33 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Unconventional Bride

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When it comes to celebrating your bestie turned bride-to-be, there is no one way to go about it. While destination bachelorette trips are certainly on the rise, there is always something to be said for switching things up.

In fact, according to insights from GoHen.com, the largest bachelorette party provider in the UK, inquiries related to nightclub and bar crawl-type parties are significantly down while wellness bachelorette parties are on the rise.

And since we love everything non-traditional, we were keen to compile the ultimate list of alternative things to do for a bachelorette party.

So if your bride is on the unconventional side, or simply isn’t looking for an over-the-top bachelorette party, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve listed 33 fun bachelorette party ideas for the thrill-seekers to the money-conscious and everyone in between!

Low-Key Bachelorette Party Ideas

Looking to have an easygoing, laidback weekend? You’re not alone!

“Post-pandemic, we’ve seen a move away from the traditional boozy celebrations towards more relaxed retreats with hens looking for a bit of tranquillity over a lot of tequila, ” said Ellie Silk, Head of Events at GoHen.com.

“Our hen party glamping options have boomed in popularity and inquiries for yoga classes and spa vouchers are massively up, too.”

Check out these eleven low-key bachelorette ideas!

Take a Group Exercise Class

Our first low-key idea brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘sweating for the wedding’. Not only is this a great choice for the fit and healthy bride, but for those who are looking for booze-free bachelorette party activities.

There are plenty of group class options to choose from, including SoulCycle and Barre, depending on your bestie’s preferred method of exercise. And if your bride is more of an outdoorsy type, plan a group hike at one of your local parks or some morning yoga at a nearby beach.

Host an Old School Slumber Party

This is truly one of our favorite low-key and easy bachelorette party ideas because it is oh so fun and frugal. Instead of traveling out of state, or even city, simply host a girls’ only sleepover full of everyone’s favorite movies, snacks, and adult beverages.

Skip the traditional bachelorette party games for a round or two of telephone and be sure to choreograph at least one dance (that you should definitely perform at the wedding).

MODERN MOH TIP: If you have a large group, simply rent a local AirBnB for the night to fit everyone in.

slumber party for a laidback bachelorette party idea

Attend a Sporting Event

This next bachelorette party idea is for the bride who is a major sports fan. Whether it be football or basketball, baseball or hockey, sporting events are a great way to celebrate your future Mrs. (hopefully with a team win!)

MODERN MOH TIP: Be sure to purchase your tickets in advance so everyone can sit together and have a safe method of transportation to and from the event.

Take a Brewery Tour

Switch things up from your typical winery tour and take a trip to a brewery instead. The best part about this bachelorette party alternative is that nowadays there is a brewery in every other city, so you won’t have to travel far.

Keep it safe by booking a party bus to take you girls around for the day, and be sure to double-check that at least one of your stops serves food.

MODERN MOH TIP: If you really enjoy one of the beers you taste, purchase a growler to take home and drink later that night.

women sitting around a campfire for a low key bachelorette party

Go Glamping (or Camping)

We love this low-key bachelorette alternative because it’s perfect for both the rugged and not-so-rugged bride. Keep it old school by pitching a few tents and snuggling up in sleeping bags, or glam it up by renting a cabin out in the woods.

Either way, be sure to have a big ol’ bonfire to roast your marshmallows over (s’mores highly recommended) and a few fun ghost stories worth sharing up your sleeve (possible Halloween bachelorette party idea!?)

Perform Karaoke

This one is a total must for any bachelorette party, especially for those of you who aren’t afraid to put on a show. Trust us when we say there’s no faster way to score a round of free drinks than by getting on stage and bringing down the house.

While karaoke bars may be a thing of the past, there’s bound to be one found in every town if you search hard enough. P.S. We highly recommend Wannabe (Spice Girls) and Everybody (Backstreet Boys) as group go-to’s.

bachelorette party group

Snap Before and After Pictures

While this isn’t one of those time-consuming bachelorette party activities, it’s hilarious all the same. Once you’re all glammed up and ready to hit the town, have each girl take a “before” picture (aka pre-tequila shots).

When you take the “after” picture is up to you. If you are coherent enough when you get back from the bar, we suggest doing it then (drunk photoshoots are the best, amiright?). If it’s straight to bed, snap the shots the next morning (I woke up like this #flawless). Just don’t forget the bachelorette accessories!

Board a Bachelorette Booze Cruise

Obviously, this bachelorette activity is dependent on the location and time of year, so it will not work for all groups. However, if you are traveling to a destination where booze cruises are a possibility, we highly recommend taking advantage of this option.

