10 Bridesmaid Wine Glasses for Sipping in Style

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Whether it’s drinking rosé at the bachelorette party or sipping mimosas while getting ready on wedding morning, your girls will get a ton of use out of their bridesmaid wine glasses.

Aside from being an adorable addition to your bridesmaid proposal boxes, these custom wine glasses are also a wonderful way to thank your bridal party for all the effort they’ve put into making your wedding day so memorable.

From pretty and personalized to stylish and stemless, we’re breaking down our ten favorite bridesmaid wine glasses to gift your girls. As an added bonus, we’re answering three frequently asked questions about these accessories.

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Personalized Bridesmaid Wine Glasses

Personalization is key when giving any great gift, and bridesmaid wine glasses are no exception to this rule. Check out our five favorite finds based on style and feature:

Vinyl Script Wine Glasses

Keep it simple, yet stylish with these 13 oz vinyl script stemless wine glasses. Choose from 24 different font styles and over 60 vinyl colors to pull off the perfect look!

Etched Bridesmaid Wine Glasses

These 15 oz bridesmaid wine glasses feature custom etching in seven elegant styles, all of which include your girls’ first name or initial, their bridal party title, and the date of your big day.

Engraved Wine Glasses

These 17 oz wine glasses can be engraved with ten unique and totally different designs. Complete your customization by choosing between a metallic gold, silver, or rose gold color finish.

Gold Rim Wine Glasses

Add a little extra color to your gift with these 18 oz rose-tinted crystal wine glasses. This personalized pick features a gold rim that matches perfectly with the gold vinyl script!

Rose Gold Wine Glasses

Can’t get enough of the rose gold look? These 16 oz bridesmaid wine glasses feature a mirrored gradient finish and pretty white vinyl script.

Bridesmaid Wine Tumblers

Skip the traditional stemless glasses and go with insulated bridesmaid wine tumblers instead! Here are our top five personalized picks:

Vinyl Script Wine Tumblers

Sip in style with these 12 oz bridesmaid wine tumblers. Available in 16 cute colors, these cups come custom printed with your girls’ first names in one of 11 fonts and 16 colors.

Initial + First Name Wine Tumblers

These 12 oz wine tumblers come personalized with both your bridesmaids’ first names and initials. Choose from five cup colors, over 30 vinyl colors, and between three script font styles.

Name + Title Wine Tumblers

These 12 oz wine tumblers can feature not only your girls’ first names but also their official bridal party titles. Available in eight tumbler colors, 16 vinyl colors, and 40 font choices, there is no lack of customization.

Monogram Wine Tumblers

Feature your bridesmaids’ monogram instead of their first name with these 12 oz stainless steel wine tumblers. Pick from six tumblers colors, then create a cool double shadow text by choosing two different vinyl colors.

Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Tumblers

These 12 oz wine tumblers are as personalized as can be, making them the perfect pick to include in your bridesmaid proposal box. Choose from multiple skin tones and dress options plus hundreds of hairstyles for the most realistic look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who buys the bridesmaid wine glasses?

The bride is typically responsible for purchasing the wine glasses as a thank you gift for her girls. In some instances, the bridesmaids will pitch in to purchase their own glasses as part of a larger set of bachelorette party accessories. 

What other gifts can you pair with bridesmaid wine glasses?

We suggest pairing these glasses with a nice bottle of wine (bonus points for featuring a personalized label!) You could also fill them with smaller gifts like lip balm, hair ties, or compact mirrors.

What can you give instead of bridesmaid wine glasses?

Instead of wine glasses, you can give your girls other types of drinkware like skinny tumblers, shot glasses, or coffee mugs. Other bridesmaid gift ideas include jewelry, makeup/tote bags, and getting-ready outfits/accessories.

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10 Bridesmaid Wine Glasses for Sipping in Style10 Bridesmaid Wine Glasses for Sipping in Style10 Bridesmaid Wine Glasses for Sipping in Style

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