Bachelorette Party Weekend in New Orleans? Here’s What to Know and Do!

New Orleans is a city bursting with culture, iconic music, and culinary wonders, and it is the ultimate playground for an unforgettable bachelorette party. Known for its spirited Mardi Gras celebrations, historic French Quarter, and live jazz echoing through the streets, New Orleans offers a backdrop that promises adventure and excitement at every corner. 

Whether it’s sipping on a Hurricane along Bourbon Street, enjoying a steamy bowl of gumbo, or dancing the night away to soulful tunes, there is something to entice every bride-to-be and her squad to a New Orleans bachelorette party. 

To ensure we get the most authentic and lively experience possible, we’ve teamed up with Ashton Mangano, the renowned owner and head planner at JETSET Bachelorette in New Orleans. With her expert insights, we’re here to guide you through planning the ultimate bachelorette bash in the heart of The Big Easy—where the good times don’t just roll, they dance and strut!

Planning Your New Orleans Bachelorette Party 

When planning a bachelorette party in New Orleans, timing and budget are key considerations alongside the unique local experiences. The best time to visit is from February to May when the city bursts into life with cooler weather and fun celebrations like Jazz Fest and French Quarter Fest.

For those looking to avoid the Mardi Gras crowds, December and January provide a quieter yet still charming experience, with easier hotel bookings and festive holiday decor.

On average, visitors should budget approximately $239 per day, covering everything from eclectic dining experiences to lively entertainment. Arriving is easy with the New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport, just over 11 miles from the city center.

Ashton highlights the city’s unique offerings: “New Orleans is a great city for bachelorette parties because it offers excursions specific to the city’s history and culture; you can ride a pedal tavern almost anywhere, but you can’t see alligators from an airboat in the bayou anywhere! So many great walking and historic tours are available in New Orleans to suit every group’s needs.” 

The city’s rich culture and history can take your bachelorette experience to the next level. Consider adopting a New Orleans-themed celebration—think jazz brunches, ghost tours, or a bayou adventure. 

Where Bachelorette Parties Stay in New Orleans 

Deciding where to stay is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your New Orleans bachelorette party itinerary. For larger groups, Ashton Mangano recommends booking a house through Stay Heirloom, acclaimed as the best in the city for spacious and beautiful homes that can accommodate everyone under one roof. 

Smaller groups might find their fit in the numerous condo units available downtown, with Sonder providing a variety of options that are perfectly located within walking distance of the best dining and nightlife. Of course, Airbnb and VRBO also offer great options.

For those seeking a more unique neighborhood experience, the Lower Garden District and the Bywater are excellent choices. These historic areas offer a charming, quieter alternative to the bustling French Quarter yet remain close enough to dive into its eclectic scene whenever you wish.

For those interested in a boutique hotel experience, New Orleans does not disappoint. Hotel Monteleone and NOPSI Hotel are two of the best places for visitors looking for luxury and history, while The Chloe and Moxy Hotel offer a more modern, spirited vibe. The Eliza Jane, in its beautifully restored historical building, combines elegance with a rich narrative, making any stay there uniquely memorable. 

The Best Foodie Spots for New Orleans Bachelorettes

Whether your bachelorette weekend in New Orleans is intended for partying all day and night or taking in the sights, be sure to take some time to indulge in the culinary delights and dishes that NOLA is known for—beignets, gumbo, a shrimp po-boy sandwich, grits, crawfish etouffe—the list goes on. Trust us, there is the perfect menu out there for everyone on your guest list.

For a unique and lively brunch experience, Ashton recommends the Drag Brunch at the Country Club—”so much fun and the food is great!” Additionally, Birdy’s is perfect for those who want a taste of everything; their brunch board is specifically favored by NOLA bachelorette parties. Don’t miss out on Broussard’s Jazz Brunch either, where the chicken and waffles are touted as the best in the city.

Lunch in New Orleans is an event in itself. “Friday Lunch is huge here in New Orleans,” says Ashton. She highlights Galatoire’s and Commander’s Palace as the pinnacle of this tradition, both offering exquisite local cuisine in a more formal setting. For something more laid-back, consider Gracious Bakery. Their delicious sandwiches are perfect for a casual day by the pool, and they offer delivery, too.

