11 Bridesmaid Pajama Sets They’ll Want to Wear Again

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Close your eyes and picture yourself on wedding morning- you’re getting glammed up with your girls, sipping on some bubbly, and listening to your favorite jams. Now, what’s missing from this scene?

Your getting ready outfits of course! Before you slip into that gorgeous gown, you’ll need a picture-perfect pajama set to match with your bridal party. And don’t forget to add the slippers too, for a cute and cozy finish.

To help you decide on which bridesmaid pajama sets work best for your group, check out our 11 favorite styles for all shapes, sizes, and seasons!

Satin Bridesmaid Pajamas

If you’re aiming for a classic and elegant look, you can never go wrong with a satin silk pajama set. This style features a button-down design with a left breast pocket and is available in ten colors with the option to be personalized with a monogram!

Floral Pajama Sets

Want to add a bit more flair to your bridesmaid PJs? These gorgeous floral sets are made from premium quality rayon and are available in over 40 colors, making them perfect for a mismatched look!

Mismatched Bridal Party Pajamas

Speaking of mismatched, this pajama shirt and short set is perfect for those wanting a more casual vibe. Mix and match between four shirt colors and four short patterns for the ultimate look.

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Long-Sleeve Bridesmaid Pajama Sets

If you’re getting married during the colder months, or simply want a cozier option, then this long-sleeve and pant pajama set is for you. Available in nine colors, this silky set can be personalized with front or back monograms.

Flannel Bridesmaid PJs

Step up your cozy game with these double-brushed flannel bridal party pajamas. Choose from 18 different plaid patterns, all available in any combination of short or long sleeve shirts and pants.

Bridesmaid Sleep Shirts

Turn your wedding morning into a no-pants party with these adorable bridesmaid sleep shirts! A fun spin on traditional bridal party robes, these shirts are available in four colors and come customized with a monogrammed initial.

Personalized Bridal Party Pajama Sets

For an extra special personal touch, get your bridal party these custom pajamas that feature their name or monogrammed initials (or both!) This silk satin fabric comes available in seven colors with five font colors to choose from.

Tie-Dye Pajama Sets

Get ready in retro-chic style with these trendy tie-dye pajama sets. Featuring a long-sleeve henley button top and scalloped-edge shorts, this suede set is available in five fun tie-dye color combinations.

Tropical Bridesmaid Pajamas

For those getting married on the beach, or at a tropical location, these palm leaf pajamas are the perfect touch! You even have the option to customize this set with names, logos, or monograms in 17 different styles.

Camisole PJ Set

Lose the sleeves with these stylish satin camisole sets, perfect for getting ready on those hot summer mornings. Available in 12 colors, these bridesmaid pajamas are definitely something your girls will wear again!

Bridesmaid Rompers

If you’re searching for a totally unique getting-ready outfit, check out these beautiful bridesmaid rompers. Available in over 40 colors and 10 styles, these rompers can be mixed and matched to achieve your perfect look!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bride buy the bridesmaid pajamas?

Yes, the bride usually buys the bridesmaid pajamas as a thank you gift to her girls. If the bride does not offer to pay for the PJs, then they should not be a mandatory part of the getting-ready process.

How much should you spend on bridesmaid pajama sets?

Many bridesmaid pajama sets can be purchased for under $35 a piece, with the exception of those looking for personalization. If you’re looking to cut down on cost, consider purchasing the PJ sets in bulk as that usually drives the price down.

Do bridal party pajamas have to match wedding colors?

No, the bridal party pajamas do not have to match the wedding colors, though many brides do opt for a similar color scheme. Depending on the type of pajamas, the bride will often wear white or some other different color than the rest of the group.

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11 Bridesmaid Pajama Sets They’ll Want to Wear Again11 Bridesmaid Pajama Sets They’ll Want to Wear Again11 Bridesmaid Pajama Sets They’ll Want to Wear Again