Let’s Raise a Toast to The Adventure Challenge!

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Here at Modern MOH, we love discovering companies that offer exciting products, and we’re eager to tell you about The Adventure Challenge. This innovative company creates adventure books filled with challenges designed to bring people together and create happy memories.

Every book contains scratch-off blocks, each containing unique activities and challenges to be completed by couples, groups of friends, or families – there’s even a solo edition if you need some “me time.”  

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the happy couple or special thank-you gifts for the bridal party, an Adventure Challenge could be just the thing. Let’s find out more and check out some of the great products on offer. And don’t forget to get 10% off your order by using the code MODERNMOH.

More about The Adventure Challenge

When Bryant Ellis came up with the initial concept of The Adventure Challenge, he couldn’t have imagined how successful it would become. Keen to spend quality time with friends, Ellis began dreaming up fun games and activities before coming up with the idea of compiling an adventure book containing random challenges.

Ellis teamed up with co-worker Ben Day in 2018 and the pair were able to get The Adventure Challenge off the ground, quickly attracting interest and gaining popularity. With a range of exciting products, Ellis and Day have achieved their quest to help partners, friends, and family to step outside their comfort zones and build stronger relationships.

The Adventure Challenge – How it Works

The concept is simple but very effective. Choose your favorite Adventure Challenge book and get started. Use code MODERNMOH to get a 10% discount on your order!

The main feature of The Adventure Challenge books is undoubtedly the scratch-off activity and challenge blocks, providing a level of excitement and anticipation. Each challenge provides clues, in the form of symbols, to help provide an insight into the type of challenge or activity you’re going to get in terms of where, when, and what.

This can help you choose the activity or prepare before you start. A few examples:

  • Where: The house indicates the challenge can be done at home, while a car tells you you’re going to have to go somewhere.
  • When: The sunshine specifies daytime activity, and the moon suggests nighttime fun. 
  • What: Cutlery means there will be grub and a wavy lines water icon implies you might get wet!

1. Pick an Activity

You can approach your challenge in a couple of ways. If you’re feeling spontaneous opt for the no take-backs option – you have to do the activity, no matter what it is!

If you prefer a more measured approach, use the clues to select the perfect activity.

Pick an activity or challenge

2. Scratch off a challenge block

Now the fun part! Scratch off the panel and see what challenge awaits!

Scratch off challenge block

3. Do the activity

With a wide range of activities and experiences available, you’ll never be stuck for something to do. Step out of your comfort zone, try exciting new activities, strengthen your relationships with your nearest and dearest, and make wonderful memories.

Do the challenge or activity

4. Record your experience

The Adventure Challenge book doubles as a journal. There are feature photo strips so you can affix Polaroid pictures depicting your adventures.  You will also find dedicated spaces to add notes – perfect for chronicling your exploits!

record your experience

What types of Adventure Challenge Books are there?

There’s a wide range of Adventure Challenge Books including editions for friends, families, solos, and couples. You can even buy bundles for double the fun e.g., a friends and family bundle, and books that come with Polaroid cameras too.

Today we’re going to focus on the offerings for couples, after all, we are a loved-up wedding website, so it would be rude not to! Let’s check out the key features of a handful of the top products.


Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

Time to step out of your comfort zone! Chowing down on Tom Yum at your fave Thai restaurant is lovely but maybe it’s time to shake date night up a little!

  • 50 scratch-off challenges, including a range of indoor, outdoor, exhilarating, and relaxing adventures. You might find yourselves taking a romantic stroll through a park, sharing a delicious slice of pie, or sampling wine at a vineyard.
  • Perfect for couples of all ages and life stages, from those who’ve recently coupled up to newlyweds and golden couples celebrating fifty glorious years of wedded bliss.
  • Budget Friendly. Challenges typically range from $0 to $50, but you’ll also find info on how tasks can be adapted to suit your budget.
  • Handy quick guide by each scratch-off box, giving you a heads-up as to whether the task will fit your budget and schedule
  • Bundle Up! Buy on its own or part of the Naughty and Nice Bundle – Couples Edition and In Bed Edition.

BRAND NEW … Couples Edition vol. 2!

