35 Bridal Shower Themes for the Modern Bride

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Want to know the secret to throwing one epic bridal shower? It’s all about originality. While following the traditional guidelines is a safe standard, being a modern maid of honor means you’re not afraid to mix it up- especially when it comes to bridal shower themes.

If basic and boring is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking to win the award for the most kick-ass maid of honor ever, then stick around.

To make sure we have the latest and greatest list, we’ve reached out to some fellow experts to get their thoughts on the emerging trends. 

Wedding planner and photographer Max Surikov points out that “modern brides are increasingly seeking personalized and memorable events that reflect their personalities and interests. While traditional showers will always have their place, the desire for something out of the ordinary is gaining momentum.”

Carissa Kruse, a professional wedding planner, agrees. “Brides-to-be are looking for a more unique and personalized experience. You see, brides-to-be today actively participate in the planning process more than ever before. They want their bridal shower, and other wedding-related events, to reflect their personalities and interests.”  

So, with that said, below we have 35 unique bridal shower themes guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression.

Seasonal Bridal Shower Themes

You can capture the beauty of the seasons with one of our bridal shower themes that pull from the natural flow of the calendar. Whether it’s the rustic charm of autumn leaves or the fresh bloom of spring, there’s a theme to match the magic of any season. You can celebrate love in the perfect seasonal setting, from cozy winter gatherings to sunny beach parties.

Fall In Love

Celebrate your bestie with all things autumn by throwing her the most fabulous fall-inspired bridal shower.

Incorporating a similar color scheme is an easy way to tie all the pieces together. Envision a color palette of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Start by selecting a “fall in love” themed invitation, then move on to matching decorations, favors, and activities. For example, have the guests suggest their favorite fall date idea (i.e. going to a pumpkin patch or taking a haunted hayride) using our cards and assemble it into a gift you can present to the couple! Then send guests home with yummy, do-it-yourself apple cider kit favors. 

When it comes to planning the food and drink menu, there is no shortage of fall favorites to choose from. Think pumpkin cheesecake bites and apple cider sangria!

Looking for more details about this seasonal theme? Check out our step-by-step guide to throwing a fall bridal shower.

Our Fall in Love Shower must-haves:

Fall in Love Invitations

Fall in Love Invitations

Fall-Themed Bucket List

Apple Cider Kit Favors

Apple Cider Kit Favors

Garden Party

Does your bride-to-be have a green thumb? Or perhaps she just loves spending time outdoors? Either way, a garden party is definitely one of our bridal shower themes to consider!

Though it’s not a new theme, Carissa predicts it will continue to be a popular choice. “It’s a classic and timeless option that has been around for ages. But with the rise of eco-friendly weddings and sustainability becoming a priority for many brides-to-be, I think this theme will see a resurgence in popularity.”

As with any garden, aesthetics is everything. That’s why the ideal venue for this type of shower will be naturally decorated with plants and flowers, leaving you to simply add a few final touches.

When it comes to the food and drink menu, think fresh finger foods and yummy sparkling cocktails. And don’t be afraid to throw a few edible florals into the mix!

Go above and beyond by planning some fun garden-related activities and games. A ‘build your own bouquet’ flower bar is a great idea that doubles as a fun activity and gift for guests! And you can add to the overall aesthetic by playing some greenery-themed bridal shower games.

For the finishing touch, send guests home with garden party-themed favors like adorable “let love grow” seed packets.

To see this theme in full bloom, check out our garden party bridal shower guide.

Our Garden Party must-haves:



Seed Packet Favors

Seed Packet Favors

Greenery Games

Greenery Games

Winter Wonderland

Get ready to sprinkle some magic and sparkle for a bridal shower that’s cooler than ice! Imagine a world where everything is shimmering, white, and just purely enchanting. That’s your cue for a Winter Wonderland bridal shower. 

Think silver accents, snowflakes, and cozy vibes all around. Send out invitations that make your guests feel like they’re stepping into a frosty fairy tale where the couple are “Snow in Love”. 

For decorations, go for white and silver balloons, snowflake garlands, and maybe even a faux snow setup. Set up a hot chocolate station to help people stay warm. And for party favors, how adorable would it be to give away mini hot chocolate kits? 

