Bridal Shower Mad Libs Free Printable

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We have to be honest with you here- bridal shower Mad Libs is truly our all-time favorite printable game to play. So much so that it was the first printable we ever made (and what inspired the idea to make 11 more!)

For starters, most bridal shower guests fall into the age range that grew up playing Mad Libs, so it’s a super fun trip down memory lane. Not to mention, the finished product makes for a hilarious keepsake for the bride and groom!

What do you need to play Bridal Shower Mad Libs?

  • Enough copies of our FREE Bridal Shower Mad Libs printable game cards, including answer keys, for each guest to have one.
  • A pen/pencil for each storyteller.
  • BONUS: A scrapbook to store all the finished products (more on that below!)

How do you play?

  • Once guests have had a chance to eat, drink and socialize, have them gather in one place to begin. Hand out the printable game cards, including an answer key, and pen/pencil to each player.
  • Have each guest find a partner to help them complete their story. If there is an odd amount of guests, there can be groups of 3.
  • One by one, have each player go through the answer key and fill out all 19 blank spaces (no peeking at the story!) Once they have finished, have them swap answer keys with their partner.
  • Using their partner’s answer key, guests will transfer the corresponding parts of speech (noun, adjective, verb, etc.) in chronological order until the story is complete.
  • Swap the completed stories back to their original owner to be read aloud for lots of laughs!

Extra tips for playing

  • Please make sure that the first thing guests do upon receiving their game card is to write their name at the bottom. At the end of the game, each player should have a story that uses their chosen parts of speech (written in their partner’s handwriting).
  • To guarantee no peeking, hand out the answer keys first and hold off on the Mad Libs until those are filled out. This guarantees some outrageous stories.
  • BONUS: Buy a scrapbook prior to the bridal shower and compile all of the Mad Libs into one place for the bride and groom to read over whenever they want a laugh!


Bridal Shower Mad Libs printable preview

Two 5×7 inch game cards formatted onto 8.5×11 inch paper with easy-to-follow crops marks + answer key (not pictured)

free bridal shower mad libs
Bridal Shower Mad Libs Free Printable