30 Bachelorette Party Decorations for a Photo-Worthy Weekend

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No matter where you’re crashing for the bachelorette weekend, it’s your duty to deck out your digs with some seriously sweet swag. And don’t you even think of forgetting about adorable accessories for the bride-to-be! 

To help you with the job of styling your crib and your queen, we’ve put together a list of our favorite bachelorette party decorations, accessories, and supplies broken down into five fun categories.

MODERN MOH TIP: Planning a lingerie bridal shower too? Many of these decorations are perfect to spice up that event as well!

Balloons & Banners

When it comes to bachelorette party decorations, banners and balloons are an absolute must. And if you can’t decide between the two? Don’t worry, we’ve got balloon banners for that! Here are our favorite five finds for this first category: 

Bach & Boujee Balloon Garland

bach and boujee balloon arch

Diamond Ring Balloon

engagement ring balloon

Champagne Bottle Balloon

Future Mrs Banner

Ring & Tassel Banner

Bach Shit Crazy Balloon Banner

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Backdrops & Photo Props

Next on our list of essential bachelorette party decorations are backdrops and photo props. Whether you pair them up together or mix and match them with something from above, these picks are what make for a picture-perfect pad!

Rose Gold Heart Foil Curtain

Fiesta Streamer Backdrop

Rose Gold Fringe Foil Curtain

Personalized Groom’s Face Stick

Rose Gold Photo Props

Before & After Mug Shot Props

Bride & Babes’ Accessories

Now that you’ve decided on how to decorate your digs, it’s time to accessorize your bride-to-be and fellow babes. Not gonna lie- it was hard to narrow down the choices, but we think we’ve got a little something for every I do crew.

Future Mrs Sash

Bride to Be Veil

Bride to Be Glasses

Groom’s Face Temp Tattoos

Personalized Fanny Packs

bachelorette party fanny packs

Bachelorette Buttons

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Food & Drink Supplies

While we consider these next items to be bachelorette party supplies rather than actual decorations, they were honestly just too cute not to include. Also, why wouldn’t you want to sip and snack in style!?

Bride & Ring Straws

Boujee & Boozy Cups

Bride Claw Slim Koozies

Bride Claw Koozies

Bachelorette Napkins

She Said Yaaas Plates

Penis Cupcake Toppers

Bach & Boozy Bonuses

Our final category features a miscellaneous mix of bachelorette party decorations, supplies, and accessories. These boozy bonuses are the perfect addition to take any final fiesta to the next level!

Custom Drink Pouches

Diamond Ring Drink Float

Drinking Buddies Drink Markers

Drinking Buddies Drink Markers

Bachelorette Shot Tubes

Personalized Chambong

Buy a Drink Venmo Stickers

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30 Bachelorette Party Decorations for a Photo-Worthy Weekend30 Bachelorette Party Decorations for a Photo-Worthy Weekend30 Bachelorette Party Decorations for a Photo-Worthy Weekend