9 Big Ideas for a Stunning Garden Party Bridal Shower

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A garden-themed bridal shower is such a fun and wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a loved one! It creates a magical atmosphere in honor of the bride-to-be, surrounded by the sweet scent of blooming flowers and the buzz of a garden party. 

This guide will help you host a perfect garden party bridal shower, from invitations to favors, gifts to games, so you can focus on creating a memorable event for the bride-to-be and her guests.

Garden Party Bridal Shower Invitations

Send shower invitations that evoke the beauty of nature to set the tone for your garden party. Consider floral motifs, pastel colors, or even pressed flowers for embellishment. Don’t forget to include important details such as the date, time, and location, RSVP details, and any special instructions such as a dress code or registry details. 

You can opt for traditional paper invitations or go eco-friendly with digital invitations to minimize environmental impact. Try any of these options out:

Spring Tulips


Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers Invitation
Vellum Paper

MODERN MOH TIP:  I love to add vellum envelopes or jackets to my invitations to add a layered element to enhance the look.

Garden Party Shower Decorations

Bridal shower decorations inspired by nature are so diverse, just like the beauty of a blooming garden. These are some creative ideas that will transport your guests into a secret garden party vibe, whether you’re hosting an indoor garden party or taking advantage of what outdoors has to offer.

garden bridal shower decorations

Add a pop of color and whimsy to your garden with oversized crepe paper flowers. These stunning blooms can be crafted in various shapes and hues, mimicking the vibrancy of real garden flowers. Hang them from awnings or pergolas to create eye-catching focal points, or arrange them in clusters to create a backdrop for photos. Mix and match colors of candles to add depth and visual interest to your décor.

Welcome Sign

Wild Flower Welcome Sign

Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers Decor

Using moss balls can also add a touch of the forest to your decor. You can display these green baubles in decorative bowls for table centerpieces or hang them from the branches of a tree. To make them even more visually exciting and tie them into your overall theme, consider adding small floral accents or ribbons.

Add an eco-friendly touch to your decor with seed paper confetti. This cute embellishment is also a sustainable party favor. Sprinkle it along pathways or on tabletops to create a beautiful and biodegradable accent that celebrates the beauty of nature.

Guests can take home seed paper confetti to plant in their gardens. They can watch it blossom into vibrant wildflowers, which will serve as a lasting reminder of the joyous occasion shared in the garden.

Moss Balls

Moss Balls

Seed Paper Confetti

Seed Paper Confetti

Food Fit for a Garden Party

Delight your guests with a spread of garden-inspired cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds. Consider serving an assortment of fresh salads, finger sandwiches, and fruit platters featuring seasonal produce. Keep in theme with this recipe for mini pizza roses! Don’t forget to cater to dietary restrictions and preferences, offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options as needed.

Spring Canapes

Spring Canapes

Mini Pizza Roses

Mini Pizza Roses

Creamy Cucumber Pasta Salad

cucumber pasta salad

And of course, no garden bridal shower would be complete without an array of decadent treats on the dessert table, from cakes with edible flowers and butterflies to floral-infused mousses and creams.

Edible Wafer Floral Toppers

Croquet Game Set

Strawberry Rhubarb Cheesecake Cups


Lilac Whipped Cream

Lilac Whipped Cream

Perfect Drinks for a Garden Bridal Shower

Quench guests’ thirst with a selection of refreshing beverages that complement the garden theme. Elevate the options with herbal teas, fruit-infused water, and sparkling lemonades served in teacups or vintage glassware. 

For those who enjoy alcoholic beverages, consider crafting a signature cocktail inspired by garden ingredients such as lavender, cucumber, or rosemary. Create a station where guests can customize their own drinks with an assortment of fresh fruit and garnishes.

Show off the art of slow brewing with Sun Teas, a delicious and refreshing addition to your garden bridal shower beverage menu. Harness the power of the sunshine to gently infuse water with the subtle aromas of tea, fruit, and herbal infusions. Offer a variety of sun tea blends, such as green tea infused with citrus, hibiscus tea with berries, or cucumber water with mint. 

To make sun tea, allow the tea to steep in a glass pitcher or mason jar placed in direct sunlight for several hours. Then, chill it before serving over ice with fresh fruit garnishes. You and your guests can sip and savor this sun-kissed brew while enjoying the tranquil ambiance of the garden.

By incorporating these unique drink offerings you’ll create a beverage menu that caters to every guest’s palate and enhances the overall garden theme of your bridal shower. 

Lavender/Floral Lemonade

Floral Ice Bucket DIY

Floral Ice Bucket

MODERN MOH TIP: Elevate your drinks station with a Floral Ice Bucket DIY. Gorgeous to look at and easy to make! 

Bridal Shower Games for the Garden

Make your bridal shower garden party lively with engaging garden-themed games for all ages. 

Try Musical Bouquet: Guests form a circle, passing a bouquet while music plays. When the music stops, whoever holds the bouquet is out, continuing until one winner remains. 

