18 Bridesmaid Earrings They’ll Wear After the Big Day

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect bridal party accessories or just a thoughtful gift to say “thank you” to your best girls for standing by your side, a special set of bridesmaid earrings makes for a timeless token that will be cherished long after your big day is over. 

Not only are earrings a practical pick, as they’re the one piece of jewelry that’s most likely to be worn post-wedding, they’re also a simple yet classy way to pull your entire wedding party look together. Speaking of looks, it’s important to know exactly what you’re going for before you start your search for the perfect pair.

That’s why we’re dishing out our top tips for choosing the best bridesmaid earrings for your group and answering some frequently asked questions about the subject. As far as our favorite finds, we’ve got everything from simple studs and pretty pearls to dainty drops and stylish statements. 

How to Choose the Best Bridesmaid Earrings

When selecting the ideal pair of earrings for your bridesmaids, there are a variety of factors you’ll need to consider. For starters, what type of metal they will be made of and what, if any, color of gemstone they will feature. Secondly, what style of earring you are looking for (stud, hoop, drop, etc), and if your bridal party will be wearing the same pair or mixing and matching.

Before you make any final decisions, check out our top three tips for choosing the best bridesmaid earrings for your group: 

Match your metals and gemstones

Matching the metal material of the earrings to the color of your bridesmaid dresses is a fundamental factor when making this style decision. A basic rule of thumb when matching metals to clothing colors is to pair gold with warmer tones and silver with cooler tones (this applies to skin tones as well!) 

As for gemstones, most bridal party earrings feature a colorless diamond(s), typically cubic zirconia (CZ) for cost-effectiveness, as they match nearly all dress colors and styles. With that being said, some brides choose to feature a colored gemstone to tie in their additional wedding colors (e.g. matching the groomsmen’s suits or tie colors).

Consider the bridesmaid’s hairstyle

If you have a particular hairstyle in mind that you want your entire bridal party to wear, then choosing one style of earring to match should be relatively simple. Some common combinations include hair down with simple studs, half-up with hoops, and a full up-do with drop earrings.

If you’re letting your girls choose their own hairstyles, then picking one pair of earrings to complement different styles may prove more difficult. We suggest sticking to simple styles like studs or small hoops, as they work well with any look and are most likely to be worn again.

Complement the bride’s accessories

Our final tip when it comes to choosing the best bridesmaid earrings is to do your best to complement the bride’s own accessories. For example, if the bride will be wearing a teardrop necklace, then choose earrings with a teardrop stone, or opt for pearl studs to match the bride’s pearl hair clip.

Not only will these complementing accessories create one cohesive look, they represent an extra special bond between you and your girls on your big day.

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Gold Bridesmaid Earrings

When it comes to any piece of bridal party jewelry, you can never go wrong with a classic gold finish. This metal is both timeless and elegant, making it a great choice for those wanting a simple and chic look.

Love Knot Stud Earrings

What better way to celebrate you tying the knot than with your bridesmaids wearing these symbolic earrings as they stand by your side? These lightweight, minimalist love knot studs are made of 18k gold and come packaged in an elegant jewelry box. 

Tie the Knot Hoop Earrings

Looking for a set that’s not so subtle? These tie the knot hoop earrings are a fun alternative to the love knot stud earrings. Made of 18k gold, this pair comes complete with an adorable cotton gift bag that reads “I couldn’t tie the knot without you”.

Double Huggie Hoop Earrings

If you’re looking for gold bridesmaid earrings with a bit of bling, then this double huggie hoop pair is perfect for you. Featuring a CZ diamond pave setting, these 18k gold hoops are minimal yet eye-catching.

Silver Bridesmaid Earrings

Though not as common as its gold metal counterpart, silver is also a popular finish choice for bridal party jewelry. What we love most about silver bridesmaid earrings is that they typically feature diamonds, and you know what they say about diamonds!

Tie the Knot Stud Earrings

If you liked the gold love knot studs, you’ll love this silver pair that features cubic zirconia stones set pave-style. As a bonus, you’ll receive these mounted on an adorable message card and wrapped in the gift box or organza bag of your choosing.  

Teardrop CZ Earrings

For those looking for a little more glitz and glam, these teardrop earrings are the way to go. Made of cubic zirconia, these dangles come attached to a personalized message card and packaged in a ribbon-tied gift box. 

Delicate Dangle Earrings

These lightweight, long dangle earrings are the epitome of subtle statement and would pair perfectly with a pulled-back pony hairstyle. Made of solid sterling silver, this pick comes with a complimentary gift box and jewelry pouch.