Food-wise, indulge in comfort foods — cranberry meatballs, spinach dip, and don’t forget the powdered donuts! 

Sneak a peak at our guide for creating the ultimate Winter Wonderland shower.

Our recommended Winter Wonderland essentials:

Snow in Love Invitations

Snow in love shower invitation

Winter-Themed Games

Bridal Bingo Winter

Mini Hot Chocolate Kits

hot chocolate jar favors

Beachy Bride

Picture this: sun, sand, and a gentle breeze. If that sounds like heaven for the bride-to-be, then a Beachy Bride theme is the way to go! 

Start with invitations that scream sun-kissed fun. Think sandy tones with a splash of ocean blue. Decor? Easy! Scatter some seashells, add some sea glass votives and fish netting, and you’ll almost be able to hear the ocean calling. 

How about a DIY seashell jewelry station where guests can design and create their own beach-inspired accessories? Or have guests jot down their favorite beach memory or top advice and pop it in a “message in a bottle”? Party favors can be super cute, like mini sunscreen bottles or personalized sunglasses. 

For food, keep it light and fresh with seafood delights, fruit skewers, and, of course, tropical drinks to wash it all down.

Check out more beachy bridal shower ideas with our guide.

Our top Beachy Bride must-haves:

Shell Motif Invitations

Shell Motif Invitation

Starfish Decorations

Mini Starfish

Fruit Palm Tree Display

Fruit Palm Tree Display

April Showers

Embrace the beauty of spring and the promise of new beginnings with an April Showers bridal shower theme. It’s all about celebrating love blooming just like the flowers outside. 

The invites? Picture pastel colors with raindrop and flower designs. Decorations can include lots of florals, umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, and raindrop streamers. Get creative with a game where guests jot down their ideas for rainy-day dates on umbrella-shaped cards. 

Send your guests home feeling refreshed with flower seed packets or cute raindrop-shaped cookies as favors. The menu should be a burst of spring—think fresh salads, lemon tarts, and maybe a signature rain-themed cocktail. 

Prosecco and Petals

Raise your glass to a shower theme that’s all about celebrating in style—Prosecco and Petals. This theme combines the elegance of floral beauty with the bubbly joy of Prosecco. 

Send out invitations that mix florals with a hint of golden sparkle, setting the tone for a classy affair. Decorations should be overflowing with flowers—think petal pathways, floral arches, and tables adorned with vases of the bride’s favorite blooms. 

And what’s a Prosecco and Petals shower without a DIY mimosa bar? Let guests create their own concoctions with different juices and fresh fruit. Party favors? Mini bottles of Prosecco or personalized champagne glasses!

Some Bunny is Tying the Knot (Easter-Themed)

Hop into the spirit of Easter and love with a “Some Bunny is Tying the Knot” theme. This adorable theme is perfect for the couple that loves fun, whimsy, and a touch of springtime magic. 

Kick things off with invitations adorned with bunnies, eggs, and soft pastel colors. For decor, think Easter baskets as centerpieces, egg garlands, and lots of pastel balloons. 

Keep your guests moving and entertained with an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt, or even a bunny hop dance contest for a burst of laughter? 

Favors can be super sweet, like personalized Easter eggs or bunny-shaped soaps. 

Don’t forget about the food—deviled eggs, carrot cake cupcakes, and a signature spring punch will have everyone feeling the Easter joy. 

Activity-Based Wedding Shower Themes

For those who love a bit of action or a creative twist, try a wedding shower theme that focuses more on a specific activity. From sipping wine while painting masterpieces to unwinding with a spa day, these themes promise a memorable day filled with fun activities everyone will enjoy. 

Vino Before Vows

Can you think of a better way to shower your bride than with a trip to her favorite local winery? Or bringing the winery to her? We can’t! So if your bestie is a fan of grown-up grape juice, then throwing a Vino Before Vows bridal shower is the theme idea for you.

If you’re hosting the shower at a local vineyard, the first step is to get in touch with them to determine their availability. Once you’ve selected a date and made a reservation (if necessary), it’s important to iron out the little details about the tastings and food.

