How to Plan a Lingerie Bridal Shower the Bride Won’t Forget!

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From engagement parties to bachelorette bashes, there’s plenty of fun to be had before the big day. If you want to spice things up a little how about throwing the blushing bride-to-be a lingerie bridal shower too? 

What is a Lingerie Shower?

More intimate than a traditional bridal shower and less active than a bachelorette party, the lingerie shower involves the bride-to-be’s nearest and dearest coming together to gift sexy undies, cute sleepwear, and naughty toys. Cue fun games, lots of girly giggling, delicious drinks, and tasty treats, as the bride-to-be opens pressies perfect for the wedding night, honeymoon, and beyond. 

Planning a Lingerie Party 

Like all good events, a successful lingerie bridal shower requires a certain amount of planning. Let’s take a look at the key elements to get the ball rolling.

Who Hosts the Lingerie Shower?

The Maid of Honor and members of the bridal party are perfectly placed to organize the shower and it would typically fall as part of the MOH’s role. Failing that the task should go to an organized relative or friend who knows how to have fun and can be relied upon to throw a memorable party. 

What Type of Vibe Will You Go For?

Would the bride prefer a low-key lingerie bridal shower, such as a lazy brunch or afternoon tea? Or perhaps a more raucous gathering e.g., an afternoon or evening of cocktails, music, and games with a larger circle of relatives and friends? This decision will play a part in determining the guest list, venue, and what time of day you celebrate. 

When Should You Throw a Lingerie Party? 

You can either hold the shower as a stand-alone event or combine it with the bachelorette party. 

It’s up to you how far you want to hold it before the wedding. It’s a good idea to try and organize the do early on to make sure the bridal party and other important wedding guests can attend. Once you have a date, you’ll need to think about what time of day you’d like to celebrate. 

MODERN MOH TIP: Kill two birds with one stone – combining the lingerie shower with the bachelorette party is a great way to save time and money for all involved. 

Where Should You Hold the Lingerie Bridal Shower? 

Bridal Shower at a Hotel Suite

The lingerie shower should be held somewhere private, rather than a public space such as a busy restaurant. Your fellow patrons might not take kindly to lacy thongs, buzzy vibrators, and silk stockings being held aloft at the table next to them! Best to hold the shower at someone’s house, a hotel suite, or a vacation rental where the bride and guests can let loose and have fun. 

MODERN MOH TIP: Check out lingerie stores for an alternative venue, some host private parties where you enjoy a glass of fizz as you browse the goods. Then treat the bride to a racy number ofher choice for her honeymoon! 

Who Should Attend the Lingerie Shower? 

The guest list should include the Maid of Honor, bridesmaids, and closest friends – it would be similar to the bachelorette party guest list. When it comes to family, such as mother-of-the-bride, in-laws, cousins, etc. it’s worth checking in with the bride, as a lingerie party won’t be for everyone, some may find it too naughty and might result in some awkward moments! 

Lingerie Party Invitations 

It’s a good idea to send out invitations so the lingerie party guests can save the date and know all the details e.g., venue etc. Aim to get the invites out no later than a month in advance, and remind guests you would appreciate an RSVP.  You can relay gift ideas for the bride relating to her tastes, and don’t forget to include her size and measurements!

Decorations for a Lingerie Shower

Décor can be as bold or as understated as you like, depending on your bride-to-be and the type of shower she’s having. Start by choosing a color or theme and base your décor around that. Dress up your chosen venue with shower decorations, we’re talking balloons, banners, garlands, and tableware (cups, napkins, etc). 

Personalize your decorations with a photo banner or theme-colored balloons. Or why not opt for a complete party decoration box containing a range of bridal shower decorations?

Lingerie Party Gifts 

The bride should take center stage, so kit her out with a tiara, veil, sash, and other accessories to make her the star of the show. Guests can bring gifts, and bridal lingerie shower organizers need to purchase lovely things for the blushing bride too. 

If your bride-to-be is conservative go for conventional nightwear, such as a demure silk teddy or satin nightgown. Alternatively ramp it up with lacy undies – a basque and knicker set, or a ravishing bra, thong and suspender belt set will work wonders on the wedding night!

