9 Fun and Fabulous Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas

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Save the late-night partying for the bachelorette bash, the bridal shower is the perfect excuse for a traditional tea party! From cute cupcakes to scrummy scones, delightful décor to goofy games, it’s time to raise your china cup and toast the bride-to-be. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve brewed 9 top tea party bridal shower ideas just for you.

So grab a cuppa, and settle in for some tea-riffic inspiration!

Bridal Shower Tea Party Decorations

Create the perfect setting for your tea party by transforming a space with backdrops, signs, and other bridal shower decorations. Depending on the bride-to-be’s tastes you could go for a classy affair complete with a fine bone china tea set, or something more casual.

You can even choose a theme, such as an Alice in Wonderland-themed party, after all as the Mad Hatter tells us, it’s “always time for tea…

A backdrop can help define your space, and provide bridal shower guests with a wealth of photo opportunities. Purchase a sturdy frame and embellish it yourself with tulle, flowers, etc. You can even hang decorative teacups and spoons to enhance your bridal shower tea party theme!

As another backdrop option, you invest in sheer drapes with pretty light for an elegant illuminated look.

MODERN MOH TIP: If you’re after a frame for an outdoor tea party go for one that’s rust-proof, strong, and has a sturdy base.

Iron Circles Backdrop

ron circles backdrop from Wayfair

Champagne Tulle Curtain Backdrop

Champagne Tulle Curtain Backdrop

Welcome guests to your tea party themed bridal shower with a decorative sign. Splash out on a customized board with a striking design and a greeting to suit e.g. “This way for tea with the Bride-to-Be.”  

If you’re on a tight budget pick up a few chalkboards or mirrors and add your fave tea quotes e.g. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing.” – Author unknown.

Balloons and banners are the perfect accompaniment to a tea party bridal shower. Get the par-tea started with some themed balloon banners. Hang a few “Mr & Mrs” Banners whilst you’re at it too – look out for customized banners that allow you to add photographs.

Setting the Table for Bridal Shower Tea Party

Afternoon tea is traditionally a sit-down affair, so make sure everyone has a comfy chair and place at the table. Warm and welcoming is the way to go, so dress your tables to impress.

Tablecloths and napkins scream sophisticated, especially if you team napkins with personalized rings bearing the bride-and-groom-to-be’s initials. 

For a traditional tea party opt for china teapots, cups, and saucers in a style to suit the bride-to-be, be that understated sophistication, floral and pastels, or patterns and chintz. Tiered cake stands work well to add an artisan feel, or you can arrange food on large platters.

62 Party Tableware Set

62 Party Tableware Set from Kate Aspen

Cardboard Cake Stand

Cardboard Cake Stand

Usually, we would recommend adding a centerpiece, however we want the food and tea to take center stage here and wouldn’t want to clutter the table.

However, don’t forget to add place settings so guests know where to sit. You can buy themed ones, or make these yourself by writing names on cards and attaching them to tea cups or bags! You can scatter the table with petals or confetti if you like too.

Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal shower invitations are typically sent out around 4-6 weeks beforehand and should include the date and time of the event, location, and gift information. Choose tea party-inspired invitations so your guests know what to expect – an afternoon of tea-licious fun!

Tasty Bridal Shower Tea Party Treats

A traditional tea party boasts an array of tasty treats alongside the customary tea.

Fill your tables with dainty sandwiches with flavorsome fillings such as egg and cress, smoked salmon, ham and mustard, etc. Add a selection of scones (don’t forget the jam and cream) and top it all off with yummy cakes, cookies, petit fours, and macaroons.

If you like the idea of offering something more substantial you can include other offerings such as chips and dips, pasta, salads, quiche, cheese and biscuits, fruit plates, etc. 

You can wow your guests with a bridal shower cake too, get one made, buy one from a store, or be brave and bake your own and top it with the amazing teapot cake topper below!

Traditional English Tea Sandwiches

Traditional English Tea Sandwiches

Scone Bundle

Stonewall Kitchen Gift Bundle Set

Pink Ombre Macarons

Pink Ombre Macarons with letter monogram

Tea Party Cake Topper

Tea Party Cake Topper

Wedding Shower Tea Party Drinks

Fancy a cuppa? You’ll need plenty of tea for your party. If it’s a small gathering you can brew loose leaves, but for a larger party it’s best to use teabags. Teapots look very effective and will provide a ceremonial feel, but kettles and urns might be better for a larger bash to make sure you don’t run out of hot water.