However, if you’re transforming your own venue into a chic-tasting room, then we’ve got plenty of ideas for you! From wine-bottle centerpieces to wine charm favors there’s no shortage of vin-tastic ways to indulge in some sophisticated fun.

And for a perfect on-theme shower gift for the bride, skip the registry gifts and give your bestie something super special like an anniversary wine box (bonus points for filling it with wines from your local vineyard!)

Check out our guide for more inspiration on hosting a Vino Before Vows bridal shower that’s truly to toast for.

Our Vino Before Vows Bridal Shower must-haves:


Vino Before Vows Invitation

Wine Charm Favors

bridal shower wine charm favors

Wine Box Gift

Anniversary Wooden Wine Box

Bookworm Bridal Shower

Calling all literature lovers! If the bride-to-be’s idea of a perfect afternoon is curling up with a good book, a Bookworm Bridal Shower is the way to her heart. 

Picture invitations that mimic classic book covers or are styled as library cards to set the scene. Decorations can include stacks of books, quote banners from her favorite novels, and even centerpieces that look like miniature libraries. 

For a fun activity, guests can write their top advice for the couple on bookmark keepsakes. How about personalized bookends or a special edition of a romantic classic for an on-theme gift? And for the menu, think of dishes and drinks named after famous literary couples or scenes. 

Paint and Sip Bridal Shower

Unleash everyone’s inner artist with a Paint and Sip Bridal Shower. It’s a creative and relaxed way to celebrate, offering a splash of color and a toast to the bride-to-be. 

Send out vibrant invitations that hint at the artistic fun to come. Set up easels, canvases, paints, and brushes for each guest, creating a mini art studio vibe. Hire a local artist to guide everyone through painting a picture that holds special meaning to the bride, or let creativity flow with free painting. 

And don’t forget the wine, an integral part of the theme! Offer a selection of wines for sipping while painting. Snacks instead of heavier fare works the best here. Keep it simple with cheese platters, fruit, and small bites perfect for grazing as everyone creates.

For favors, you can provide mini-paint sets or personalized aprons. However you don’t need to go overboard here as the guests will also have their work of art to take home.

Spa Day Bridal Shower

Pamper the bride-to-be and her guests with a Spa Day Bridal Shower, where relaxation and rejuvenation are the orders of the day. 

Think soothing, spa-inspired invitations to get everyone in the mood for unwinding. Book some space at a local spa, or transform your space into a serene retreat with candles, aromatherapy, and soft music. Arrange for professional masseuses, manicurists, or facialists to provide treatments. You can also set up DIY spa stations for those breaks between treatments.

Guests can leave with their spirits lifted and body relaxed, taking home favors like bath salts or mini lotions. Serve light and refreshing fare like fruit-infused water, veggie trays, and mini quiches. 

Cultural Themed Wedding Shower Ideas

Carissa has started to see a rise in the number of travel and cultural-themed showers. “It’s really a reflection of the fact that people are more well-traveled and open to new experiences now,” she says. “These themes allow brides-to-be to enhance their love for travel and incorporate elements from different cultures into their shower.”

Traveling from Miss to Mrs

If your bestie and her future hubby are avid travelers or are planning a destination wedding/honeymoon, then this is one of our bridal shower themes to pay attention to!

Max advises that you can “satiate the wanderlust of the bride with a travel-themed shower. Incorporate elements from her favorite destinations, and consider a globe-trotting adventure that celebrates the journey into marriage.”

Depending on the circumstances, you can choose to focus the shower on a specific destination or go for a general travel-themed bridal shower.

Whichever way you choose to go, just be sure to incorporate travel into all the tiny details- invitations, decorations, favors, games, etc. Looking for ideas? Think luggage tag favors (on-brand and practical!), “Where Were We” travel-themed game, and add a fun spin to a traditional photo booth by having guests take turns snapping a “passport” photo, complete with travel-themed props!

MODERN MOH TIP:  Are you focusing this theme on the couple’s honeymoon location? You and the rest of the bridal party can consider gifting a DIY honeyfund, where you all choose an activity or meal to purchase for the couple at their destination.

