9 Bridesmaid Socks for a Comfy Wedding Morning

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Make sure your girls’ feet stay warm and cozy on wedding morning by gifting them a cute pair of bridesmaid socks!

Not only are socks an inexpensive way to say thank you for everything they’ve done to make your big day so special, but they are also an adorable accessory that adds to your getting-ready photos.

Whether you’re looking for grippy bottoms or fuzzy fabric, we’ve got nine great pairs of bridesmaid socks to choose from! As an added bonus, we’re also answering some frequently asked questions about these bridal party accessories.

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Grippy Bridesmaid Socks

While socks may be cozy, they can also be very slippery. Save your girls from any potential spills by giving them a pair of these grippy bridesmaid socks.

Cursive Grippy Socks

Available in black, charcoal, or salt and pepper, these striped cursive grippy socks are as cute as they are comfortable. Even better, you can choose from one of ten sock band design options for a personalized touch.

Script Grippy Socks

Similar to the previous pair, these script grippy bridesmaid socks are available in gray, charcoal, and white, and feature a striped band. You can also choose from multiple bridal party text titles and one of four wrap design options.

Colorful Grippy Socks

Switch it up from the basic black and white options, and go with a colorful pair instead. These striped socks are available in sage green, dusty rose, navy blue, burgundy, and black, and are perfect to match your wedding colors!

Fuzzy Bridesmaid Socks

If pure comfort is what you’re going for, then you won’t go wrong with these fuzzy bridesmaid socks.

White Fuzzy Socks

Soft, fluffy, and comfy, these white fuzzy bridesmaid socks are the perfect pair for wedding morning! With the wording on the top of the foot, they’re a great alternative to the typical bottom-of-the-foot script and make for a unique photo opportunity.

Multi-Color Fuzzy Socks

If you’re looking for a bit more color in your fuzzy socks, these multi-color pairs are the perfect pick. Available in seven fun color combos, these bridesmaid socks even come ready to gift in a pretty gift box!

Custom Fuzzy Socks

This final option combines color and customization, making it an extra special gift for your girls. Made of soft and fuzzy fleece, these socks come in 13 different colors and can be customized with your bridesmaid’s initials in 11 thread colors.

Unique Bridal Party Socks

Looking for socks that are out of the box? These unique pairs pack a little more punch!

Knee-High Socks

We love the clean white look of these knee-high bridesmaid socks. Made of soft cotton and black vinyl print, this pair can be worn at full length or scrunched down for an old-school leg warmer look.

Retro Tube Socks

Speaking of old school, these retro tube socks are totally unique and so fun! Available in white with pink stripes or pink with white stripes, these bridesmaid socks are sure to make a statement in your getting-ready photos.

Heart Crew Socks

Last but certainly not least, these adorable heart crew socks come packaged in a personalized I Do Crew label for an extra special touch. Available in white or pink, these bridesmaid socks are as pretty as they are comfy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who buys the bridesmaid socks?

Usually, the bride will purchase the socks for her bridesmaids as a thank you gift. If the bride doesn’t want to buy these accessories, then she should not make them a mandatory part of their wedding morning wardrobe.  

Do bridesmaids have to wear the same socks?

No, the bridesmaids don’t have to wear the same socks, but it makes more sense if they do. Not only can many of these options be purchased in bulk for an overall lower price, wearing matching socks makes for much better getting-ready photos.

What can bridesmaids wear instead of socks?

If socks aren’t the look you’re going for, then consider purchasing your bridesmaids matching slippers instead. While these may be more expensive than socks, they are just as (if not even more so) comfy of an option!

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9 Bridesmaid Socks for a Comfy Wedding Morning9 Bridesmaid Socks for a Comfy Wedding Morning9 Bridesmaid Socks for a Comfy Wedding Morning

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