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You’ve successfully managed to pick the perfect bridal shower gift, now what in the world do you give your BFF on her wedding day? Instead of trying to outdo yourself yet again, we have a better idea: Team up with the rest of the bridal party and put together the ultimate group gift. Ok great, but we all know that the bride and groom really just want money, right? Yeah, we know this, but you’re the maid of honor for goodness sake, so a check just ain’t gonna cut it. However, a DIY honeyfund will.

What’s a honeyfund?

Like the name suggests, a honeyfund is a way to raise money for the couple’s honeymoon. A traditional honeyfund is set up like a registry by the bride and groom themselves, where all wedding guests can gift money in various ways. As these are becoming more and more popular, we suggest you double check to make sure your Mr. and Mrs. don’t already have one set up before you decide to do it yourself.

Steps to making a DIY Honeyfund

1. Decide who’s going to be involved in this gift

We suggest keeping it to just you and your fellow bridesmaids, but feel free to include the groomsmen and/or parents of the couple as well. Obviously you are not expected to fund the whole honeymoon, so you only need to include enough people to cover the cost of a few meals and activities.

2. Research the location of the couple’s honeymoon

If they are staying at a resort, look up the different dining options available as well as any extracurricular activities they may enjoy (couples massages, water sports, etc). If they are exploring a certain city/state/country, look up tourist attractions that may cost money, as well as dining and extracurricular activities.

3. Break down the approximate cost of each activity

Do some math when looking over restaurant menus to determine how much the average bill for two people will be, including tax and tip. Calculate any fees that go along with visiting a tourist attraction, rental costs for any recreational activities, and hourly rates for spa services.

4. Have each contributing member select an activity

Create a shared Word document that includes a chart that lists each activity and how much it costs, with a blank column for whoever wants to claim that slot. If a certain activity is pricier than another, splitting the cost between two or more girls is encouraged. While it is up to each girl to choose an activity that fits comfortably in their budget, no one person should be paying a substantial amount more than another.

honeyfund PDF

5. Purchase the materials to create your DIY honeyfund

We suggest using the following:

6. Assemble the honeyfund

Because this is a gift from all of the bridesmaids, feel free to have them help you during this process. Not only is this a great opportunity to bond with one another, it makes your gift all the more personal. We suggest having each bridesmaid decorate her page of the honeyfund with whatever personal notes or embellishments she chooses. If you can’t get all of the bridesmaids together for this, you can still have each girl sign her name on her page before you give it to the bride and groom.

cover and first page of the honeyfundblank scrapbook pagespersonalized scrapbook pages

The key to making this the “best wedding gift everrrrr” (real quote from the bride who received this particular honeyfund) is to make it as personal as possible.  So like the photos above, feel free to include fun extra pages for the Mr. and Mrs. to fill out during their travels (top 5 “must-dos”, favorite moments, etc.)

Our last tip is to make sure all of the contributions are in cash. Chances are the couple is taking off the day after their wedding and won’t have time to deposit or cash in any checks!

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