When it comes to hosting a modern-day bridal shower, you can never go wrong with a classic brunch theme. Don’t believe us? Well too bad, ‘cause we did the research and the results are in… breakfast + bubbles + bloodys= bomb.com! Seriously, facts are facts my friend. So, if you wanna be the GMOHOAT (greatest maid of honor of all time), throw your bestie a boozy brunch-themed bridal shower. Now that we’ve convinced you, let us show you how. From invitations and decorations to food, favors, games, and gifts, we’ve covered everything you need to know in eight easy steps.

bridal shower brunch invitation

1. Invitations

The first step in nailing this theme is to send out invitations letting guests know to expect a brunch-style shower. As I’m sure you’re familiar with Etsy (and the internet in general), you know there are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from. After doing some searching, we’ve narrowed down the two most popular phrases to be “Bridal Brunch” and “Brunch & Bubbly”. Since we can’t do the picking for you, check out a ton of cute options here.bridal shower brunch balloons

2. Decorations

One of the most important parts of any bridal shower is the decor, but it’s especially important for this particular theme. Lucky for you, there is no shortage of brunch-related decorations. Keep the fun phrases going with a bridal brunch or brunch & bubbly banner or switch it up with these let’s brunch balloons. Not one for catchy phrases? Then this giant champagne balloon pack might be just your thing. Finish it all off with this flute-shaped confetti and you’ve got everything you need! P.S. Add some ‘decoration’ to your photos by creating a custom bridal shower Snapchat filter (find out how here!)bridal shower game

3. Games

When it comes to hosting a brunch-themed bridal shower, feel free to skip the generic games and opt in for something that packs a little more punch. And by ‘packs a little more punch’ we’re talking about prosecco pong. Never heard of it? Yeah us either, but we want to seriously thank whoever came up with the idea. Let’s be real, everyone loves a competitive round of beer pong or two, but it’s not quite bridal shower appropriate. Prosecco pong, however, totally is. And if your guests aren’t really the drinking game type, how about playing  good ol’ fashioned ring toss? The best part about this brunch-themed game is that it doubles as a DIY project. Check out how to assemble it here.

4. Game Prizes

If you’re going to have brunch-themed games, then you’re gonna have to have brunch-themed game prizes to match. Keep it simple by putting together a coffee care package that includes a cute mug (like this love you a brunch option) and a bag of Starbucks breakfast blend. Or get a little boozy with it by giving out Bloody Mary in a jar kits (another fun DIY project!). Fun tip: You can do the same thing with mimosas- champagne split, OJ, and a mini Grand Marnier are all you need!

5. Food

The key to any successful bridal shower brunch is to have bangin’ food…and holy moly are there plenty of options to choose from. We love these baked French toast sticks as a quick and cute (and cheap!) finger-food choice or these mini chicken and waffle sliders for a southern-style selection. Get a little fancy with it by serving mini breakfast quiche– able to be made in 4 yummy ways- and if you’re serving dessert, these champagne cupcakes are an absolute must. P.S. Want to save yourself the time and money of having to make a bunch of brunch? Check out our four fun DIY breakfast food bars!

6. Drinks

Ok, food is important and all that, but the drinks are really where the fun begins. Get your guests buzzing with energy by setting up a DIY coffee bar (we love this “You’ve Warmed My Heart” theme) or appeal to their inner child with this easy hot cocoa bar. Because there is no such thing as brunch without bubbly, a DIY mimosa bar is total requirement (we’ll walk you step-by-step through the setup here). Pro tip: Take your booze bar game to the next level by featuring a build your own Bloody Mary station as well.

7. Favors

No good bridal shower brunch is complete without some festive favors. Keep it yummy with edible options like these unbelievably adorable coffee and donut cookies or these personalized chocolate covered graham crackers. Stick to the bubbly theme by decorating champagne splits with these fun personalized labels or send guests home with a to-go mimosa in the form of these lip balms. Really want to show off how clever you are? OPI makes a nail polish called “Be There in a Prosecco” (see what we did there?)

8. Gifts

Last but certainly not least, you must get a brunch-themed gift for your bride. If her and her future hubby like to spend their weekends out and about, keep it simple by grabbing a few gift cards to their most-frequented local brunch spots. If the couple are more the homebody type, get creative with it by having guests contribute to a personalized recipe book (check out this article to see how) filled with their favorite breakfast and brunch meals. Pro-tip: Do both! That way the couple can celebrate however they choose.


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Hi, I’m Megan-the voice behind Modern MOH! I was blessed enough to be the maid of honor for both of my besties, who just so happened to get married six months apart. It was my first time as a bridesmaid (let alone a MOH!) and I had no idea what I was doing, so I turned to BFF #3- the internet. It didn’t take me long to realize how little content had been written about being a maid of honor. This struck me as odd, not to mention unfair, considering there are a gazillion and one sites specifically for brides (WeddingWire, The Knot, Brides... just to name a few). So, long story short, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create Modern MOH. I’ve designed this blog to be a one-stop shop for all your maid of honor needs, including some real s#*! no one else will tell you. My goal is to help anyone struggling in their quest to find the answers to their questions, as well as the confidence it takes to be the GMOHOAT (greatest maid of honor of all time).

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