13 Bridesmaid Gifts That Double As Wedding Day Accessories

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When it comes to choosing the best bridesmaid gifts for your group of girls, you should select something that has just the right combination of thoughtfulness and practicality.

A touch of thoughtfulness to show your gratitude for all they’ve done to make your big day so special, with a pinch of practicality to ensure these gifts serve a purpose long after you’ve exchanged vows.

To help you find the perfect pick, we’re rounding up our top choices broken down into five categories. From wearable to portable, we’ve got thirteen great bridesmaid gifts that we guarantee your girls will love!

Getting Ready Outfits

Chances are you’ll want to get glammed up with your girls while wearing matching outfits, so why not have them double as bridesmaid gifts? Even better, these fashionable finds make for great getting-ready photos! 


Who doesn’t love the look of wedding morning robes? We certainly do, and we promise your bridesmaids will too! From floral patterns to lacy trims, the only issue you’ll have is deciding on just one style.

Our top picks:


If you’re looking for a cozier vibe on wedding morning, opt for giving your girls a stylish set of bridesmaid pajamas. From silky satin to fuzzy flannel, there is certainly no shortage of cute and comfy choices.

Our top picks:

Bridesmaid Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular pick for bridesmaid gifts and for a good reason. Not only can it be worn as an accessory on wedding day, but it’s also a timeless trinket that your girls can continue to wear for years to come.  


Add just the right amount of bling to your bridesmaids’ ensemble by giving your girls matching necklaces. From the metals and gemstones to personalized touches, you’ll get to customize your choice down to the last detail.

Our top picks:


A special set of bridesmaid earrings makes for a cute keepsake that will be cherished long after your big day is over. From studs and hoops to dangles and drops, there’s a pair for every bridal party.

Our top picks:


Why not give you girls a piece of jewelry that literally symbolizes friendship? From pearls and charms to chains and cuffs, the options for bridesmaid bracelets are as endless as the classic love knot!

Our top picks:

Wedding Morning Footwear

When it comes to wedding morning outfits, you can’t forget the footwear! These fun finds are as cute as they are cheap, making them the perfect pick for bridesmaid gifts.


Not only do slippers keep your feet comfy and cozy while getting glammed up, but they also look adorable in your getting-ready photos! From personalized pairs to fuzzy finds, there is an unlimited assortment of styles to choose from.

Our top picks:


Skip the slippers and go with a classic pair of bridesmaid socks! From grippy bottoms to fuzzy fabrics, you’ll have complete control over choosing the color, length, and personalized packaging for your gifts.

Our top picks:

Flip Flops

Whether you’re getting married on the beach or in the warm months of summer, flip flops make for a practical gift that can be worn while getting ready and again while dancing the night away. All you have to do is pick your favorite pair!

Our top picks:

Bridesmaid Bags

Your bridal party will have lots of personal belongings to carry around on the big day, so help them out by giving personalized bags as bridesmaid gifts. Planning to give out multiple gifts? These bags make for the perfect packaging to do so!

Makeup Bags

There will be plenty of touching up during a long wedding day and night, so do you girls a favor by giving them makeup bags to hold all the essentials. From cotton and canvas to velvet and leather, you’ll have your choice of fabric and customization.

Our top picks:

Tote Bags

If a small bag just won’t cut it, consider giving out bridesmaid tote bags instead. Perfect for holding larger items like shoes or a change of clothes, we guarantee these bags will not go unused after your big day is over.

Our top picks:


Functional, practical, and (most importantly) affordable, bridesmaid clutches make for the perfect bridal party gift, accessory for the big day, or a combination of both! From acrylic to velvet, there are so many unique styles to choose from.

Our top picks:

Personalized Drinkware

From sipping cocktails at the bachelorette party to staying hydrated while getting ready on wedding morning, your girls will get a ton of use out of these bridesmaid gifts before, during, and long after your big day.


Whether they’re drinking water, coffee, or a boozy beverage, your girls will never go thirsty with the gift of personalized tumblers. From acrylic to stainless steel, there are infinite combinations of color, size, and style. All you have to do is decide!

Our top picks:

Wine Glasses

There will be plenty of celebratory drinks to be had, so wine-ot give your girls a custom cup to cheers with? From pretty and personalized to stylish and stemless, you’ll have your pick of bridesmaid wine glasses.

Our top picks:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you spend on bridesmaid gifts?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on your overall budget. While some brides may spend over $100 per bridesmaid, others may opt to spend half that (or less). 

Just remember that your girls did not say yes to standing by your side only to receive a gift, so don’t feel pressured to spend more than you are comfortable with.

What accessories does a bridesmaid need?

Typically bridesmaids will accessorize with a single piece or set of jewelry- like earrings and a bracelet, or a necklace and earrings.

You can also use bridesmaid gifts like robes and slippers as accessories during your getting-ready photos. 

Do you have to give the same bridesmaid gifts?

No, you don’t have to give your bridesmaids the same gift, but it makes it easier for you if you do.

The only exception would be to give your maid of honor a little something extra as she deserves to be recognized for the additional work she is putting in to make your big day so special.

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13 Bridesmaid Gifts That Double As Wedding Day Accessories13 Bridesmaid Gifts That Double As Wedding Day Accessories13 Bridesmaid Gifts That Double As Wedding Day Accessories

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