The Perfect Send-off: Bridal Shower Tips and Tricks for a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are all the rage, whisking couples away to picturesque locales for their nuptials. Yet, as the trend grows, so does the question: What about the bridal shower? If you find yourself the maid of honor for a destination bride, don’t worry! 

We’re here with all the answers, explaining the mysteries of whether a bridal shower for a destination wedding is appropriate, how to handle guest lists and gifts, and clever ways to sidestep any potential pitfalls. Let’s dive into the perfect send-off for a destination wedding!

Bridal Shower for a Destination Wedding? 5 Top Tips

So, your bestie’s tying the knot in a dreamy destination—cue the excitement! With around 350,000 destination weddings happening annually, it’s no surprise that couples are jet-setting to say their “I dos” in places like Nevada, Florida, and California or going all out in Mexico, the Caribbean, or the romantic corners of Europe, like Italy. 

Now, here’s the real question for the maid of honor: Should you throw a bridal shower for a destination wedding? Fear not; we’ve got your back with five top tips to make it a breeze and ensure the perfect send-off for the bride! 

Should You Have a Bridal Shower for a Destination Wedding?

Before we get into those tips, let’s answer the burning question in the room: should you throw a bridal shower for a destination wedding? To get the answer we’ve all been waiting for, we consulted with Melissa Bezotte, owner of Genesis Ranch in Rosemount, MN. As a pastor, counselor, life coach, and owner of a stunning wedding destination, we found that Melissa was perfectly positioned to answer our questions.

And what did she have to say? “YES absolutely! It might be even MORE important for destination wedding brides to have a shower because not all of their guests will be able to attend their destination wedding due to travel expenses, time off, family responsibilities, etc.” she shared. “I say GO BIG and do it up! The destination bride’s special day is just as important as any other bride, and she should be celebrated, too!”

Who Should Be Invited to a Destination Wedding Bridal Shower?

Let’s tackle the shower guest list, and trust us, this is where things can get a bit like walking on a tightrope, but a fun one! The standard rule for bridal showers is to only invite those who are also on the wedding guest list. Yet, with destination weddings, the dynamics are a bit different.

Picture this: on average, a destination wedding hovers around 70 to 80 guests, but many couples opt for a more intimate affair with around 40 cherished souls. So, who gets the golden ticket to the bridal shower?

Melissa spills the beans, “Depending on your style; some brides love small intimate gatherings while some love to GO ALL OUT! You should invite anyone important to you.” That’s right—whether it’s your tight-knit squad or the extended family, this is your chance to celebrate with those who matter most. 

So, toss aside the rulebook, bless your guests with great food, drinks, favors, and some fun, and they’ll be utterly blessed to celebrate and shower you with love and fantastic gifts! Let the festivities begin!

Gifts for a Bridal Shower for a Destination Wedding

bridal shower gifts for a destination wedding

Now, let’s unwrap the mystery of the shower gift because, let’s be real, it’s a burning question. Especially when you know the usual wedding gift isn’t on the shopping list if you’re not jetting off to the destination “I dos.” Melissa, our bridal whisperer, spills the beans on the gift game.

First up, there are no hard and fast rules. But she’s just being honest when she says that sticking to the registry is a win-win. No one wants random gifts collecting dust, right?

Now, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, Melissa’s got some gems for you:

  • Reflect the Destination: Think summer jammies, silky robes, sunblock, cute suits, and fun travel accessories. Show some love to the theme, and you’ll hit the jackpot!
  • Cash + Prepaid Cards: Money for their HONEYFUND? Now, that’s a fantastic idea! Give them the gift of choice and let the newlyweds decide how to make their honeymoon dreams come true.

Remember, whether it’s a sleek toaster or a wacky travel pillow, the key is the love wrapped around the gift. Just be aware of how much to spend, as you may have to incur costs to attend the wedding, if you’re going. So, choose wisely, and let the destination wedding shower gift extravaganza begin! 

5 Tips for a Destination Wedding Bridal Shower

Okay, okay… we promised some tips, and here they are, the secret ingredients to making that destination wedding bridal shower a hit!

1. Timing

Most bridal showers find their sweet spot three weeks to three months before the wedding. The trick here is finding that Goldilocks zone of when to have the bridal shower — not too far in advance and definitely not playing chicken with the wedding date, especially when you have to add travel into the mix.

2. Expense

Gone are the days when the bride’s family footed the bill. Welcome to modern times! The responsibility now falls on the person (or people) hosting the shower. It’s your show, your budget. That said, remember that the typical bridal shower costs between $350 and $7,500 for 35 – 50 guests. This means that the costs can add up quickly. So, keep that in mind, especially since you may have additional destination wedding costs for airfare, lodging, and typical expenses associated with being a maid of honor.

3. Make it Extra Special

Go the extra mile for those who can’t make it to the wedding or weren’t on the intimate guest list. Maybe a special gift to take home, or surprise them post-shower with a framed photo. It’s the thought that counts!

4. Pull in the Theme

Transport your guests to the destination wedding even if they can’t physically be there. Infuse the theme of the wedding location into the shower—make them feel the vibe with a travel-inspired bridal shower!

5. Time of Day

Timing is everything! Bridal showers usually kick off between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., lasting a sweet spot of two to four hours. Brunch theme? Aim for the earlier side. If it’s an afternoon tea affair, you look at the latter side. Keep it cozy and fun! Now, armed with these tips, go forth and shower the bride in style!

Frequently Asked Questions

women toasting at a bridal shower in a cozy room

What if the destination wedding will be very small and intimate?

What if the destination wedding is an intimate affair? According to Melissa, “There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to planning weddings anymore, giving brides the freedom to do whatever they feel is best!” Whether you’re all about those cozy, intimate vibes or ready to GO ALL OUT, the key is doing what feels right for you. It’s the bride’s day—embrace it her way!

Where should the bridal shower for a destination wedding be held?

Choosing the perfect location for a destination wedding bridal shower? It’s all about what makes sense for the bride and her trusty maid of honor. Whether it’s a beachfront resort, a cozy backyard, or a chic city spot, the possibilities are endless. The key is to pick a spot that resonates with the bride’s style and sets the stage for a memorable celebration. Wherever the heart desires, let the bridal shower festivities unfold!

The Bottom Line

The question of whether to host a bridal shower for a destination wedding is “Yes!” Embrace the freedom to tailor the celebration to the bride’s style—whether intimate or extravagant. From crafting the perfect guest list to selecting thoughtful gifts and infusing the destination’s essence, it’s your chance to shine as a maid of honor.

So, as you plan that destination wedding bridal shower, remember: the bottom line is making it uniquely hers, creating cherished memories before the “I dos.”

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The Perfect Send-off: Bridal Shower Tips and Tricks for a Destination WeddingThe Perfect Send-off: Bridal Shower Tips and Tricks for a Destination WeddingThe Perfect Send-off: Bridal Shower Tips and Tricks for a Destination Wedding

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