If the bride-to-be is more wild than mild, opt for something racier to suit her tastes. Buy her a kinky leather or latex outfit (guaranteed to cause a stir on the honeymoon), a sex toy, or a bondage set complete with cuffs, blindfold, and spanking paddle. 

Or help the newlyweds spice up their bedtimes with the … In Bed Edition from The Adventure Challenge. The scratch-off challenges are sure to keep things interesting between the sheets!

Bridal Lingerie Shower Games

A lingerie shower just isn’t the same without a fun game or two. You can buy the bride-to-be a game as one of her gifts – get her to open it and let the fun begin. 

Tip Jar

For this cheap and cheerful game, you’ll need a large glass jar, a few squares of paper, and a couple of pens. Get the guests to anonymously jot down their top marriage, love, and sex tips and pop them in the jar. The bride-to-be can read out the tips, and for added fun, you can try and guess who wrote what! 

Lingerie Shower Tip Jar
Lingerie Trivia Quiz

Lingerie Trivia Quiz

Quizzes can bring people together or cause mayhem (depending on the level of competitiveness in the room). Keep it light by challenging guests to participate in a lingerie trivia quiz where they will be answering questions related to undies

Lingerie Shower Bingo

How about a traditional game of bingo to get everyone in the spirit? This isn’t about calling numbers though, lingerie bingo involves the caller shouting out different types of lingerie e.g. thongs. This can be in conjunction with the bride opening her gifts, so if she opens a suspender belt and that’s on your bingo board you get to mark it off. 

The first person to shout Bingo wins a prize! 

Lingerie Shower Bingo
musical undies pass the parcel with lingeriew

Musical Undies

A naughtier take on musical chairs crossed with pass the parcel! For this, an item of underwear is wrapped up in layers of gift paper and passed around to music. When the music stops the guest removes a layer, this continues until the item is unwrapped. The “winner” models the item (over their clothes). For a ruder version include a sex toy or two! 

Lingerie Shower Refreshments

No lingerie party would be complete without refreshments. Get everyone in the mood with a welcome drink or two – wine, fizz, cocktails, and don’t forget a few non-alcoholic options. When it comes to food, serve what fits the party, be that a three-course meal, a buffet, BBQ, canapes and snacks, or simple chips and dips. 

MODERN MOH TIP: Cupcakes always go down well and can be decorated to suit the theme. There might be a star baker on your guest list, if so, cupcakes could be their gift! 

Lingerie Party Favors 

It’s a nice gesture to surprise people with party favors as a token gift to say thank you for participating in the bridal lingerie shower. In keeping with a slightly naughty theme you could gift a pair of personalized panties to each guest or some … In Bed Connection Cards from The Adventure Challenge.

If you’d prefer something more sedate opt for a candle, lip balm, or bath bombs in a cute gift bag. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with champagne or chocolates.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Hopefully, we’ve given you an overview regarding the ins and outs of a bridal lingerie shower, but here are a couple of FAQs just in case:

Do we need to have a lingerie party for the bride-to-be?

No! As with most things wedding-related, this is about doing what works best for the bride-to-be and the bridal party. Not everyone will be keen on a lingerie shower, so don’t force it if it’s not going to be fun.

How do I make sure the bride gets something she likes and fits?

You can include the bride’s tastes and size on the invites that are sent out. 

Should I invite all the bride’s friends and relatives to the bridal lingerie shower? 

A lingerie party won’t be for everyone! More reserved friends and relatives may prefer a traditional bridal shower. You can hold both, just save the lingerie shower for the bachelorette bash! 

That’s a Wrap, Here’s to a Beautiful Bridal Lingerie Shower!

Time to get planning! If there’s a wedding on the horizon it’s the perfect excuse to sort out a memorable bachelorette party and bridal lingerie shower too. So set the date, find the venue, create a guest list, choose a theme, and get going. Don’t forget to add games, refreshments, favors, and gifts to your list too for the perfect lingerie party. 

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How to Plan a Lingerie Bridal Shower the Bride Won\'t Forget!How to Plan a Lingerie Bridal Shower the Bride Won\'t Forget!How to Plan a Lingerie Bridal Shower the Bride Won\'t Forget!

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