Whether you take a spin out on the open water or use your vessel as a means to bar hop, your bride will never forget her last sail before the veil. P.S. This is the perfect opportunity to rock those super cute matching suits you’re always seeing!

chill bachelorette party ideas
Games night fun and easy bachelorette party

Play Some Games

How about a games night for an alternative bachelorette party idea? It’s the perfect activity to mingle and chuckle away any awkwardness, especially when you’ve got a bunch of guests who are just getting to know each other.

You can turn up the glam with a casino-themed night, complete with cocktail dresses and a roulette wheel and chips.

Or go old school with some classic charades and board games. Get some cheeky laughs with adult games like Cards Against Humanity or a drinking game or two.

Go For Some Laughs

Get set for some laughs and head out for an evening at a comedy club. Talk about a night of non-stop giggles and toasts!

Picture this: the bride-to-be and her crew, drinks in hand, laughing away as comedians dish out side-splitting jokes. It’s the perfect chill vibe – no planning fuss, just pure fun. Laughter really is the best bonding, right?

MODERN MOH TIP: If you want the bride to be called out in the act, be sure to grab some seats in the front and deck her out in some fun bachelorette party accessories!

Stand Up Comedy Club as a unique Bachelorette Party idea
Movie night for easy bachelorette party

Watch a Movie

Who doesn’t love a movie night?! You can start with some tasty bites or a fun drink to get in the groove, then head to the movies for the main event. The only hiccup? You can’t really gab and gossip during the showing.

So if you’re all about chatting, singing along to the soundtrack, or swooning over the dreamy lead actor, why not bring the movie night to your living room?

If you’re feeling fancy, roll out the red carpet and turn it into a glam Hollywood night. Buy some champagne, and fancy canapes, and put your favorite blockbuster on the big screen. It’s all about having a blast in style!

Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Want to celebrate your bride-to-be in sophisticated style? This could be the way forward for bachelorette parties.

“I anticipate seeing brides opt for a mix of classy and unique as staple elements of their bachelorette parties,” says Abhi Madan co-founder and creative director at Amarra. “No longer just about the traditional fun, the trend is increasingly about creating unforgettable experiences that reflect the participants’ personalities and values.”

“Therefore, parties centered around wellness retreats, DIY skills workshops (like pottery or mixology), and “give back” activities such as community service are on the rise, thus adding a newfound layer of depth to the celebrations.”

Here are our eleven favorite classy bachelorette party ideas!

Book a Spa Day/Weekend

This classy bachelorette alternative is perfect for the bride who’s looking for a little R&R before the big day. Make a day out of it by booking back-to-back facials and massages, followed by manis and pedis, at your local spa.

If your bestie wants to make it a fun weekend getaway, book a hotel for a night or two and spread your services out over a couple of days. Whichever path you decide to take, this is a guaranteed way to ensure your bride and fellow bridesmaids are cool, calm, and collected come wedding day.

Host a Wine & Paint Party

There are a few different ways to pull this idea off-  You can either search for nearby restaurants that are having an upcoming wine and paint night or book a group class at a paint and sip studio in your area.

If anyone in your group is especially artistic, you can host the event at home and use them as your instructor. Whichever route you take, this is the perfect bachelorette party option for a classy bride.

six women posing for a photographer

Schedule a Bachelorette Photo Shoot

What better way to make all your Instagram followers jealous than by posting some seriously fun photos of you and your girls! If money is no issue, hire a professional to do hair and makeup and another to snap the pics.

Looking to save some dollars? Simply do your own hair and makeup then break out your iPhone 13s (they’re basically professional cameras at this point, right?)

MODERN MOH TIP: Take some sexy, yet tasteful, photos of the future Mrs. so she can gift them to her hubby-to-be!

Make Some Craft Cocktails

Why pay a premium for craft cocktails made by someone else when you can just bring the bar to you? Research some seriously yummy cocktails (that aren’t too hard to make) prior to the bachelorette party, then buy the necessary ingredients for each.

Once your girls’ night is in full swing, take turns preparing each drink for the group and vote on your favorites. The best part about this idea is that you can make it as fancy (aka LBDs) or casual (aka PJs) as you’d like!

four cocktails being clinked together

Have a Pool Party

Grab some extra glow for the big day by celebrating the bride-to-be poolside. Mix up some frozen cocktails, break out your favorite pool floats, and don’t forget the SPF!

Save money with this bachelorette party idea by having everyone bring a dish, potluck style, or simply order a couple of pizzas to split.

MODERN MOH TIP: Close to the coast? This idea totally works for the beach too!

