16 Bridesmaid Tumblers They’ll Use Again and Again

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From sipping cocktails at the bachelorette party to staying hydrated while getting ready on wedding morning, your girls will get a ton of use out of their bridesmaid tumblers before, during, and long after your big day.

Not only are these personalized tumblers a great way to say thank you to your bridal party for all they’ve done to make your wedding journey so special, but they’re also affordable enough to be part of a larger gift set or proposal box!

To help you decide which bridesmaid tumblers are best for your group of girls, we’ve hand-picked sixteen awesome options broken down into four easy categories. As an added bonus, we’re answering some frequently asked questions about these accessories.

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Acrylic Bridesmaid Tumblers

Lightweight yet durable, these acrylic bridesmaid tumblers are as cute as they are cost-effective.

Vinyl Script Tumblers

This double wall 24 oz tumbler comes complete with a matching lid and reusable straw in four beautiful matte colors. Complete your customization by choosing between 18 vinyl colors and two pretty script fonts.

Clear Skinny Tumblers

This clear, 16 oz skinny tumbler can be personalized with your bridesmaids’ names in 26 different vinyl colors and 12 fun fonts. For an additional small fee, you can even add a matching bow to be tied to the straw!

Pastel Matte Tumblers

Have your pick of the pastel rainbow with these 16 oz matte bridesmaid tumblers. Choose from one of 10 pretty colors and between 16 cute fonts to create a gift your girls will continue using for years to come.

Holographic Vinyl Tumblers

These 18 oz acrylic tumblers offer the most custom options with 10 tumbler colors, 27 vinyl colors, and 23 font choices. You can also choose to feature up to 5 words on the front or have up to 6 words printed between the front and back.

Stainless Steel Bridesmaid Tumblers

High quality and super stylish, these stainless steel bridesmaid tumblers are guaranteed to be used again and again.

First Name + Title Tumblers

These 20 oz stainless steel tumblers can feature not only your girls’ first names but also their official bridal party titles. Available in 11 tumbler colors, over 50 vinyl colors, and 70 font choices, there is no lack of customization.

UV Printed Tumblers

These 20 oz UV printed bridesmaid tumblers are available in 21 pretty colors, 42 print colors, and 29 font choices. This shop also gives you the option to add a second line of text if you want to feature a title or wedding or bachelorette hashtag.

Matte + Glitter Tumblers

Made of high-quality stainless steel, these 20 oz tumblers come in 25 different colors and patterns. Choose between 32 text colors and 13 fonts to create the perfect custom combination for your bridesmaids.

Patterned Tumblers

These 20 oz stainless steel tumblers come in over 30 different colors and patterns for a totally unique look! You can even choose to feature a second line of text to include bridal party titles or fun sayings.

Bridesmaid Wine Tumblers

Perfect for sipping wedding morning mimosas, these bridesmaid wine tumblers are the gift that keeps on giving.

Custom Printed Wine Tumblers

Sip in style with these 12 oz bridesmaid wine tumblers. Available in 16 cute colors, these cups come custom printed with your girls first names in one of 11 fonts and 16 colors.

Glitter Wine Tumblers

Add a little sparkle to your gift with these 12 oz glitter wine tumblers available in 11 cute colors. With 24 vinyl colors and 12 fonts to choose from, you’ll have your pick of personalization.

Monogram Wine Tumblers

Feature your bridesmaids’ monogram instead of their first name with these 12 oz stainless steel wine tumblers. Pick from six tumblers colors, then create a cool double shadow text by choosing two different vinyl colors.

Champagne Flute Tumblers

If your girls are bubbly lovers, then these 6 oz champagne flute tumblers are the choice for you! Choose from four flute colors, 15 font colors, and two script styles.

Bridesmaid Coffee Tumblers

Skip the traditional tumblers and give your girls one of these one-of-a-kind coffee tumblers instead.

Frosted Glass Coffee Tumblers

These 16 oz bridesmaid coffee tumblers come in clear or frosted glass and include a bamboo lid and reusable straw. Add your girls’ names in one of three font choices and colors for a personal touch.

Engraved Coffee Tumblers

These 20 oz glass coffee tumblers feature a custom engraved silicone sleeve in 11 colors and four fonts. You can even choose to engrave the matching bamboo lid for a small additional fee.

Travel Coffee Tumblers

If you want to give your girls a coffee tumbler they can take on the go, this 16 oz travel mug is the pick for you! Available in 10 cute colors, this bridesmaid cup comes personalized with your girls’ names in a pretty script font.

Personalized Starbucks Tumblers

This final option is for all our Starbucks-loving brides! Give your girls their own personalized venti iced coffee cup complete with their first name and adorable heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who buys the bridesmaid tumblers?

The bridesmaid tumblers are typically bought by the bride as a thank you gift to her girls. The only time these tumblers should be purchased by the bridesmaids is if everyone agrees to split the cost as part of the bachelorette party accessories.

What other gifts can you pair with bridesmaid tumblers?

If you want your bridesmaid tumblers to be part of a larger gift, consider pairing them with a cute makeup or tote bag, a jewelry box or dish, or cozy socks or slippers. You could also fill them with smaller items like lip balm, hair ties, or sunglasses.

What can you give instead of bridesmaid tumblers?

Instead of bridesmaid tumblers, you can give your girls other types of drinkware like wine glasses, shot glasses, or coffee mugs. Other bridesmaid gift ideas include jewelry, bags, and getting ready outfits/accessories.

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16 Bridesmaid Tumblers They’ll Use Again and Again16 Bridesmaid Tumblers They’ll Use Again and Again16 Bridesmaid Tumblers They’ll Use Again and Again