Our Traveling from Miss to Mrs. must-haves:


Travel Themed Bridal Shower Invitations

Luggage Tag Favors

Where Were We? Game

Final Fiesta

Send your bride-to-be off in southwestern style by hosting a final fiesta bridal shower!

The key to nailing a final fiesta theme is all about the color scheme. When deciding on decorations, think bright colors like pink, orange, and yellow with hints of green and blue.

Throw in some fiesta-themed supplies, like cups or napkins, plus fun accessories like mini sombreos or cactus confetti. You can sip your margaritas in style with fun “let’s fiesta” cups that double as favors for guests. And let your bestie feel like the queen she is by letting her rock a floral fiesta veil.

Most importantly, make sure your food and drink menus are top-notch. We’re talking loads of guacamole, build your own taco bar, and ice-cold margaritas!

Our Final Fiesta Bridal Shower must-haves:


Holy Guacamole Invitation

Let’s Fiesta Cups

Let's Fiesta Cups

Floral Fiesta Veil

Floral Fiesta Veil

Afternoon Tea Party

Borrow from a British tradition and host an elegant tea party-themed bridal shower where grace and refinement take center stage. 

Send out delicate invitations adorned with teapot motifs and floral designs. Transform your space with tea sets, sophisticated tablecloths, and a selection of fine teas. 

While tea takes center stage in this theme, that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up with, iced-tea, coffee or wine. Serve dainty finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, and an assortment of pastries to go with the beverages.

Organize a game of “Guess the Tea” where guests sample different brews and identify them, with winners receiving individual teapots. Send all guests home with shower favors such as personalized tea bags or tea caddies. 

Check out our guide for brewing the perfect tea party bridal shower.

Tea Party must-haves:

Tea Party Invitations

Bridal Tea Shower Invite

Tea for One

Pavillion gift company ceramic tea for one

Oui, Paris!

Transport your guests to the City of Lights with a Parisian-themed bridal shower. Chic and sophisticated invites should hint at a day of French elegance. Decorate with a palette of black, white, and pink, and add romantic touches like Eiffel Tower centerpieces and strings of white lights. 

Say “oui” to serving classic French fare like quiche, croissants, and an assortment of cheeses. And definitely don’t forget a selection of French wines, whether it be Bordeaux, Loire Valley, or Champagne. 

Ask guests to fill out recipe cards with their favorite French dishes and organize a DIY perfume blending station to keep guests entertained. You can even gift the bride-to-be with a bottle of the afternoon’s best blend. Send guests home with macaron-filled favor boxes or mini bottles of French champagne. 

Très chic!

Tropical Delights

Create a vibrant, island-themed celebration with a Tropical Bridal Shower. Brightly colored invitations with palm leaves and exotic flowers set the stage before you adorn the venue with tropical foliage, bright tablecloths, and flamingo or pineapple accents. 

Offer a menu of tropical delights like mango salad, coconut shrimp, and fruit skewers. And don’t forget a tiki bar with a selection of fruity cocktails with those classic mini umbrellas! 

For fun, play a round of “Tropical Trivia”, have a limbo contest, or set up a coconut shy. Give out personalized flip-flops for prizes and mini sunscreen bottles or tropical-scented candles for favors.

Aloha Hawaii!

Aloha! A Hawaiian bridal shower calls for invitations with lush greenery and hibiscus flowers. 

Themed decorations could include leis, tiki torches, and grass skirts for table skirting. Introduce games like “Hula Hoopla” or start up a ukulele sing-along to keep the guests happy and entertained. Don’t forget favors to send home, which can be as simple as sun hats or pineapple-shaped soaps. 

For food, serve guests a taste of the islands with poke bowls, teriyaki sliders, and fresh pineapple. And for drinks, whip up some tropical drinks like Mai Tais and Blue Hawaiians to keep everyone in high spirits. 

Her Last Rodeo

Give the bride a boot-scootin’ good time with a “Last Rodeo” Western-themed bridal shower. 

Kick off the hoedown with country-styled invitations that feature boots, hats, or horseshoes. Deck out the venue with hay bales for seating, bandana napkins, and mason jar centerpieces. 

Fill the chuckwagon with hearty fixings like BBQ sliders, baked beans, and cornbread. To help wash it all down, sip on some good ol’ fashioned root beer or whiskey sours from the saloon bar. 

