We here at Modern MOH are super excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with Lulus, our longtime go-to brand for budget-friendly online shopping. As soon as we heard about their recently released bridal collection featuring hundreds of affordable bridesmaids dresses, we knew it was a match made in heaven(ly hues). Aside from the crazy cheap price tags, we love that these dresses are stylish enough to wear again and again (‘cause let’s be real- no one wants to drop hundreds of dollars on clothing that can only be worn once). 

Because we see Lulus as the future of affordable bridesmaid dresses (and we know that you’re a busy HBIC who has much to do), we decided to break down their bridal collection into our favorite finds for every season. While these dresses are certainly trendy enough to be worn year round, we thought it would be fun to feature our top color choices for spring, summer, fall and winter. But just one warning- don’t be surprised if you see the same style pop up more than once, these dresses are just too good not to double-dip.


Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to spring bridesmaid dresses, we love anything that pops! That’s why as soon as we saw Lulus’ gorgeous selection of Royal Blue dresses, we knew it was our winner. Here are our favorite style finds:

All About Love Royal Blue Maxi Dress
Heavenly Hues Royal Blue Maxi Dress
Strappy to be Here Royal Blue Maxi Dress

If bright and blue is not your thing, we love any of these Pastel Purples as an alternative: 

Heavenly Hues Dusty Purple Maxi Dress
All About Love Lavender Maxi Dress
Madalyn Dusty Lavender Lace Maxi Dress

Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

We knew immediately that Blush would be our primary pick for summer and Lulus’ gorgeous selection did not disappoint. So much so that it was nearly impossible to narrow down our choices to just these three:

Heavenly Hues Blush Maxi Dress
Lost in the Moment Blush Maxi Dress
Dance the Night Away Blush Pink Backless Maxi Dress

If you want to steer clear of the traditional blush tones, opt for these unique Slate Blue or Sage Green styles instead:

Lost in Paradise Slate Blue Maxi Dress
Mythical Kind of Love Slate Blue Maxi Dress
Easy Listening Sage Green Cold-Shoulder Wrap Maxi Dress

Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

Ahhhh fall, the season where all the pretty colors come to life. And you better believe that there is no prettier color than Lulus’ Rusty Rose. To say we’re obsessed with these stunning shades would be a total understatement:

All About Love Rusty Rose Maxi Dress
Mythical Kind of Love Rusty Rose Maxi Dress
Meteoric Rise Rusty Rose Maxi Dress

If you’re not a fan of rusty, we love these Dusty Purple or Denim Blue hues as an alternate:

Air of Romance Dusty Purple Maxi Dress
Dance the Night Away Dusty Purple Backless Maxi Dress
Heavenly Hues Denim Blue Maxi Dress

Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

Winter is coming and that can only mean one thing: Burgundy! Lucky for you, Lulus’ has an incredible selection of this rich red:

Love Spell Burgundy Lace-Back Maxi Dress
Harmonious Love Burgundy OTS Maxi Dress
Remember Tonight Burgundy Lace-Up Maxi Dress

If you’re more interested in the opposite end of the color wheel, try any of these other gorgeous Jewel Tones:

Infinite Glory Forest Green Maxi Dress
Song of Love Hunter Green OTS Maxi Dress
Leading Role Navy Blue Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for even more affordable bridesmaid dresses, check out Lulus’ entire collection here.

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