Take a Pole Dancing Class

We here at Modern MOH are not fans of hiring male performers at the bachelorette party, but we are totally fond of you and your girls performing for each other! Seriously, pole dancing classes are totally in these days, and for good reason.

Not only are they super fun and flirty, but they also make for a great workout too! So slip on your comfiest leggings and matching bachelorette party shirts, then get ready to shake what ya mama gave ya.

Book a Bachelorette Blow Out

We consider blow dry bars to be one of the greatest modern-day inventions. For real though, how freakin’ awesome is it to have a professional style your hair without having to pay an obscene amount for a cut and color?

Because the blow dry bar trend is rapidly growing, you should have no problem finding a salon near you. Simply make a reservation for you and your bachelorette squad during the day and hit the town that night looking like runway models.

MODERN MOH TIP: This is also a great way to experiment with a hairstyle you’re considering for the big day!

Find a Drag Show Brunch

If you’ve never been to one of these shows, you are seriously missing out. Trust us when we say you’ve never had a better time sipping mimosas and Bloody Marys than you have when dancing along with dolled-up drag queens.

While these shows are often found in big cities, you’d be surprised to find them hosted in many a small town USA (just ask Google). Most restaurants require reservations, so be sure to plan ahead, and don’t forget to bring along your dolla dolla bills ya’ll!

drag queen

Food-based last minute bachelorette party

Hire a Private Chef

Whatever bachelorette theme or activity you go for, one thing is for sure and that is the certainty that food will be required! While you can eat, drink, and be merry out somewhere fancy, why not take the reins and hire a private chef or caterer to come in and whip up some gorgeous grub of your choosing? 

Have the bridal party go all out with decor, dress to your liking (whether it’s matching t-shirts or formal wear, it’s up to you!), and dig in. You’ll pay for the privilege of hiring, but you’ll enjoy every mouthful, and there’s no washing up either!

Taste Some Wine

Does the bride-to-be enjoy a glass or two of vino? Then sampling some fine wine in wine country could be the perfect option for a bachelorette weekend (hello Napa Valley!). Sip and savor the grapes as you’re educated by expert sommeliers.

Otherwise, stay a bit closer to home and look for some tasting sessions offered by local restaurants, or a local expert who offers at-home sessions. Use this as the perfect opportunity to discuss the age-old question or whether you spit or swallow (take that whichever way you prefer)!

Wine tasting for last-minute bachelorette
murder mystery for joint bachelor bachelorette party

Solve A Murder Mystery

Get those brains working and gather your party for some suspense and high drama. Murder mystery parties offer an immersive experience where you get into character and work out who the killer is. You might be able to find a pre-organized event, but you can always host your own, too

I attended a murder mystery party for a friend’s bachelorette and it proved to be a hilarious evening involving a corrupt cop, a tart with a heart, a revolver, and candlestick, and some very dubious questioning. I’m not sure how we pieced together the clues, but a few pornstar martinis later we managed to successfully identify the killer.

Emma, bachelorette party guest

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Searching for some seriously out-of-the-box bachelorette activities? How about one of these eleven unique ideas for a bachelorette party!

three woman consulting a map

Sign up for a Scavenger Hunt

What’s more unique than having a bachelorette-themed scavenger hunt customized to your exact location? We can’t think of anything!

Simply sign up with Let’s Roam and their team of event planners and celebration experts will create the ultimate scavenger hunt adventure full of fun photo, video, and trivia challenges.

Attend a Music Festival or Concert

Calling all music lovers! We have the perfect bachelorette party idea for you. Depending on the time of year and type of music your bride and fellow bridesmaids like, you can attend a weekend-long festival like Coachella or Stagecoach, or a one-night concert featuring everyone’s favorite artist.

If you want to keep it really low-key, simply find a local band your group enjoys and go see them at a nearby bar.

Visit an Amusement Park

This is the ultimate bachelorette party activity for all of you whose besties are still kids at heart. Gather up your girls and take a trip to your closest amusement park- Disney World, Disneyland, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, etc.- for a guaranteed fun time.

MODERN MOH TIP: Skip any lines by splurging on VIP passes and make sure everyone has a designated riding buddy!

Go Bungee Jumping or Skydiving

You either got sick to your stomach or excited butterflies after reading that. If it was the former, feel free to move past this idea, but if it was the latter- hello badass!

Obviously this alternative is not for everybody, and even if you like the idea, that doesn’t mean your bride and fellow bridesmaids will. However, if you are surrounded by like-minded thrill-seekers, this is one of those unique bachelorette party ideas that will never be forgotten!

a woman bunjee jumping
three women in camo playing paintball

Grab a Gun

We’re talking about paintball or laser tag here!

