4 Fresh Bachelorette Party Trends

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When it comes to throwing a modern-day bachelorette for your BFF, rule number one is to always keep things funky and fresh. After all, earning the title of greatest maid of honor of all time (GMOHOAT) means never taking the same boring path as those before you.

So to help you in planning one bombtastic bash, we’ve put together a list of our four favorite bachelorette party trends including some fabulous finds within each. 

1. Booze Bags

Why settle for plain old cups when you can sip out of these awesome adult drink pouches instead?

2. Party Badges

Skip the traditional temporary tattoos and opt for any of these funny party pins or stickers!

3. Coordinated Caps

Pass on the typical tees and match your crew by rocking any of these super cute hats!

4. Groom Gag Gifts

We guarantee you’ll get some giggles (and glares) with any of these funny face favors!

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4 Fresh Bachelorette Party Trends4 Fresh Bachelorette Party Trends4 Fresh Bachelorette Party Trends4 Fresh Bachelorette Party Trends

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