20 Bridesmaid Robes for a Picture-Perfect Wedding Morning

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When it comes to the morning of the big day, there are so many fun things to look forward to! From waking up early after a girls-only slumber party to getting glammed up by professional hair and makeup artists, wedding morning is truly one of the most memorable experiences of the entire process. 

And while some traditions may be modified or skipped entirely, we highly recommend incorporating matching bridesmaid robes into the agenda. Not only do they add to the “I’m an A-list celebrity primping for the red carpet” vibe, but they also make for some seriously awesome getting-ready photos.

So now that we’ve totally convinced you to drop everything you’re doing and order getting ready robes for your entire bridal party, check out our favorite 20 options broken down into five popular categories!

Floral Bridesmaid Robes

From both our personal and professional experience, floral patterns are by far the most popular choice when it comes to getting ready robes- especially when it comes to spring and summer weddings. Narrowing down the options was tough, but here are our four favorite floral finds. 

These floral bridesmaid robes are made of silky satin material and are available in 16 different colors that can be mixed and matched however you choose.

For larger bridal parties, this particular Etsy shop offers a discount on multi-robe purchases as well as a free robe with the purchase of 10 or more robes!

Our next pick is also made of silky satin material and comes in four traditional colors- white, pink, light blue, and navy.

This particular pattern is called the Magnolia collection, but this Etsy shop also features two other floral patterns- Asheville and Charleston (how cute!)

This pick was a no-brainer for us because of its unique rose and succulent pattern. And although it’s only available in one color, the vibrant shades of the florals (and lightweight cotton material) totally make up for that minor detail.

Did we also mention it comes with a gold foil monogram on the chest?

From the lace and tassel trim to a personalization option, our final floral find checks off all our boxes for the perfect bridesmaid robe.

Also available in six different colors that can be mixed and matched.

Lace Bridal Party Robes

If you’re looking for a clean and elegant look for you and your girls, nothing beats lace bridesmaid robes. While many options appear to be nearly identical at first glance, we did our best to pick four with different trim styles and designs.

Our first pick features a classic chunky lace trim at both the sleeves and hem.

This satin option comes in 13 different color choices and can be personalized on the front, back, or both.

This next option is made of a breezy crepe material and has more of a fringed lace trim.

Like the previous robe, this style can also be embroidered on the front, back, or both, and comes available in nine colors.

While also made of satin, this lace bridesmaid robe follows a uniquely different design than the first two options.

Instead of a full lace trim, this robe features lace inserts on the outside of both the sleeves and bottom hem.

Our last pick is nearly identical to the one prior, except for using an eyelash lace pattern in the inserts.

Also, this final choice comes in nine different colors and can also be personalized.

Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

We added this category for two complementary reasons- not everyone likes the silky look of satin while many people prefer the lightweight feel of cotton. As far as design goes, they’re all very similar to the ones you’ve already seen above.

If you like your cotton clean and classic, this is the choice for you.

These lace-trimmed robes come in eight popular colors that can be mixed and matched.

This option is nearly identical to the previous pick except for a few more color choices and the ability to add personalization.

For those who are like the traditional floral design but want a cotton option, this is the perfect choice.

This Etsy shop also offers discounts on bulk orders as well as a free bridal robe with the purchase of 10 or more robes!

We saved this cotton bridesmaid robe for last because of its totally different design.

Referred to as a waffle pattern, this robe comes in 10 different colors and can be embroidered in a variety of fonts and color combinations.

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Personalized Bridal Party Robes

While many of the bridal party robes we’ve already mentioned are able to be personalized, the following four are our absolute favorite when it comes to customization. 

We love love love the intricate detail on these satin lace robes.

Not only can you pick from nine different robe colors, but there are also six different designs to choose from as well.

Mix and match any one of 12 different robe colors and eight font colors for the perfect custom combination.

This Etsy shop also offers a 10% discount to those who purchase 10 or more robes!

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant design, these lace-trimmed satin bridesmaid robes are for you.

Pick from one of seven different robe colors and four text colors.

Our final choice for personalized bridesmaid robes is our favorite because it offers the most variety when it comes to color and design.

To be exact, there are 12 robe colors and two design options to choose from- with too many font and text color combos for us to count!

Unique Bridesmaids Robes

“Unique” is one of our favorite words here at Modern MOH, so you know we had to feature a unique category for bridesmaid robes. These four choices are unlike any other robes we’ve listed and we really love that!

Starting us off are these totally tropical palm leaf print robes.

Perfect for a beach wedding, these unique bridesmaid robes are made of cotton and feature a gold foil monogram on the chest.

How freakin’ cute are these retro robes!?

We seriously can’t get enough of these ‘Bride’ x ‘Babe’ designs, available in five fun colors.

What’s more unique than a bridesmaid robe that’s been handmade in Turkey?

From the tassel trim to the thin striped design, these cotton robes are one-of-a-kind.

Last but certainly not least are these super chic velvet lace robes that come in seven stunning colors.

We know the price tag is pretty steep, but we could not not feature these gorgeous garments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bride buy the bridesmaid robes?

Yes, the bride does typically buy the robes for her bridal party as a thank you gift. If the bride does not offer to pay for the robes, then they should not be a mandatory part of the getting-ready process.

How much should I spend on bridal party robes?

Many bridal party robes can be purchased for under $25 a piece, with the exception of those looking for personalization. If you’re looking to save some money, consider purchasing the robes in bulk as that usually drives the price down.

Do bridesmaid robes have to match wedding colors?

No, the bridesmaid robes do not have to match the wedding colors, though many brides do opt for a similar color scheme. Traditionally, the bride will wear an all-white robe while the bridal party matches in a separate color or pattern.

What do you wear under bridesmaid robes?

Depending on the time of year and the bride’s preferences, you can wear any number of things under your bridesmaid robe. For up top, sports bras, camis, or tank tops usually work best. For bottoms, go with spandex, bike shorts, or leggings.

What can the bridal party wear instead of robes?

Instead of robes, the bridal party can wear matching pajama sets, flannel button-ups, oversized shirts, or rompers. If your group is looking to save money but still wants to match, consider re-wearing your bachelorette party shirts.

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20 Bridesmaid Robes for a Picture-Perfect Wedding Morning20 Bridesmaid Robes for a Picture-Perfect Wedding Morning20 Bridesmaid Robes for a Picture-Perfect Wedding Morning