Being a maid of honor comes with it’s unique share of roles and responsibilities, one of which includes going above and beyond with your gift selection. While there is no greater gift you can give your bride than the love and support of your friendship and the dedication to making her journey from fiancee to bride the best it can be, a thoughtful present along the way is something that can be cherished for years to come. Leave the knife sets and bed sheets to someone else and really show your bride how honored you are to stand by her side. From engagement to wedding day gifts, we’ve broken down our favorite picks with a few homemade options thrown in.

personalized travel scrapbook

The Ultimate DIY Wedding Gift

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wedding song lyrics art

6 Unique Bridal Shower Gifts That Aren’t on the Couple’s Registry

The role of maid of honor comes with it’s fair share of duties, one of which includes the giving of ...
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personalized engagement gift box

4 Gifts You Must Give to Your Newly Engaged BFF

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