Bridal Shower Ring Game: How to Play + Printable Signs

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When it comes to which bridal shower games to play, there is no shortage of ideas to choose from. Among those many ideas, you will most certainly find the bridal shower Ring Game at the top of many lists, and for good reason.

The Ring Game, also known as the “Put a Ring on It” bridal shower game, is a great ice-breaker because it encourages conversation among guests, even those who may have never met! Not to mention, its fun yet competitive format is guaranteed to have everyone laughing the day away. 

Most importantly, the bridal shower Ring Game features an extremely easy setup and an even easier explanation of its rules.

What do you need to play the bridal shower Ring Game?

  • Your favorite version of our printable Ring Game sign (see options below)
  • An 8×10 frame to display your sign
  • Enough plastic rings as there are bridal shower guests
  • A game prize for the winner!

How do you play?

  • Display your Ring Game sign and the plastic rings on a table by the front entrance so that each guest can grab one on their way into the party.
  • Once all guests have arrived, make sure to announce that the game has begun and that guests may now start stealing rings if they hear anyone say the word “bride”.
  • After the bride is finished opening her gifts, have guests count how many rings they were able to collect during the bridal shower. The guest with the most rings wins a prize!

Extra tips for playing

  • If you want to make this game even more competitive, feel free to switch up the rules a bit by adding additional no-no words like “wedding” or “groom”.
  • Because this game could end up resulting in a tie, we suggest purchasing a few extra prizes (you can always crown a 2nd and 3rd place winner).
  • Keep these rings and bring them to the bachelorette party so you and your girls can be blinged out all weekend long!

The bridal shower Ring Game poem

Please take a ring,
Hold on to it tight.
Try not to say ‘bride’
With all of your might!
If you hear someone say it,
Snatch up their ring.
To win at the end,
Collect the most bling

Bridal Shower Ring Game: How to Play + Printable SignsBridal Shower Ring Game: How to Play + Printable Signs