Get guests into the frontier spirit with a mechanical bull riding challenge or a lassoing competition. Hand out cowboy hat favors or personalized bandanas to complete the theme.

Vintage Glamour 

Carissa has seen a rise in vintage-inspired weddings and sees this trend continuing into bridal showers as well. 

“This theme takes inspiration from different eras like the 1920s or 1950s and adds a touch of modern elegance to it,” Carisss says. “This theme is perfect for brides-to-be who want to add a touch of nostalgia and glamour to their special day.”

To set the stage for a vintage glamour bridal shower, send out invitations with lace and pearl accents, giving a nod to the classic age of Hollywood. You can deck the halls with sepia-toned photos of the happy couple, pearls draped over gold candelabras, and feathers tucked into vases for that 1920s flair. 

Get the party buzzing with a silent movie charades game or a classic vintage trivia challenge. Send guests home with lovely personalized lace handkerchiefs or vintage picture frames as favors. 

For the feast, think deviled eggs, finger sandwiches, and a champagne tower. And for a sweet twist, how about a station where guests can dip their own strawberries into a fountain of chocolate?

Retro Revival

Rewind time with a retro revival bridal shower that’s all the rage. 

Max’s key advice for this theme: “Bring back the charm of the past. Whether it’s the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s, let nostalgia take center stage with retro-inspired decor, music, and attire.”

So get ready to blast out those invites with bright colors, bold patterns, and a sprinkle of nostalgia. You can turn your venue into a groovy scene with vinyl records as placemats, pop art, and lava lamps lighting up the corners. 

For entertainment, you can do a ring hunt with mood rings, do some retro trivia, or get hips swaying with a hula hoop marathon. Parting gifts? Think mood rings or funky sunglasses. 

For food, serve up a smorgasbord of retro favorites like meatloaf sliders, Jell-O salads, and tangy punch. Don’t forget the classic candy bar where guests can fill up goody bags with sweets from yesteryear.

Coed Shower Ideas

Who says that bridal showers are just for the ladies? Our co-ed shower ideas bring everyone together, making it a full-hearted celebration. From a casual “I Do BBQ” to a thrilling “Till Death Do Us Part” theme, these showers are all about sharing the joy with friends and family, regardless of gender.


As newlyweds, the bride and groom will have plenty to celebrate and what better way to do so than with a fully stocked bar!

The basics of this wedding shower theme are simple: Send out invitations informing guests this is a stock-the-bar style party and that instead of a traditional bridal shower gift, they are encouraged to bring their favorite bottle of wine or liquor.

The couple may choose to register for barware or decor as well, in which case you would also include the registry information on the invitation.

You can also surprise the bride and groom by having guests fill out a card (included in the invitation) with their favorite cocktail recipes for them to mix up during their next date night!

And to end the party, don’t forget to give each guest a little something to take home, like a mini liquor bottle with themed favor tags.

For more details on this fun theme, check out our comprehensive guide on how to host a stock-the-bar shower.

Our Stock-the-Bar Shower must-haves:


Cocktail Recipe Cards

Cocktail Recipe Cards

Mini Liquor Bottle Favor Tags

Mini Liquor Bottle Favor Tags


Looking for a lowkey couples shower theme? We highly recommend an “I Do” BBQ!

This wedding shower theme works best if hosted at a guest’s house that has a large backyard with plenty of space for guests to mingle. If this isn’t an option, try checking out your local parks!

Give guests something to do by setting up a variety of fun backyard games for groups like cornhole or Bucket Ball (this can also double as a gift for the bride and groom!) 

For food, go with anything that can be grilled (burgers, dogs, and sausages) paired with simple-to-serve sides (pasta/potato salad, deviled eggs, veggies, and dip). Skip the plastic utensil holders and use personalized I DO BBQ-themed kraft bags instead.

For drinks, think big batch cocktails that can be served in pitchers or dispensers as well as beer and wine that can be served out of coolers or tubs. Purchase practical Koozies as favors that guests can actually use at the shower as well as after it too!