Tea-wise, there’s so much to choose from, including regal Earl Grey as well as fruity, herbal, green, mint, and decaffeinated teas. Don’t be afraid to include coffee – tea isn’t for everyone! 

You can offer soft drinks and alcohol too. Fizz always goes down well, especially for a toast, and a punch or iced-tea would no doubt be welcomed by your “tea”-totaling guests too.

Tea Party-Themed Bridal Shower Games

It might not be as raucous as a bachelorette bash, but you can still stir things up with a few games and lots of fun. You don’t have to do games at a bridal tea, as you’ll be busy enjoying the refreshments, but if you decide to add some in there are some great options.

You can buy a range of ready-made games designed to raise a smile, such as Bridal Shower Bingo and Guess the Number of Kisses in the Jar.

If you’re on a budget have a go at making your own game or check out freebie online printables. You could even add in a tea-themed quiz such as “Guess the tea flavor,” or a silly game to break the ice e.g. sugar cube tower. For this, you’ll need lots of sugar cubes and a timer.  Each player has 60 seconds to build a sugar cube tower – and the tallest tower wins a prize.

Greenery Printables

Greenery Bundle Sale

Modern MOH Free Printables

Bridal Shower Bingo

Tea Party Printable Bingo Cards

Tea Party Printable Bingo Cards

Tea-themed Prizes for the Winners!

If you’re going to play a few games, you’ll need some prizes for the lucky winners. There are plenty of great options including a bottle of wine, chocs, lip-gloss, or a scented candle. Otherwise, stay on topic with a tea-based gift, such as teabags with personalized labels, or a tea set for one.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas for Fabulous Favors

It’s customary to provide take-home gifts for bridal shower guests, as a keepsake of a memorable occasion. You can keep to the theme with a tea-inspired gift such as a personalized cup, or tea bag caddy, or send them home with a cute candle, bath bomb, or bag of sweeties.

Goodies & Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

As the name suggests, a bridal shower involves showering the bride-to-be with lovely gifts. However, things are often a bit different with a bridal tea or luncheon. Oftentimes, gifts aren’t expected at these events. As such, you may want to provide some sort of guidance either way on the invitation.

If gifts are the way you’re going, there are some fun tea party-themed items you can get, such as some herbal teas, or gorgeous and unique blooming teas.

Alternatively, how about a joint present for the happy couple to enjoy together? You can’t go wrong with something from The Adventure Challenge or help the bride prepare for the big day with a gift box from Miss to Mrs. or A gift or experience that they’ll both love – perhaps an afternoon tea at a swish hotel?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve given you a few tea party bridal shower ideas to think about, but here are a few FAQs for you too:

Who is a tea party-themed bridal shower for?

Timeless and elegant, a tea party bridal shower will best suit a chic bride-to-be seeking a stylish celebration with a relaxed vibe.

When should you have a tea party bridal shower?

Most brides-to-be hold their bridal shower between two weeks and two months before their wedding, and a tea party works well whatever the season.

In the Summer you can take your party outside and enjoy the sunshine – maybe add a few additional cold drinks and iced tea options. In the colder months opt for a cozy tea party by a roaring fire and warm up with a broader selection of hot drinks.

Where can you have a tea party themed wedding shower?

You can hold a bridal shower tea party at the home of the maid of honor, mother of the bride, or another friend or relative’s pad.  Alternatively, head to a restaurant or hotel for afternoon tea, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Wrapping up … Time for Tea with the Bride to Be

From the craziness of the Mad Hatter’s gathering to a royal jamboree fit for a queen, a tea party is the perfect way to celebrate. With so many tea party bridal shower ideas you’ll need to choose a bridal shower theme or style to suit the bride-to-be and bridal party.

There’s plenty to do when you’re organizing a bridal shower tea party, from decorations to food and drink, games and prizes. No doubt you’ll be mul-tea-tasking, so draw up a checklist to make sure you brew the perfect event.

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9 Fun and Fabulous Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas9 Fun and Fabulous Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas9 Fun and Fabulous Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas

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