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In the last month and half, my mantra went from simply “how to be a head bridesmaid in charge” to “how to be a head bridesmaid in charge during COVID-19. While there is only so much you can accomplish during social distancing, you won’t win the title of greatest maid of honor of all time (GMOHOAT) without getting creative.

That’s where I come in. I’ve spent the last few weeks reading up on all kinds of virtual hangouts that are happening these days and learning all the fun tips and tricks to make them special.  Combine that with everything I know about throwing a real-life bach bash and voilà: the recipe for one bangin’ virtual bachelorette party.


Send Personalized Evites

Let your fellow bridesmaids know that your party has gone from in-person to online by sending out electronic invitations. 

For a ton of fun options, check out Greenvelope. They have an entire section dedicated to customizable virtual event evites.

Here’s a sneak peek:

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Don’t Skip on Decor

Just because you’re not all meeting up at the same location doesn’t mean your bachelorette should have to forego decorations entirely.

Instead, have your fellow bridesmaids pitch in on some fun decorations that you can send directly to the bride. Yes, she’ll have to do the decorating herself, but she’ll still feel special for you going the extra mile.

If you’re looking to save some cash, you can get crafty by creating a custom Zoom background for your group to use. Here’s how.

Bonus: Check out these totally FREE templates from Canva!

Play Some Games

While this virtual bachelorette party is a great time for everyone to chat and catch up, you’ll still want to have a few fun games to play along the way. 

For those of you who don’t know your fellow bridesmaids too well, consider including some icebreakers (aka drinking games) to loosen everyone up. We think our quarantine-themed printables should do the trick!

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Or feel free to keep it super virtual by downloading the Houseparty app or go above and beyond by creating a personalized quiz with the Kahoot! app.

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Wear Matching Outfits

This is a very important step when it comes to planning a virtual bachelorette party. Social distancing has got us all slumming it, so this is the perfect excuse to get outta those sweats.

Whether you want to go all out by rocking your finest LBD or keep it simple by throwing on some matching bride tribe tees, this extra effort will mean a ton to your future Mrs.

Speaking of extra effort, send the bachelorette a customized sash and/or bride-to-be veil to make her feel like the queen she is!

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Coordinate on Cocktails

There’s no better way to make your virtual bachelorette party feel like a real-life bachelorette party than to have everyone coordinate on cocktails.

Find a fun signature drink that everyone can make at home or have each person come prepared with their favorite bottle of wine. 

Save your bride a trip to the store by pitching in with your fellow bridesmaids for delivery straight to her door through companies like Drizly or Winc.

Create a Collaborative Playlist

Jam out to your bride’s favorite songs by creating a collaborative playlist on Spotify that everyone can play during the virtual bachelorette party.

Have everyone contribute at least one song to the playlist that reminds them of the bride and when that song comes on, have them tell the story of why.

Bonus points for turning your bach party into a virtual dance or karaoke party! 

Finish with an Extra Special Touch

While all bachelorette parties must come to an end, the ending of a virtual bachelorette party is much more final. 

So before everyone hits “leave meeting” and powers down their laptop, have a special little something planned for your bride.

Here’s my 3 favorite ideas:

  • Schedule a “special guest” appearance from a loved one of the bride, like her mother or grandmother. You can even have the groom hop on the call from another room to surprise his future wife.
  • Have everyone prepare a mini speech for the bride and take turns delivering them. Go the extra step by encouraging each person to incorporate an object or photo as a sort of “show and tell”.
  • Post to your social media accounts about how much fun you had. Just because your bestie was robbed of a real-life bachelorette doesn’t mean you can’t brag about how cool her virtual bash was!

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