When dinner rolls around, the city lights up with options that cater perfectly to a celebratory evening. Ashton’s picks include Jack Rose, Copper Vine, and Justine, all known for their fantastic ambiance and excellent menus. Other mentions for a more casual dinner experience are Sylvain and Pêche.

Willa Jean and the Ruby Slipper are must-visits if you’re seeking an additional brunch recommendation.  And of course, a trip to New Orleans would not be complete without a stop for coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde

Domenica and Curio offer creative menus for lunch or small plates. Finally, if an oyster bar is on your list, be sure to check out Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar or Acme Oyster House.

Where to Drink in New Orleans 

Cocktails, booze, and a good time sit at the top of any New Orleans bachelorette weekend itinerary. And thankfully, New Orleans will not disappoint. Ashton says, “You have to try the Voodoo daiquiri at Lafittes Blacksmith Shop Bar, known as the purple drink. You’ll either love it or hate it, but everyone has to try it!” And she adds, “The Double Dealer also has a great cocktail list and cool, speakeasy vibe.”

Other popular options for New Orleans tourists include Carousel Bar, Effervescence, Cure, and Bar Marilou. If you want more dive bar options beyond Lafittes, try Ms. Mae’s, Hi Ho Lounge, or Pat O’Brien. And if you are into the rooftop bar vibe, be sure to pay a visit to Hot Tin.

Nightlife and Dancing for NOLA Bachelorettes

There’s live music and musicians everywhere at night in New Orleans, so finding the best place for some nightlife, reggae, and dancing is never a problem. Ashton suggests, “If you’re looking for a DJ dance party, Bourbon Street or Ohm Lounge are fun, but if you are looking to dance to live music, head to Frenchmen Street; The Maison, Cafe Negril, and 30°/-90° have live music every night!”

What to Do: Daytime for New Orleans Bach Bashes

While you might think otherwise based on our suggestions above, New Orleans is more than just a great party place. It’s full of history and amazing sights to be seen.

Ashton says, “If you can, we suggest visiting City Park, it’s only ten minutes from downtown and such a special spot in the city. The park has the most beautiful oak trees draped in Spanish moss and a Cafe Du Monde, so you can try out their world-famous beignets. We also love the Sculpture Garden; it’s free and has amazing art installations beneath the trees.”

If you’re visiting during Mardi Gras, take in one of the parades, but get to your location early because it will be packed with other visitors! The main parade route runs from Napoleon Avenue down Saint Charles Avenue in the Uptown Neighborhood to Canal Street in the Central Business District.

If your bride-to-be is interested in the art scene, check out Jackson Square. You’ll find painters lined up working on various projects, many of which are available for purchase. Be sure to spend some time walking around downtown New Orleans during the day, too. This is where you’ll find the infamous Bourbon Street – trust us, there is plenty to do here while the sun is still shining. 

Finally, for a truly unique experience, consider a swamp cruise along the Mississippi River. This serene and scenic excursion is a perfect way to spend a Sunday, allowing you to reflect quietly on your adventurous weekend before wrapping up your trip. Find options for a river or bayou tour with Bayou Swamp Tours or Cajun Encounters.

Ghost Tours in New Orleans

New Orleans is famously soaked in a rich history, where tales of voodoo and ghostly legends are as much a part of the city’s fabric as jazz and jambalaya. To truly experience the fun and frights of New Orleans, consider a ghost tour with Ghost City Tours. Their expert guides bring the past to life, cheerfully sharing eerie tales and leading you through the city’s most haunted sites. It’s a thrilling way to dive into the unique folklore that makes New Orleans enchanting.

The Best Spa Locations for Relaxing

If hitting the spa is on your list of things to do, we also have some recommendations here. Whether you and your bride squad want a massage, facial, or just a fresh mani-pedi, you won’t be disappointed with spas, NOLA style. We suggest the Waldorf Astoria Spa, The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, and NOLA Organic Spa.

