just to name a few). So, long story short, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create Modern MOH. I’ve designed this blog to be a one-stop shop for all your maid of honor needs, including some real s#*! no one else will tell you. My goal is to help anyone struggling in their quest to find the answers to their questions, as well as the confidence it takes to be the GMOHOAT (greatest maid of honor of all time).

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