The 6 Types of Bridesmaids in Every Bridal Party

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Having been a part of five separate bridal parties, we’ve met our fair share of personalities. And despite all those differences, we can say with confidence that each and every individual has fallen into one of the six types of bridesmaids.

As the chosen maid of honor, aka head bridesmaid in charge, it’s important that you identify these types and prepare yourself with how best to handle them in sticky situations. It’s also super helpful to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each type so you know which bridesmaid duties they are most fit for so that you can best take care of your own MOH responsibilities.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that you yourself will fall into one of these types of bridesmaids. Knowing which one can help you become the best bridesmaid you can possibly be!

The Seasoned Veteran

Like the title implies, this type of bridesmaid has had the role at least a time or two before (and probably won’t hesitate to tell you all about it)

This experience can definitely come in handy when it comes to planning both the bridal shower and bachelorette party, so be sure to seek the help of this bridesmaid during these busy times.

On the other hand, things can get a bit difficult with the seasoned veteran when her advice is not always taken, so be prepared for some hurt feelings.

Our best bit of advice for dealing with this type of bridesmaid is to acknowledge her experience while gently reminding her that no two brides are the same. In other words, show your gratitude for her guidance without giving in to all of her opinions.

The Wedding Planner

Often referred to as the type-A bridesmaid, this is the girl who you may try to steal your role as maid of honor (while claiming she’s ‘only trying to help’)

If you’re lucky, this bridesmaid will make your job all the easier by being extremely organized and detail-oriented. In this case, rely on her for keeping track of the specifics of planning the pre-wedding festivities.

If you’re unlucky, the wedding planner will attempt to overstep her role by planning every single detail with no regard for everyone else’s input. In this instance, you’ll need to put your foot down and make it clear who’s in charge.

Our best bit of advice for dealing with this type of bridesmaid is to keep her busy with clear-cut tasks so she’s always feeling useful. We also suggest keeping her in the know about the behind-the-scenes stuff you’re accomplishing, so her urge to be involved in everything is satisfied. 

The Emotional Rollercoaster

Now, this type of bridesmaid may present in a number of different ways depending on the situation (but no matter the occasion, she’ll always be in her feels)

On a good day, the emotional rollercoaster will be over joyous and upbeat. Rely on this type of energy to break the ice during bridal party meetups and to set the mood for the bridal shower and bachelorette.

On a bad day, this type of bridesmaid will be entirely too emotional and no doubt overdramatic. Try to avoid this behavior from becoming problematic by facing any controversies head-on and addressing any underlying issues.

Our best bit of advice for dealing with the emotional rollercoaster is to accept all their varying emotions while not letting them steal the show. And no matter what you do, do not let any negativity make its way back to the bride.

The Problem Child

Like the emotional rollercoaster, the problem child may manifest herself in many different forms (i.e. never responding to texts, being late to gatherings, unwilling to pay her share of costs)

While there aren’t many positives to dealing with this type of bridesmaid, the one plus is that she’ll make dealing with all the other girls feel like a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about the problem child as she’s long past the point of no return. All you can hope for is some extra support from your fellow bridesmaids to pick up the slack.

Our best bit of advice for dealing with this type of bridesmaid is to address her outside of the group to get a feel for what’s going on. There is always a chance that there is a personal reason for her difficultness and if so, there may also be a solution.

The Party Animal

This type of bridesmaid is here to party hard and she doesn’t care who knows it (or who has to be the one to deal with the inevitable repercussions)

The party animal comes in handy in two distinct settings: the bachelorette party and the wedding reception. Her ability to get the masses up and moving is unmatched, so use that to your advantage.

Where this type of bridesmaid becomes an issue is when her partying refuses to cease. This often results in obnoxious outbursts, bad behavior, and embarrassing encounters.

Our best bit of advice for dealing with the party animal is to allow her the freedom to have fun while denying her the influence of setting the pace. In other words, partake in some of her shenanigans, but do not attempt to get on her level.

The Black Sheep

Every group has one, and in the case of bridal parties, it’s typically the future sister-in-law or some distant cousin you’ve never met (but saw one time on Instagram)

If this type of bridesmaid is an outgoing and extroverted person, this makes your job much less awkward. Just take some extra time to get to know her to learn her strengths and where she excels best.

If the black sheep is quiet and introverted, you may find yourself uncomfortable when having to deal with her. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in further isolating her from the group, so be careful to avoid doing so.

Our best bit of advice when it comes to dealing with this type of bridesmaid is to go out of your way to make her feel included. This could mean sending her a separate text to let her know you’re always available to talk one-on-one, or simply asking her some questions about herself so everyone can get to know her better.

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The 6 Types of Bridesmaids in Every Bridal PartyThe 6 Types of Bridesmaids in Every Bridal PartyThe 6 Types of Bridesmaids in Every Bridal Party

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