Disney Love Songs Game Free Printable

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We absolutely adore this bridal shower game– not only because we’re huge Disney fans, but because most other people are too.

The Disney Love Songs game is the perfect icebreaker because guests are guaranteed to have something in common when it comes to these songs and movies. So if you’re looking for a super fun and easy option, this bridal shower game is a total must!

What do you need to play the Disney Love Songs game?

  • Enough of our FREE Disney Love Songs printable game cards so each guest (bride included!) has a copy.
  • A pen or pencil for each player
  • A prize for the winner

How do you play?

  • Once all the guests have finished eating, gather them together and pass out the game cards and a pen/pencil to each player.
  • Set your phone timer to 3 minutes and allow players to begin matching the Disney movies to their corresponding love songs.
  • When the 3 minutes are up, have each player swap game cards with another guest for grading.
  • Read the corresponding numbers and letters from your answer key. Each correct match equals a point and the guest or guests with the most points wins!

Extra trips for playing

  • Step it up with this game by creating a playlist featuring all of the songs included and play it during the shower!
  • Make sure that all guests fill out their name and point total so when it comes time to hand out prizes, the winner has their game card as proof.
  • This is one of those bridal shower games that may result in multiple winners. We suggest purchasing 2-3 prizes just in case (you can always give them out to the 2nd and 3rd place players).


Disney Love Songs game printable preview

Two 5×7 inch game cards formatted onto 8.5×11 inch paper with easy-to-follow crops marks + answer key (not pictured)

disney love songs game free printable
Disney Love Songs Game Free Printable