These unique and adventurous bachelorette ideas are perfect for those seeking a little thrill while still keeping two feet on the ground. Beware, paintballs can leave a bruise or two along the way, so if this fun outing is too close to the wedding, you may want to opt for lasers instead!

MODERN MOH TIP: Take your ensemble to the next level by having all the girls wear an old bridesmaid dress – it makes for a seriously hilarious picture!

Hire a Henna Artist

This is one of our favorite bachelorette party activities because it’s not only totally unique, but super fun too! Before a night out on the town, have a local henna artist come to your place and give each girl some custom ink.

Have no idea where to find a henna artist? We recommend checking out The Bash or Thumbtack (you’d be surprised at how many options you have!)

P.S. Henna tattoos last up to two weeks, so if your bachelorette party is soon before the wedding, this might not be the choice for you.

Clairvoyant psychic reader eye to the future for a bachelorette party

Get a Psychic or Tarot Card Reading

There’s no type of fun like the supernatural sort. And what better way to celebrate the bride’s upcoming wedding than with a look into her future? Find a psychic or tarot card reader that will come to you from one of the websites above, or simply look up shops that are close to where you’re staying.

MODERN MOH TIP: We recommend double-checking with the bride and the rest of the girls before booking, just to make sure everyone is comfortable with this particular bachelorette party idea.

Bachelorette parties are always as fun for me as they are for the bride and her guests. I love being able to provide specifics answers that help validate the bride on the choices she has made and the new family relationships she is entering into. It’s always such a feel good lasting unexpected experience each party gets gets to take home  with them.

Jusstine from PsychicGirl.com 

Throw Some Axes

If your group is looking for a fun physical activity to burn off that pre-wedding stress, ax throwing is it. Our only rule with this bachelorette party activity is simple: please come back in one piece.

All jokes aside, this is also the perfect choice for those of you who like to get a little competitive with it. And while matching flannels aren’t a must, we do recommend them for picture-taking purposes.

two axes with a block of wood
volunteering for bachelorette party

Give Back to Charity

Not every bachelorette party has to involve an activity that will exclusively benefit the guests or the bride. Consider community service, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, or participating in a charity event as a group.

Or maybe combine a beach bach party with a beach cleanup? It’ll make you all feel good and it’s a nice way to give back to the area you all live in.

Take to the Skies

As the bride-to-be will already have her head in the clouds with all the wedding planning, so let’s make it a bit more literal and head to the skies on a hot-air balloon adventure!

Enjoy the thrill and boost of adrenaline as you float up, up, and up. Plus, the charm of the colorful balloon and the beaming faces of the bride tribe will make for some truly breathtaking photos.

Balloon adventure bachelorette party
cooking class bachelorette party

Learn to Cook

Finally, don some matching aprons and chef hats and dive into a cooking class! It’s not just about whipping up some delicious dishes – it’s about laughter, a bit of friendly competition, and maybe learning how not to burn pasta. Whether it’s mastering the art of Italian cuisine or rolling the perfect sushi, it’s a recipe for fun and a great way to bond.

And the best part (or worst part, depending on your skills)? You get to eat what you create!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who usually pays for the bachelorette party?

The cost of the bachelorette party is usually split among the maid of honor, bridesmaids and other attendees. Generally, everyone except the bride will contribute to cover expenses like activities, food, and accommodations. This helps to ensure that the maid of honor or a single individual isn’t on the hook for all the costs.

Who usually plans the bachelorette party?

Typically the maid of honor, often with help from the other bridesmaids, will take the reins in planning the event. She usually organizes the activities, communicates with the attendees, and ensures that the event matches the bride’s preferences. The bride can choose to be involved as much or as little as she wants in the planning process.

How many hours should a bachelorette party be?

The length of the bachelorette party can vary greatly depending on the type of event and the preferences of the bride and her squad. A typical bach party might last for one evening, which is around 4-6 hours. For more elaborate celebrations, such as destination bachelorette parties, the event can spread over a weekend, offering more time for various bachelorette activities and relaxation.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, planning the perfect bachelorette party doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or just a good laugh with friends, there are plenty of bachelorette party ideas out there to make the celebration unforgettable.

From low-key movie nights and cooking classes to thrilling bungee jumps and glamorous casino evenings, the possibilities are endless. Remember, the key to a successful bachelorette party lies in choosing activities that reflect the bride’s personality and preferences.

So, embrace the spirit of fun and friendship, and get ready to create some amazing memories that will last long after the wedding bells have rung!

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33 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Unconventional Bride33 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Unconventional Bride33 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Unconventional Bride33 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Unconventional Bride33 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Unconventional Bride