Our I Do BBQ Wedding Shower must-haves:


I Do BBQ Invitation

Custom Koozies

Custom Koozies

Utensil Holders


Till Death Do Us Part Bridal Shower

For couples who love a touch of macabre or have a fascination with the Gothic, a “Till Death Do Us Part” bridal shower can be a uniquely memorable theme. This also works quite well if you’re hosting the shower around Halloween.

Kick things off by sending out darkly romantic invitations that set a slightly spooky, yet elegant tone. You can even request guests to all come dressed in black, to keep the mood slightly dark throughout the event.

Carry the theme through the bridal shower decorations, which can include Victorian Gothic elements—think black lace, candles, and roses in deep reds and purples. 

A unique activity could include a tarot card reader to forecast the couple’s and guests’ future happiness.  Favors can also lean into the theme with gothic-style jewelry or custom black heart-shaped cookies. 

In terms of refreshments, food and drinks should be decadently dark, like black velvet cake and “bloody” Mary cocktails. 

This theme definitely isn’t for everyone, but could be the perfect fit for some couples looking to have a co-ed shower.

Jack and Jill

A Jack and Jill Bridal Shower is perfect for couples wanting to celebrate together with all their friends and family, regardless of gender or age.

Traditionally, a Jack and Jill shower was held to raise money for the couple and the wedding. There would be an admission fee charged, or there would be fundraising activities at the shower, like an auction.

That’s not necessarily the expectation these days, and the term “Jack and Jill” is often just used to mean a co-ed shower of any theme. So if you’re meaning to do some fundraising, be sure that this is made clear in the invitation!

Creative and Unique Shower Themes

Step outside the traditional bridal shower box with one of our creative and unique shower theme ideas. Whether it’s channeling the chic vibe of a “Brunch and Bubbly” or the free spirit of a boho-chic bride, these ideas are all about celebrating the bride’s unique personality and style. 

Brunch and Bubbly

If your bride-to-be loves classically chic bridal shower themes, you won’t go wrong with throwing a boozy bridal brunch!

The focus of a bridal brunch really is the food and drink menu, so you must be sure to have a solid setup. Our rule of thumb is to always feature the three B’s: breakfast, bubbles, and bloody.

Keep the theme going with the decorations by incorporating fun “brunch and bubbly” balloons and banners, as well as brunch-related favors and prizes. Something like personal Bloody Mary kits are a perfect choice to send home with guests! 

For a unique, themed gift for the bride, try sending out blank cards with the invitations and have guests jot down their go-to brunch recipes. At the shower, the bridesmaids can combine them together in a recipe book or box to give the bride!

Want more details on how to pull off this popular theme? Check out our full guide on how to host a bridal shower brunch in eight simple steps!

Our Brunch and Bubbly must-haves:


Brunch and Bubble invitation

Bloody Marys in a Jar


Brunch Recipe Book

DIY Mimosa Bar

DIY Mimosa Bar

“A bridal brunch without a mimosa bar is not a bridal brunch at all” –Modern MOH

Check out our bridal shower mimosa bar guide for more details.

She Found Her Main Squeeze

Are you looking to host a cheerful celebration to match the bride-to-be’s perky personality? If so, then a “she found her main squeeze” bridal shower is the perfect choice for you!

This lemon-inspired theme is perfect for showers being held during the spring and summer seasons when bright colors and cold cocktails are an absolute must. And you can’t possibly have a ‘she found her main squeeze’ bridal shower without a super cute sign to announce it!

Speaking of cold cocktails, there is no shortage of yummy lemon-flavored drinks. Pair these with some delicious desserts and you’re on your way to hosting the juiciest shower of all time! Of all the lemon-flavored desserts, we love a good lemon lush. Also referred to as lemon lasagna, this no-bake beauty is perfect for a hot summer day!

The most important aspect of this bridal shower theme is the aesthetic, so make sure to go all out with on-brand food and drink supplies.

Want to know more about this fun and festive theme? Check out our best “she found her main squeeze” bridal shower ideas!

Our She Found Her Main Squeeze must-haves:


She Found Her Main Squeeze Invitation

She Found Her Main Squeeze Sign

She Found Her Main Squeeze Sign

Lemon-Themed Supplies

Lemon-Themed Supplies

Boho Chic

Create a world of whimsy and warmth with a Boho Chic Bridal Shower. Imagine a celebration filled with earthy tones, flowing fabrics, and an abundance of greenery. 