Getting your Bachelorettes Around New Orleans 

Getting around New Orleans for your bachelorette weekend activities can be part of the adventure itself, especially when using the city’s iconic streetcar system. Ashton notes, “The Streetcar is the most fun way to get around town; get a window seat, roll down your window, and take in the sights of the giant live oak trees on St Charles!” This scenic route is not just transportation but an experience in itself, allowing you to soak in the local ambiance.

For those staying in the French Quarter, Downtown, or the Arts/Warehouse District, most attractions will be within walking distance, adding convenience and a chance to immerse yourself fully in the street life of New Orleans. If you wish to venture further, you can easily rent bikes, hop on a bus, take a ferry, or catch a ride with a pedicab, taxi, or limo service.

Extra Tips and Suggestions

“First and foremost: pack comfortable shoes! This is a walking city and the sidewalks and streets are very uneven (bricks laid 100 + years ago can do that!) so pack comfortable shoes, sadly high heels are not recommended! The weather here can also be unpredictable so pack a raincoat or umbrella—even if rain is not forecasted!” suggests Ashton.

The team at Modern MOH also suggests planning some party games in advance. These games are a great way to keep you entertained during the downtime, or after you get back to your accommodations after a long day of exploring and celebrating. Be sure to pack your bachelorette party survival kit, and be thoughtful about who to invite to the party. New Orleans is not for the faint of heart.

Bachelorette Party Planning in New Orleans, Louisiana

Photo credit to JETSET Bachelorette 

Planning a bachelorette party in New Orleans can be thrilling yet intimidating. With its rich array of dining, activities, and cultural attractions, sometimes you just want to dive into the fun without the hassle of organizing everything. That’s where expert local planners like JETSET Bachelorette come in.

With their deep understanding of the city and its unique offerings, they can craft a weekend that your bride tribe will always remember. From securing the perfect accommodations to lining up engaging activities and vibrant nightlife, these professionals ensure a smooth and memorable experience in The Big Easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is New Orleans a great place for a bachelorette party?

Absolutely! New Orleans is an exceptional choice for a bachelorette party. Its unique blend of vibrant nightlife, rich culture, delectable cuisine, and lively music scene offers something for every bride-to-be. From festive streetcar rides to historic tours and endless dining options, The Big Easy creates an unforgettable backdrop for celebrating this special milestone with friends.

What are the best selfie spots in New Orleans?

New Orleans is filled with picturesque selfie spots perfect for capturing your bachelorette memories. Ashton recommends the iconic “Greetings from Nola mural” on Magazine Street—a vibrant and colorful backdrop perfect for those Insta-worthy pics. Other top spots include the lush Jackson Square, the lively French Quarter streets, and the charming Riverwalk, each offering a unique slice of New Orleans’ charm and character for those perfect social media snaps.

What are the best hashtags for my New Orleans bachelorette party?

For your New Orleans bachelorette party, make sure your posts capture the essence of The Big Easy with these popular hashtags

  • #NOLABachelorette
  • #BigEasyBash
  • #NOLANights
  • #FrenchQuarterFun
  • #BourbonStreetBrides
  • #NewOrleansParty 

These will connect your memories to the eclectic community of fellow celebrators and New Orleans enthusiasts, showcasing your unforgettable experiences in this lively city.

Get Set for a Bachelorette Party in the Big Easy!

Planning a New Orleans bachelorette party for Team Bride will undoubtedly result in countless unforgettable memories. Be sure to pack accordingly and be prepared for the vibrant nightlife, great food, and cultural experiences.

If you choose New Orleans as your bachelorette party weekend destination, don’t forget to tag us in your photos at @modernmoh. We can’t wait to see all the fun you capture in The Big Easy!

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Bachelorette Party Weekend in New Orleans? Here’s What to Know and Do!Bachelorette Party Weekend in New Orleans? Here’s What to Know and Do!Bachelorette Party Weekend in New Orleans? Here’s What to Know and Do!Bachelorette Party Weekend in New Orleans? Here’s What to Know and Do!