Wedding day is the equivalent of Christmas morning to us here at Modern MOH. We absolutely love everything about it- from the hair, makeup and picture taking to the dinner, drinks and dancing that follows. Because this is your final day as maid of honor, we want to make sure you have an absolute blast and go out with a big ol’ bang. To guarantee your bestie has the wedding of her dreams and you have the time of your life, we’ve put together a list detailing day of duties for a flawlessly fun finale.


Getting Ready/Pre-Ceremony

1. Create a Timeline and Stick to the Schedule

 Trust us when we say that this is the key to a successful wedding day. While it may seem a bit overboard to have everything planned out to the minute, it’s absolutely necessary if you don’t want to be rushed for time or end up running late. Not to mention, nothing will stress your bride out more than a bridesmaid who is still getting dressed when pictures are supposed to be starting. To avoid such unnecessary anxiety, simply get together with your bride beforehand and work out all the details- from what time you need to be up and showered to the order in which everyone gets their hair and makeup done. Pro tip: Make sure you plan to be ready at least a half hour before pictures start in case you end up running behind (and if you stay on schedule, that’s just more time to sip bubbly!)

2. Be Prepared for Any and All Emergencies

No matter how properly you’ve planned for this day, there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way. In anticipation of any unforeseen catastrophes, we recommend being prepared for everything short of a natural disaster (we’re only half kidding). Now you may be asking yourself, “how and the hell am I supposed to do that?”, to which we say, “we got you, girl”. Check out our itemized list of everything you’ll need in your wedding day emergency kit. Unfortunately this list doesn’t have a solution to dealing with drama, whether it be bridesmaid or monster-in-law related, so here’s our advice on that: Do whatever you have to do to make it go away. Tell Ashley her hair looks just as good as Stephanie’s (even if it looks like a bird’s nest) and Mrs. Miller she’s blessed that her son is marrying such an angel (even when you want to tell her she’s the devil). No matter what, your number one job is to make sure the drama doesn’t touch the bride on her big day.

3. Keep Your Eye on the Bride

If we haven’t made it clear by now, let us say it one more time: nothing is more important than making sure your BFF has a drama-less and stress-free wedding day. To do so, you must constantly be on the lookout for any potential stressors: including the bride herself. With all of the nervous excitement floating around, it’s common for brides to get some serious wedding day jitters that left untreated, can lead to an all-out meltdown. Avoid a bridal breakdown by keeping your BFF occupied and upbeat throughout the getting-ready process. We recommend creating a wedding morning playlist full of sing-your-heart-out, dance-your-booty-off songs to keep the vibe light and fun. Side note: A glass of bubbly here and there never hurts, but be sure to keep an eye on just how much your bride is tossing back (her walk down the aisle shouldn’t look like a field sobriety test).

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4. Ensure That Everyone (Including Yourself) is Fed and Hydrated

While sticking to the schedule is the key to a successful day, staying nourished is necessary if you want to survive the night. We all know that consuming alcohol on an empty stomach never ends well, so it’s imperative that you and your girls get some food and water in your system pre-ceremony. Nowadays it’s common for the venue or hotel to provide a light lunch while getting ready, so go with that option if available. If not, talk with the rest of the bridal party, as well as the MOB and MOG, about splitting the cost of catering (Panera and Chick-fil-a are great options). Just a heads up, it’s very likely that your bride won’t have an appetite with all the butterflies she’s feeling or will refuse to eat for fear of not fitting in her dress. Don’t fall for it! No matter what she says, it is your job to make sure she doesn’t faint at the altar (not kidding, we’ve seen it happen). Oh, and while you’re running around force-feeding everyone, don’t forget to save some for yourself.


During the Ceremony/Pre-Reception

1. Fluff the Train and Hold the Bouquet

Aside from making it down the aisle without falling on your face, these are the only two things you must do during the ceremony. We grouped them together because they go hand in hand and are really quite simple. Once your bride has made her grand entrance and meets up with her hubby-to-be, you’ll immediately want to fluff out the train of her gown so it’s flowing beautifully behind her. It may seem silly, but we recommend bending over in your dress a few times before the ceremony to guarantee there’s no accidental flashing or split seams come go time. As soon as you finish fluffing, stand up and take the bride’s bouquet so she can hold hands with her man. Because you’ll be holding both her and your bouquet for the remainder of the ceremony, we also recommend practicing your grip before walking down the aisle.

2. Bustle the Train and Make Any Other Adjustments

Now that your BFF has said “I do”, it’s time to celebrate! Before you party the night away, you must first make sure the Mrs. doesn’t trip over her dress on the dance floor. It’s more than likely that you’ve attended at least one fitting with the bride, therefore have already practiced bustling the dress. If not, we suggest a trial run pre-ceremony so you have a basic understanding of how it all works. Bustling is no piece of cake, so it’s very important you take your time and get it done right. If for any reason you can’t figure it out, ask for the help of the wedding coordinator (they have tons of practice with all types of gowns) or a fellow bridesmaid who has bustling experience. Once you’ve tackled that task, help the bride with any other hair or makeup adjustments she may need. Pro tip: This is also a great time to have the bride use the bathroom seeing as she’ll need your assistance in holding up her dress.


During and After the Reception

bride and bridesmaid dancing at the wedding reception
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1. Feed the Bride (Part 2)

Yes, we know we’ve been over this once, but we’re back at it again to tell you just how important a duty this is. We can’t tell you how many brides skip eating their dinner because they get so caught up in talking to and taking photos with guests. First of all, no food should ever go to waste, especially a meal that the couple spent a lot of time and money on selecting. Secondly, your bride is guaranteed to lose steam halfway through her reception if she doesn’t have some fuel to run on. And that’s where you come in. If you see that the bride (or groom) is being kept from the sweetheart table, make it a point to remind them that dinner is served and they’ll have plenty of time to socialize during the remainder of the reception. This also includes drinking water, so be sure to keep your girl hydrated. Trust us, no couple wants to spend their first day as husband and wife nursing a hangover from hell.

2. Be the Life of the Party

Once you’ve taken care of your bride and have eaten your own meal, it’s time for the real fun to begin. Unless there is an especially carefree (or already intoxicated) guest, chances are that no one has ventured to the dance floor just yet. While it’s not entirely on your shoulders to get the party started, someone has to be the one to do it. So grab your guy or fellow bridesmaids, request your favorite song, and hit the floor. Trust us, it won’t take long for others to follow suit. As the night goes on, be sure to keep an eye out for any party poopers and see if you can’t get them up and moving. It will truly mean the world to your bride that you took the time to guarantee that every single one of her guests has a good time. Plus, there is nothing funnier than seeing Uncle Joe do the wobble.

3. Help with Clean Up

When the final song of the night has ended and guests start making their way to the exit, that’s your cue to begin wrapping it up. Most couples hire a company to take care of the clean up and breakdown, but it’s your responsibility to collect all personal belongings and have the other bridesmaids do so too. If you got ready at the venue, do a sweep of that area as well. Do your bride a favor and double check with whoever is taking home the gifts and decorations, oftentimes her mom, to guarantee that nothing valuable gets left behind. While most venues will have a lost and found, it’s a major pain to have to go back the next morning to retrieve forgotten items. During clean up, take the time to thank both sets of parents for their contributions to the wedding.

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