The key to surviving a long weekend spent hardcore boozing and not enough snoozing is to come prepared. While your bride and fellow bridesmaids are busy packing their favorite outfits, eye shadow palettes and blow dryers, you’ll need to be prepping for day drinking and the debauchery that follows. Have no idea where to start? Don’t worry girl, we got you covered. We’ve compiled a bachelorette survival kit list that includes everything you’ll need to party hard, survive the struggle, and make it home in one painless piece.


Step One: Pack It With Party Starters

lamarca prosecco splits

Shots/Splits: Depending on the type of drinkers you and your girls are, the first thing you’ll need to add to your bachelorette survival kit is some booze. We recommend either mini shots (Fireball is always a favorite) or a champagne (or prosecco) split. Feeling feisty? Have one of each!

customized wine tumblers

Drinkware: Now that you have the spirits, it’s time to find them a home. If your group is full of shot takers, we love these personalized shot glasses. For a crew that likes to sip on their sauce, these frosted cups are the perfect choice. Want to take it up a notch? Get your girls their own custom wine tumbler that they can use for years to come.

customized koozies

Koozies: Don’t think we forgot about you beer lovin’ babes out there. Keep your cans cold with these colorful koozies or for a more personal touch, design your own custom can cooler. FYI: These koozies don’t just work for beers, they can fit around a standard size cup as well. We recommend them for when you’re on-the-go (aka bar hopping), since they easily fit in your purse or pocket.

glittery penis straws

Penis Straws: No good bachelorette party is complete without its fair share of phallus-shaped straws. Whether you’re 25 or 50, nothing makes a group of girls giggle harder than sipping out of a plastic penis. Go all out with these pretty pink straws that resemble the real deal or dress it up a bit with these glittery gold cutouts. Be sure to take them everywhere you go- it’s always hysterical to turn heads with these sticking out of your drink.

Step Two: Fill It With Fun Favors

colorful bride tribe hair ties

Hair Ties: To have and to hold your hair back (whether you’re dancing on the bar or praying to the porcelain goddess). These bride bands can also double as super cute bracelets!

personalized i do crew sunglasses

Sunglasses: Because sometimes you need to hide your glassy eyes after a long day or block out that harsh sun after a long night. These custom shades will do the trick.

personalized lip balms

Lip Balm: Just ‘cause your liver hates you doesn’t mean your lips have to. Keep them hydrated and soft all weekend long with these shea butter balms.

team bride temporary tattoos

Tattoos: Every bride and her crew need some matching ink. These mix and match tats are the perfect accessory.


Step Three: Heap On The Hangover Helpers

tylenol packet

Advil/Tylenol: Partying all day and night with your girls is bound to result in some major headaches the next morning. Throw in some individually packaged pain relievers to help ease the hurt.

pedialyte packets

Pedialtye Powder Packs: If you’ve never used Pedialyte to cure a hangover, you’ve been seriously missing out. Simply add the powder pack to a bottle of water and let the electrolytes work their magic.  

box of band-aids

Band-Aids: Trust us when we say there will be some scrapes and bruises along the way. Toss is a few of these adhesives so you’re better safe than sorry.

travel size purrell hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer: When you’re out and about all day and a night, it’s important to keep your hands so fresh and so clean. Give each girl their own personal sanitizer for when things get a bit sticky.


Step Four: Pick The Packaging

bach shit crazy bag

Favor Bag: If you want your kits to be small and compact, there are plenty of cute options to choose from. We love these oh shit kit or bach shit crazy drawstring bags, available in a variety of colors and sizes.

bride squad bags

Gift Bag: If you want to give these kits in the form of a gift, we’ve recommend these adorable bride squad bags. Want to make it more personal? Check out these hand lettered custom gift bags.

bride and bridesmaid tote bags

Tote Bag: To fit in everything you need for the perfect bachelorette survival kit, we recommend using a tote style bag. They also double as a gift that your girls can use over and over again. Our favorites include these bridal party bags or these custom canvas bags.


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Hi, I’m Megan-the voice behind Modern MOH! I was blessed enough to be the maid of honor for both of my besties, who just so happened to get married six months apart. It was my first time as a bridesmaid (let alone a MOH!) and I had no idea what I was doing, so I turned to BFF #3- the internet. It didn’t take me long to realize how little content had been written about being a maid of honor. This struck me as odd, not to mention unfair, considering there are a gazillion and one sites specifically for brides (WeddingWire, The Knot, Brides... just to name a few). So, long story short, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create Modern MOH. I’ve designed this blog to be a one-stop shop for all your maid of honor needs, including some real s#*! no one else will tell you. My goal is to help anyone struggling in their quest to find the answers to their questions, as well as the confidence it takes to be the GMOHOAT (greatest maid of honor of all time).

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