Bridal Shower For A Second Marriage: Yes or No?

Whether a fresh start after divorce or finding love again after loss, second marriages bring a wave of joy. In fact, 64% of men and 52% of women choose to tie the knot again. Now, as the confetti settles, here’s the big question: Should there be a bridal shower for a second marriage? 

Let’s dive into this celebration conundrum and explore the sunny side of saying “I do” once more!

Is a Bridal Shower For a Second-Time Bride Appropriate?

Alright, let’s talk second-time bridal showers—totally a thing! In the past, some folks said no-no to big celebrations for second weddings, including showers. But guess what? Times have changed, and now it’s a big yes! Celebrating love round two is just as exciting, and having a bridal shower totally fits the bill.

Traditionally, people used to raise an eyebrow at the idea of a second marriage wedding shower, thinking second-time brides should keep it low-key. Not anymore! These days, it’s all about what the couple wants. If they’re up for it, a shower is a fantastic way to spread the love.

So, here’s the scoop: whether it’s a grand bash or a cozy get-together, if the bride and her crew are on board, go for it! The vibe of the celebration is in the hands of the couple and their loved ones. After all, love’s second act deserves a celebration just as special as the first!

Second Marriage Bridal Shower Themes

Let’s talk themes for a second-time bridal bash—where the only rule is to shake things up from the first go-around! Second-marriage bridal showers offer up endless possibilities, ranging from cozy hangouts to full-on fiestas. The key? Connect with the soon-to-be-wed duo and figure out the vibe they’re vibing with. They might have strong ideas or give you the green light to work your planning magic.

Now, here’s the twist: in second marriages, the bridal party can be a bit different. It’s not unusual to see your daughter rocking the maid-of-honor role or even your mom joining the squad. So, who throws the bridal shower? Well, that might take a different turn this time. Just ask Ann Schreiber, a second-time bride in February 2023, who had her daughter standing proudly as her maid of honor.

Ann says, “It seemed the right thing to do, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else standing by my side. It was important to me to know that my adult children supported my relationship with my soon-to-be husband.”

Ann and her daughter put their heads together to find the perfect approach to a second bridal shower. They recognized the unique dynamics and decided on a combo event—bridal shower meets low-key bachelorette party. And guess what? It was perfect! When it comes to second marriage celebrations, flexibility and creativity are the name of the game.

Gifts for Bridal Shower for a Second Marriage

Women giving gifts during the bridal shower.

Now, on to gift time at a second wedding bridal shower—let’s unwrap this! Unless the invite shouts “no gifts,” or it’s a theme party where recipes or unconventional presents steal the show, bring a gift! Now, the usual drill involves checking the couple’s wedding registry—info usually hanging out on their wedding website or printed on the shower invite.

Here’s the lowdown: guests typically drop around $50 to $75 on shower gifts. But hold up, if there’s no registry, guests have a free pass to get creative! Personalized goodies, keepsakes, gift cards, or handy items for the love nest are all fair game.

But, let’s talk about second-marriage needs. Often, the couple is well-established, and that extra set of kitchenware might not spark joy. Experiential gifts take center stage, offering memories over materials. Second-time lovebirds enjoy the romance, too, so personal and intimate gifts are a win! And, oh, those personalized items flaunting the combined names of the couple? Always a crowd-pleaser. 

It’s all about celebrating love, round two, with gifts that bring joy to their journey!

Who to Invite to a Second Bridal Shower

On to the VIP list for a second bridal shower. A common question buzzing around is, “Can we invite the same crew from the first wedding shower?” Well, guess what? Absolutely! There’s room for some familiar faces on both guest lists. Why? The couple is not just celebrating a wedding, they’re cheering for a new partnership, a fresh start, and a brand-new life together. So, inviting their community of loved ones to shower them with support makes perfect sense.

But here’s the twist: it’s all about the couple’s comfort. Some might lean towards a cozy gathering, others are about that big, love-filled crowd. The golden rule, though? Anyone invited to the shower must also snag an invite to the wedding—fair and square.

And when it comes to numbers, whether you’re talking first, second, or twelfth weddings, the guest count for a bridal shower usually dances between 10 and 50. And the average number of guests in 2023 hovers around 30. It’s a cozy yet robust affair filled with warmth, laughter, and lots of love—just how it should be for a second-time bride ready for another walk down the aisle!

Frequently Asked Questions

second wedding bridal shower decorations

What if the bride doesn’t want to have another shower?

If the couple decides to skip the second shower, respect their choice. Instead, friends and family can plan other sweet celebrations, like a dinner out, spa day, or a fun night at a show. And hey, if the bride nixes the shower, that’s one less task for the maid of honor—more time for celebrating in other ways! It’s all about honoring the couple’s wishes and showering them with love, however they prefer.

Should any children from the previous marriage(s) be involved?

Absolutely! If the bride desires to include her children or her groom’s kids in the celebration, it’s a big yes! Whether it’s a family affair or an intimate gathering, having the children from previous marriages involved adds a beautiful touch, creating cherished memories for everyone. It’s all about making the celebration uniquely theirs, blending hearts and families with joy.

The Final Word on Second Bridal Showers

And there you have it—the lowdown on hosting a spectacular bridal shower for a second marriage! Whether it’s themes, gifts, or the guest list, celebrating love’s encore is all about embracing what feels right for the couple. 

So, whether it’s an intimate affair or a grand celebration, shower the bride with warmth and joy as she sets off on this beautiful journey once again. Cheers to love, round two!

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Bridal Shower For A Second Marriage: Yes or No?Bridal Shower For A Second Marriage: Yes or No?Bridal Shower For A Second Marriage: Yes or No?

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