10 Bridesmaid Bracelets They’ll Cherish Forever

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Of all the different bridal party accessories, bridesmaid bracelets are the only piece of jewelry that symbolizes friendship, making them the perfect gift to give your girls as a “thank you” for all they’ve done to make your wedding day so special. 

Not to mention, these tasteful trinkets add just the right amount of sparkle to your bridesmaids’ look without drawing too much attention away from their gorgeous gowns. A total win-win!

So stick around as we break down our top tips for choosing the best bridesmaid bracelets for your group and reveal our favorite finds based on type and feature.

How to Choose the Best Bridesmaid Bracelets

When looking for a bracelet that works best for your bridesmaids, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors before making your final decision, the first of which is your overall budget. While we can’t tell you what that exact number is or should be, what we can tell you is that purchasing a bracelet that your girls will want to wear again guarantees your money won’t go to waste.

Once you establish a budget that you are comfortable with, you’ll want to determine what you want your bridesmaid bracelets to look like, starting with the metal they are made of. While this decision is yours to make based on your personal preference, you should try your best to match these metals to your bridesmaid dress colors. A basic rule of thumb is to pair silver with cool tones and gold or rose gold with warm tones.

The final factor you’ll want to consider is the actual type of bracelet you are looking for. Popular styles include chain, tennis, charm, bar, cuff, and bangle. You’ll also want to decide if you want any distinguishing features like gemstones, engraving, or adjustable closures.

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Bridesmaid Bracelets by Type & Feature

To help you pick the perfect bracelet for your bridesmaids, we’ve narrowed it down to our ten favorite finds by type and feature.

Gold Bridesmaid Bracelet

When it comes to bridal party jewelry, you can never go wrong with a classic gold piece, and this dainty chain bracelet is no exception. Featuring duo Singapore twist chains lined with tiny beads, this gold bridesmaid bracelet comes packaged ready to gift in an elegant jewelry box. 

Silver Bridesmaid Bracelet

Looking for a silver bracelet for your bridesmaids? This chic option features a flat halo cubic zirconia gemstone and an adjustable slide clasp closure. For packaging, choose from one of thirteen different message card options and between a colored gift box or organza bag.

Pearl Bridesmaid Bracelet

If you’re a pearly girly just like us, then we’ve got the perfect pick for you! Featuring an 18k gold plated copper chain and natural freshwater pearls, this bridesmaid bracelet is as classic and beautiful as they come.

Engraved Bridesmaid Bracelet

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your bridesmaid bracelets? If so, engraving is a great way to do so. This cuff-style bracelet is available in gold, rose gold, or silver and can be engraved single or double-sided with anything from a personal message to custom coordinates.

Knot Bracelet for Bridesmaids

One of our favorite trends in bridesmaid jewelry is the tie the knot, or love knot, feature because it represents the love between the bride and groom, as well as her strong bond with her bridesmaids. This adjustable cuff-style knot bracelet is available in gold, rose gold, or silver and comes packaged in an eco-friendly gift box.

Tennis Bracelet for Bridesmaids

If bling is your thing, then this tennis bracelet has your name written all over it! Made with high quality cubic zirconia gemstones, this sparkly statement piece is available in gold or silver and can be purchased in three different lengths.

Bridesmaid Charm Bracelet

Did you own way too many Pandora bracelets at some point in your life? If you answered yes, then this bridesmaid charm bracelet is for you. Available in gold, rose gold, or silver, this throwback-style bracelet can be engraved with a personalized message in the font and placement of your choosing.

Initial Bracelet for Bridesmaids

Personalizing your bridal party jewelry with the bridesmaid’s first initial is a popular trend that we totally approve of. This particular pick features a chain-style bracelet with a hand-stamped centered round and is available in gold, rose gold, or silver.

Bar Bracelet for Bridesmaids

If minimalist, delicate, and classy are all words you’d like to describe your bridesmaid jewelry, then look no further. This gently curved bar bracelet can be personalized up to 20 characters, in a contemporary or classic font, and features a versatile slider style chain closure to ensure the perfect fit.

Bridesmaid Bangles

Not only are bangles a fun alternative to traditional bridesmaid bracelets, they’re popularity in everyday fashion guarantees that they’ll be reworn long after the big day. Handcrafted to the highest quality with a hammer finish, these bridesmaid bangles can be stacked together or worn individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the bridesmaid bracelets?

Typically, the bridesmaid bracelets are a gift from the bride, therefore are paid for by her. If the bride is not paying for the bracelets, and instead is expecting her bridal party to pay for their own, then she should be clear that they are not required, just welcomed.

Do bridesmaids have to wear the same bracelets?

No, bridesmaids do not all have to wear the same bracelet, though having one cohesive look makes sure there is no clashing or mismatching. It’s also much easier to pick one bracelet, as opposed to one necklace or pair of earrings, as you don’t have to worry about complementing the bridesmaid’s dress neckline or hairstyle.

Can bridesmaids wear a watch instead of a bracelet?

While there is no rule that says bridesmaids can’t wear a watch instead of a bracelet, it is not recommended from a fashion perspective. Not only do watches draw more attention than a delicate bracelet, they don’t match with the dressy nature of a bridesmaid gown.

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10 Bridesmaid Bracelets They’ll Cherish Forever10 Bridesmaid Bracelets They’ll Cherish Forever10 Bridesmaid Bracelets They’ll Cherish Forever

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