“Embrace the free-spirited vibe with a Bohemian-themed bridal shower. Think dreamcatchers, vibrant florals, and eclectic decor that transport guests to a whimsical oasis, “ says Max.

Start by sending out invitations that capture the boho spirit— floral designs, feathers, and rustic vibes. Then transform your space into a boho paradise using macrame decorations and cozy floor seating with plenty of cushions and throws. You can hang ribbon or paper garlands from trees or doorways and place pampas grass everywhere.

Activities could include a flower crown-making or DIY bouquet station where guests can create their own floral arrangements. Party favors might be mini succulents or macrame keychains. For Nourishment, serve up a feast of natural, organic foods alongside refreshing herbal infusions. 

Check out our full guide for creating the ultimate Boho Chic bridal shower.

Our Boho Chic Bridal Shower Essentials:


Briar Bridal Shower Invitaion

DIY Flower Bar

DIY Flower Bar

Mini Succulents

Bridal Shower Succulent Favors

Written in the Stars Astrology Bridal Shower

If the bride-to-be loves the stars or is constantly checking her horoscope, then an astrology-themed shower would be a perfect fit. Celebrate their love’s cosmic connection with a “Written in the Stars” Astrology Bridal Shower. 

Send out star-studded invitations that hint at the celestial theme to come. Decorate with zodiac signs, constellations, and lots of twinkling lights to create a night sky ambiance. 

For a unique activity, you could offer personalized astrological or tarot card readings. Creating a star map based on a significant date for the couple could make for a meaningful gift for the bride-to-be. 

Favors can be zodiac sign keychains or constellation mugs – there is definitely no shortage of star-themed items to choose from. 

Nourish your guests with fun star-shaped appetizers and cookies, and think galaxy-themed cocktails for fun drinks. 

She Got Scooped Up (Ice Cream Party)

Sweeten the celebration with a “She Got Scooped Up” Ice Cream Party bridal shower. I seriously love this bridal shower theme idea and think it’s perfect for a fun summer shower. Then again, I would never say no to a cool scoop of ice cream!

Kick things off with playful, ice cream-themed invitations. You could go all out and turn your venue into an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with pastel decorations, striped straws, and plenty of sprinkles. 

Key to this theme is to set up a DIY ice cream bar where guests can choose their scoops and go wild with toppings. And don’t forget to serve up some ice cream-inspired cocktails or floats! For more substantial fare, consider foods that also pair well with ice cream, such as waffles or crepes.

For a twist, how about an ice cream flavor guessing game or ice cream trivia? Send guests home with adorable ice cream-shaped cookies or personalized ice cream scoops as favors. 

Intimate Lingerie Shower 

Add a touch of sass and class with a Lingerie Bridal Shower, perfect for giving the bride-to-be an unforgettable celebration and well-stocking her undergarment drawer! It’s all about intimate giggles and blushing moments as she unwraps the frills and thrills of sexy undies and sleepwear gifted by her nearest and dearest. 

Plan a chic affair in a private setting like a hotel suite, where cheeky gifts can be celebrated away from prying eyes. Choose between a graceful brunch or a spirited cocktail evening to match the bride’s style, or combine with the bachelorette party for a full-on celebration.

Kick things off with flirty invitations that let guests know what’s to come – including the bride-to-be’s measurements and sizing can help ensure well-fitted gifts. Encourage guests to gift everything from the demure to the daring, catering to the bride’s personal taste. 

The decor should be both elegant and playful, with a color scheme of blush pinks, deep reds, and black lace accents. Stir up the fun with games like lingerie bingo or a risqué quiz to keep the energy lively. 

Delight the senses with sweet treats and bubbly drinks, and thank your guests with charming favors like personalized panties or luxurious bath bombs.

Remember, the key to a successful lingerie bridal shower is maintaining a comfortable and fun atmosphere for all guests. Check out our full guide for more tips on hosting a tasteful lingerie bridal shower.