It’s finally here! Inspired by 5 years of customer feedback, Volume 2 is now available to continue to add adventure and excitement to your date nights. So, what exactly is new?

  • 30 brand new scratch-off challenges
  • Secret Scratchers. Don’t tell your partner and surprise them with a special date night!
  • Most Loved. Be confident in a good time by choosing one of the adventures tested and voted best by hundreds of couples.
  • Extra Features. You’ll find fun additional content included to enhance your experience.
  • Available now for just $39.99

Couples Edition Camera Set

Make your memories last a lifetime by recording your adventures with this camera set! Includes the Couples Edition Adventure Challenge Book (see above for details) and Limited-Edition Lomography Signature Instant Camera for $157.98.

  • Award-winning LomoInstant camera provides professional quality photographs (camera batteries and Film NOT Included)
  • Camera boasts remote control lens cap, fully automatic shutter, colored gel filters, photo stands, and two shooting modes (auto mode or bulb mode for 30 seconds exposure) alongside other useful functions

Adventure Challenge …In Bed Edition

Spice up your bedroom antics and try out a range of fun and sexy adventures designed to gratify and satisfy.

  • 50 scratch-off challenges featuring flirty games and erotic activities designed to help you explore new sexual habits, build a deeper connection, and create memories
  • Free fun! Most of the challenges are free, but some may involve costs of up to $50 (although these can be modified to fit your budget)
  • Inclusive – great for all including heterosexual and LGBTQ+ couples. However, the challenges do include specific pronouns (he/she) on occasion.
  • Sex coach approved! Certified by experts
  • Bundle Up! Buy on its own or part of the Naughty and Nice Bundle – Couples Edition and In Bed Edition.
  • Available for $49.99

Adventure Challenge Travel Edition

Enhance your travel experience with the new Travel Edition Book, designed to broaden your horizons, strengthen relationships, and make happy memories. Perfect to make sure the couple’s honeymoon is extra special.

  • 30 fun and new scratch-off adventures
  • A travel companion and memory book in one, perfect for all sorts of travel from road trips to exotic adventures
  • Helpful hints and icons to help you select the best experiences and activities to enrich your trip
  • A range of adventures including home-based pursuits, adventures that take you on journeys, and activities involving attractions, stores, etc.
  • Available for $49.99, or bundle with The Couples Edition for $79.98

Other Adventure Challenge Products

The Adventure Challenge Books will keep you occupied, but the company has other products you might be interested in, including some smaller items that might be suitable as bridal shower gifts or bachelorette party favors!


Connection Cards Couples ($19.99)

  • The perfect companion to The Adventure Challenge – Couples Edition
  • 50 question cards created by date-night experts
  • Learn more about your partner, reconnect, and build a stronger relationship
  • Compact pocket size enables easy transportation so you can use the cards anywhere and at a place or time that suits you

Connection Cards … In Bed ($19.99)

  • The perfect companion to The Adventure Challenge – In Bed Edition
  • 50 spicy question cards designed by sex and relationship experts
  • Learn more about your partner, reconnect, and have more fun in the bedroom
  • Compact pocket-size cards for easy transportation – use the cards anywhere, at a place and time to suit you

Quickies and Mini Dates ($34.99 each)

  • Great for busy couples, these cards follow the same principle as the connection cards but facilitate a good time in less time
  • 30 fun and sexy challenges designed to be carried out in 30 minutes or less
  • Approved by licensed marriage and family therapists

The Adventure Box Subscription ($49.99/month)

You know we love a good subscription box, so were thrilled when The Adventure Challenge introduced this product!

  • An entire date delivered directly to your door every month (9 in total)
  • Start your subscription easily and cancel at any time
  • Each box includes exclusive items so you can upgrade your experience
  • Use as a stand-alone item or in conjunction with the Couples Edition book


What else do we love about The Adventure Challenge?

For a start it’s easy to pay, you can use all major credit and debit cards along with Shop Pay and Google Pay. You can also track your delivery, as you receive a confirmation email following your order and there’s live chat too. You can even add a special note to go along with your purchase, which is great for gift-giving.

It’s great The Adventure Challenge has all the practicalities covered, but most of all we love the products and we think you will too, especially if you save 10% using our discount code MODERNMOH!

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