90s Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Totally Da Bomb

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It may be the 2020s, but word on the street is that the 1990s are giving this decade a serious (re)run for its money. Research shows that retro is totally in and we are totally obsessed!

Having lived through this epic end of the century, we are hyped to dish out all the dope details you need for a 90s bachelorette party that’s all that and a bag of chips. 

From forgotten fashion fads to awfully awesome accessories, get ready for a serious blast from the past with these 90s themed bachelorette party ideas!

Tie in a Specific 90s Bachelorette Party Theme

Looking for a specific theme to base your weekend around? You go, girl! Here are our favorite 90s-themed bachelorette party sayings:

  • Bach to the 90s / Bride of the 90s
  • If you wanna be my lover / You gotta get with my friends (Spice Girls)
  • Make it last forever / Friendship never ends (Spice Girls)
  • *NGAGED / Bye Bye Bye (*NSYNC)
  • Backstreet Bride/Babe (Backstreet Boys)
  • Totally the Bride / As If (Clueless)
  • Dazed and Engaged / Alright Alright Alright (Dazed & Confused)
  • Sicker than your average bride/crew (Notorious B.I.G.)
  • Can’t touch this / MC Hammered (MC Hammer)
  • The one where I’m the bride (Friends)
  • [Bride] found her lobster (Friends)
  • Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party! (Aqua)

Decorate for the Decade

We guarantee your crib will be off the chain with the addition of any of these 90s-themed bachelorette party decorations and supplies! Also, check out our bachelorette party invitations for some ideas for 90s-themed invites to kick-start the party!

Bach to the 90s Balloon Banner

Back to the 90s Photo Backdrop

Back to the 90s Photo Backdrop

90s Bachelorette Confetti

90s-Themed Hanging Swirls

90s-Themed Hanging Swirls

90s Party Supplies

90s Party Supplies

Neon Party Cups

Neon Party Cups

If you’re looking to go DIY with your decorations, here are some suggestions:

  • Use bold and bright colors like hot pink, electric blue, and neon yellow
  • Feature abstract geometric patterns like squiggly lines, acute triangles, and mismatched circles
  • Throw in some old-school memorabilia like a boombox pinata or roller skate balloons

Don’t Skip the 90s Bachelorette Party Shirts

Does a 90s bachelorette party still require matching shirts? No duh! Check out our favorite options for you and your girl group.

Retro 90s

Spice Girls

Tie-Dye Party

If you’re not into the traditional bachelorette shirts, here are some additional ideas for 90s-style shirts:

  • Mix and match graphic band or artist tees
  • Rock cropped baby tees 
  • Anything tie dye!

Go All Out on 90s-Themed Outfits

If there’s one thing the 90s are known for, it’s their eclectic fashion trends. Mix and match these retro pieces to create a themed bachelorette outfit that’s totally da bomb!

Tie Dye Tank Crop Top

Tie Dye Crop Tank Top

Vintage Sunflower Overalls

Vintage Sunflower Overalls

Color Block Bomber Jacket

Color Block Bomber Jacket

Floral Spaghetti Strap Dress

Floral spaghetti Strap Dress

We could go on and on with 90s fashion finds, but here are a few more old-school options:

  • Plaid flannel shirts
  • Pedal pushers
  • High-waisted mom jeans
  • Plaid sets
  • Tube tops
  • Baggy cargo pants
  • Tracksuits
  • Slip dresses
  • Platform shoes
  • Combat boots

Always Add Accessories

A 90s-themed bachelorette party without these awesome accessories? As if! Combine any of these six selections for the perfect look.

Fanny Packs

Butterfly Hair Clips

Butterfly hair clips

Bucket Hats

Hair Scrunchies

Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklaces

Vintage Oval Sunglasses

Vintage Oval Sunglasses

Just like the 90s clothing trends, there are a ton of accessories to choose from! Here are some more of our top picks:

  • Hoop earrings
  • Mood Rings
  • Slap bracelets
  • Bandanas
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Chunky headbands

Gotta Have Group Games

Skip the traditional bachelorette games and have your girls going “oh snap!” when they see these throwbacks.

Drink If Cootie Catcher

I Love the 90s Dare Cards

I Love the 90s Dare Cards

Girl Talk

Girl Talk game

Mix up the Music

If you plan to spend your weekend getting jiggy with it, you’ve got to check out these awesome 90s music playlists courtesy of Spotify.

All Out 90s

Summer Hits of the 90s

I Love My 90s Hip-Hop

90s Boy Bands

90s Rock Anthems

90s Love Songs

Get Creative with Cocktails

What do you say when you mix your favorite childhood candies with your favorite adult beverages? Booyah! Check out these crafty concoctions for a serious blast from the past.

Pop Rocks Rocktail

Strawberry Gushers Sour

Ring Pop Jello Shots

Adult Capri Sun Pouches

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90s Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Totally Da Bomb90s Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Totally Da Bomb90s Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Totally Da Bomb