Our Lingerie Shower must-haves:

Flirty Invitations

Ooh la la bridal lingerie shower invitation

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Eco-Friendly Elegance

For the environmentally friendly bride, embrace eco-conscious celebrations with a Green Bridal Shower. With sustainability as a growing focus, Max expects eco-friendly bridal showers to be in demand. He has some great ideas to “incorporate recycled decorations, locally sourced goodies, and earthy tones for a celebration that’s both beautiful and environmentally conscious.”

To stay green, send out digital invitations to minimize waste and choose a natural, outdoor setting to reduce the need for artificial lighting and decor. You can decorate with potted plants instead of cut flowers, and use compostable or reusable tableware. 

Activities could include an outdoor scavenger hunt or a yoga session. Favors might be reusable shopping bags or small potted plants. Keep the menu organic, with locally sourced ingredients and vegetarian options. 

Take a look at our top tips for an eco-friendly bridal shower that’s beautiful for both the guests and the planet.

Something Blue Before I Do

Celebrate tradition with a modern twist in a “Something Blue before I Do” bridal shower. Think elegant blue-themed invitations that set a serene and joyful tone, and decorate the venue with shades of blue, from sky to navy, incorporating them into everything from tablecloths to balloons. 

Offer a “blue” beauty station where guests can try on blue nail polish or eye shadow for fun, play a game testing everyone’s knowledge of wedding traditions, or set up a pin-the-garter-on-the-bride game! 

Blue-colored refreshments would of course be required – gorgeous blueberry tarts, blue-frosted cupcakes, and blue cocktails and mocktails.

For favors, consider blue-hued treats or custom-made blue jewelry to round out a blue-tiful shower.

She’s Tying the Knot

Celebrate the bond of love at a “She’s Tying the Knot” Bridal Shower. 

Start by choosing invitations that are sleek and simple, adorned with a simple bow image. For decorations, Abby recommends to “include lots of gorgeous bows on everything from the cakes and cookies to the decor and glassware.” 

Offer a ‘tie-the-knot’ race where guests compete to create sailor’s knots or tie a bow on a present. Alternatively, provide a station for crafting personalized friendship bracelets that they can take home. 

Color Bridal Shower

Throw a Color Bridal Shower that’s as vibrant as the bride-to-be’s personality! 

“Brides are leaning into lots of color throughout their decor and floral choices,” Abby says. “Typically, one might see a lot of white at a bridal shower, however that will be seen less in 2024.”

Start with a spectrum of invitations that dazzle with the bride’s favorite color, urging guests to dress in monochrome for full effect. Splash the scene with monochromatic decor—balloons, streamers, and tablecloths all in that hue. 

How about a painting challenge where guests create monochrome art? Winners get prizes wrapped in the theme color. Favors can be as simple as candies in colorful wrappers or tinted mason jar candles. 

Keep the monochrome magic going with colored popcorn, tinted cupcakes, and a punch that packs a punch in the chosen color. Remember, the key is to be bright and bold across all aspects of the shower!

She Found her Pearl Bridal Shower

If the bride-to-be is the modern sophisticated type, maybe you can indulge in a “She Found her Pearl” bridal shower, a symbol of the precious rarity of true love. 

Abby believes that this will be a common theme this year “as brides are loving all things decked out in pearls. From clothing and jewelry to veils, glassware, and paper goods – bring on the pearls.”

The invites should shimmer with pearl embellishments, setting the stage for a sophisticated soiree. Decorate with iridescent balloons, pearl strands across every surface, and white flowers for a touch of purity. 

You can set up a “String Your Own Pearl Necklace” station as a luxe activity, and give out favors of pearl-tipped hairpins or elegant pearl-handled mirrors. 

On the menu, oysters are a must, along with pearly white macarons and an elegant white punch.

Final Thoughts…

As we close out our guide on fun and unique bridal shower themes, remember that it’s all about celebrating the future bride. Whether she’s a vintage lover or a green goddess, a fan of bubbly brunches or beachy vibes, each shower theme we’ve explored has its own flair to fit her personality.

Planning an eco-friendly shower? Bring on the sustainable charm. Dreaming of tropical sands or Parisian streets? Magic those dreams to life. And for those daring enough for a lingerie shower—make it as cheeky or chic as you like. 

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