For added fun, host a timeless game of croquet amidst the garden’s beauty. Set up a court with hoops, mallets, and colorful balls. Guests can play in teams, navigating obstacles like potted plants and garden gnomes. Croquet adds classic charm and friendly competition to your celebration.

This pairs well with our selection of classic bridal shower games from our Greenery collection, that will cater to all activity levels.

Greenery Collection

Croquet Game Set

Croquet Game Set

DIY Flower Bar

DIY Flower Bar

Garden Bridal Shower Game Prizes

Reward your guests’ enthusiasm with charming shower game prizes that evoke the essence of gardening and relaxation. Consider botanical-themed items such as perfume samples or candles infused with floral fragrances. 

Perhaps opt for botanical or garden puzzles that can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation. Or consider giving a personalized floral mug along with a special tea blend as a sweet memento of your garden bridal shower.

Painted Taper Candles

Painted Taper Candles

Wildflower Puzzle

Wildflower Puzzle

Favors From a Garden Wedding Shower

Delight your guests with favors that capture the beauty and sustainability of the garden. You can choose from an array of items such as miniature succulents, or seedling kits and wildflower seed packets.

Provide a sustainable touch to their drinking experience with elegant glass reusable straws, and offer practical wine bottle stoppers for preserving cherished memories (and wine!). And you can never go wrong with candles. 

Don’t forget to include a heartfelt thank-you note to express your appreciation for their presence and support, along with warm wishes for the bride-to-be’s future happiness.

Glass Straws

Glass Straws

Wine Bottle Stoppers


Gifts for a Garden Bride-to-be

When choosing gifts for the bride-to-be, try to find presents that match her individual personality and hopes for married life. Direct guests to check the bridal registry to ensure that the couple receives gifts that they truly want and will treasure for a long time. 

For some garden-themed gift ideas, consider a beautifully designed daisy picture frame to help preserve precious memories. Alternatively, you could go with a floral handmade journal so she can record all of her experiences of the wedding and honeymoon. 

Each gift should reflect the love and joy shared on this special occasion, leaving the bride a treasured reminder of the love and support surrounding her as she begins this new chapter in her life.

MODERN MOH TIP: If you’re looking for a great gift idea for the bride-to-be, why not consider getting everyone to chip in for a group gift or putting together a garden-themed gift basket filled with items that match her interests and hobbies? 

Floral Photo Frame

Garden Photo Frame

Handmade Journal

Floral Journal

Garden Party Outfit Inspiration

Hosting a garden party-themed bridal shower is a wonderful opportunity to showcase outfits that perfectly complement the occasion. Imagine your guests donning flowing sundresses, in vibrant colors that echo the blossoms of the garden, or embellished with delicate florals and whimsical patterns. 

Light Blue

Light Blue Floral Dress

Taupe Floral

Taupe Floral Dress

Ivory Floral

Ivory Floral Dress

Depending on the level of elaboration desired, we suggest including sunhats, handkerchiefs or gloves for an added touch of flair.  For a day filled with warmth and love, prepare your guests to bask in the joyful atmosphere by inviting them to don their favorite sun hat and slip into their most beautiful garden attire!

Oversized Hat

Oversized Hat

Botanical Scarf

Botanical Scarf

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a garden-themed bridal shower for?

A garden-themed bridal shower is ideal for brides-to-be who have a love for nature and appreciate the beauty of outdoor settings, and maybe had tea parties as a child. It’s for those who envision their special day surrounded by blooming flowers, lush greenery, and the serene ambiance of a garden.

When should you have a garden bridal shower?

A garden bridal shower is typically scheduled during the spring or summer months when the weather is most favorable for outdoor events. This timing allows guests to fully enjoy the beauty of the garden setting, with flowers in bloom and the sun casting a warm glow.

Additionally, holding the shower during these seasons provides flexibility for planning activities and decorations that align with the natural surroundings.

Where can you have a garden-themed wedding shower?

A garden-themed bridal shower can be hosted in various outdoor locations such as botanical gardens, private gardens, parks, or even in the backyard of a friend or family member’s home. Remember to have a rain plan, just in case.

Garden Bridal Shower in a Backyard Garden
Garden Bridal Shower in a Private Garden

Final Thoughts …

A garden party bridal shower offers a beautiful opportunity to celebrate love, friendship, and the splendor of nature. Every aspect of the event can be personalized to craft an unforgettable experience for the bride-to-be and her guests. 

Infusing the essence of the garden into every detail fosters an atmosphere of enchantment that lingers long after the celebration ends. Gather your loved ones amidst blooming flowers and create cherished memories that will endure for a lifetime.

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9 Big Ideas for a Stunning Garden Party Bridal Shower9 Big Ideas for a Stunning Garden Party Bridal Shower9 Big Ideas for a Stunning Garden Party Bridal Shower

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