Pearl Bridesmaid Earrings

If gold equals timeless and elegant, that makes pearls ever-lasting and exquisite. And though many dress colors do not go well with pearl bridesmaid earrings, the ones that do make for a pretty and polished picture.

Pearl Stud Earrings

Available in a gold, rose gold, or silver finish, these pearl studs feature just the right amount of elegance and bling. Even better, you can order a complete jewelry set by adding on a matching necklace, bracelet, or both.  

Beaded Mini Pearl Hoops

We just love the unique look of these dainty beaded mini pearl hoops that wrap perfectly around the ear for that subtle, sophisticated vibe. Complete with a jewelry card and gift box, these bridesmaid earrings will definitely be worn again and again!

Pearl Drop Earrings

These lightweight, long-wire pearl drop earrings are a cute combination of chic and trendy. When purchasing, you’ll get your pick of gold, rose gold, or silver wire, with six different shapes to choose from.

Bridesmaid Stud Earrings

For those who want their bridal party to be accessorized, but don’t want that jewelry to draw too much attention, opting for bridesmaid stud earrings is the perfect solution. This style also allows for you to combine different design elements and shapes to get your ideal look.

Round Halo Studs

Designed with a large round cubic zirconia surrounded by a halo of smaller CZs, these bridesmaid studs give the appearance of a cushion cut diamond. Pictured in silver, they can also be purchased with a gold or rose gold finish. 

Teardrop Stud Earrings

If you like the halo look, but want a more unique design, then these teardrop stud earrings are just what you need. Available in a gold, rose gold, or silver finish, these studs come complete with a personalized message card and ribbon-tied jewelry box.

Ivory Pearl Studs

And what if you like the halo look, but want a different center gemstone? Then look no further than these ivory pearl studs! Also available as white pearls with a gold or rose gold finish.

Bridesmaid Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are a popular pick when it comes to bridesmaid jewelry because they complement many hairstyles and dress necklines, making them a safe bet for bridal parties of all sizes. Even better, they go well with everyday fashion, so you know your girls will get repeated use out of them. 

CZ Drop Earrings

If you want your bridesmaid drop earrings to pack a punch, then these detailed dangles are the pick for you. Made of high-quality cubic zirconia, you can choose between a gold, rose gold, or silver finish.

Colored Crystal Teardrop Earrings

With over 20 crystal colors to choose from, these teardrop-shaped earrings are an excellent choice for any bride looking to incorporate her wedding colors into her bridesmaid jewelry. Pick from a gold, rose gold, or silver finish and six custom wire shapes.

Clear Crystal Teardrop Earrings

These clear crystal teardrop earrings are best for those wanting an understated look that will complement all dress colors and styles. With a center stone surrounded by a detailed gold plated frame, this pair can be fastened by four different hook options.

Bridesmaid Statement Earrings

Last, but certainly not least, are the biggest and boldest of them all: statement earrings. Designed to look exactly how they sound, this category of bridesmaid earrings is meant to be eye-catching and utterly unique.

Diamond Firework Earrings

Diamonds plus fireworks? Yes, please! These starburst statement earrings are total show-stoppers, just like your beautiful bridesmaids.

Ivory Leaf Earrings

Handcrafted from lightweight polymer clay, these one-of-a-kind ivory leaf earrings won’t go unnoticed (and neither will your thoughtfulness for giving your girls such a unique gift). 

Pearl Flower Earrings

If you haven’t caught on by now, we may have a slight bias towards pearls. That’s why we had to finish with these awesome pearl flower earrings, perfect for a garden or outdoor wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bridesmaids have to wear earrings?

No, bridesmaids are not required to wear earrings, or any jewelry at all. Whether they want to is a choice that needs to be made by both the bride and bridesmaid based on factors such as style preferences and overall budget.

Should bridesmaids wear the same earrings?

While bridesmaids don’t have to wear the exact same pair of earrings, they should all feature the same metal and gemstones. For example, you want to make sure that there’s no mixing of gold and silver, or one bridesmaid wearing a diamond while one wears a pearl.

Can I wear hoops as a bridesmaid?

There is no stylebook that says bridesmaids can’t wear hoops, though there are some general guidelines on the size these hoops should be. The decision on what style of earrings her bridesmaid will wear is ultimately up to the bride.

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18 Bridesmaid Earrings They’ll Wear After the Big Day18 Bridesmaid Earrings They’ll Wear After the Big Day18 Bridesmaid Earrings They’ll Wear After the Big Day

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